June 18, 2019



Top 10 Rich Indian cricketers


Many times you see a huge gathering on the road. You will watch people standing in front of a large projector screen with patience watching with a pounding heart. Now might be wondering what are they …

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Top 10 Controversies or Scandals of Bollywood

Top 10 Controversies or Scandals of Bollywood

Bollywood as an industry thrives on scandals and controversies…like they say any publicity is good publicity!  In such a scenario, anyone who is anyone in the film industry is in the spotlight and continues to be under scrutiny.  Any event, big or small is much publicized and the audiences too thrive on it. Here are the top 10 controversies that …

Top 10 Fashionable Male Bollywood Celebrities

Great bodies, enviable dressing and iconic styleare all part and parcel of a Bollywood actor’s profile. Given that there is no dearth of Bollywood actors holding the perfect profile with great bodies and looks to die for, not many are able to make it to the mark of most stylish men on the silver screen.So, here we bring a well-researched …

Top 10 Patriotic Bollywood Movies of All Time

Top 10 Patriotic Bollywood Movies of All Time

You would be rather amazed to know that even a ‘B’ grade Dara Singh movie like ‘Sikander-E- Azam’ did excellent business thanks to its hit patriotic song, ‘Jahan daal daal pe sone ki chidiya…’All this proves that the sentiment of patriotism runs deep in our blood and anything that has close affinity to this emotion becomes a spontaneous crowd-puller. Here …

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