August 20, 2019


Top 10 fashion hubs in India


India is not an only rich country with diverse cultures, but each culture exhibits its uniqueness through their diet and attire. So today we have picked a topic which will explicitly narrate the top t…


Top 10 Rich Indian cricketers


Many times you see a huge gathering on the road. You will watch people standing in front of a large projector screen with patience watching with a pounding heart. Now might be wondering what are they …

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Top 10 American Entrepreneurs

  America, long back since globalization, have been the cradle of innovation for the world at large. Starting right from the mass produced automobiles by Henry ford to the conceptualization of a connected world by Mark Zuckerberg, the Americans have made significant changes to the society we live in today. It was the leadership of some multi-dimensional, forward-paced and people-centric …

Top 10 Little Known Facts About Robin van Persie

The Dutch striker Robin van Persia has always been a prolific goal scorer in club football over the years but has been a bit of a disappointment in the World Cups until the 2014 edition in which he announced his presence with a superb brace versus holders Spain. However, very little is known about this outstanding footballer who has scored …

Top 10 Power Hitters in Present Day Cricket

Power hitters are a rare breed in cricket, who not only capture the imagination of the spectators but are almost always regarded as a vital component in any team. These players depend on their quick eye, technique, timing and sheer strength to bludgeon any bowling attack on their day. Power hitters can turn a match on its head within a …

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