January 16, 2019



Top 10 Innings by A.B. DE VILLIERS


Amazingly equipped to take on any batting format and always ready to perform on any terrain, Abraham Benjamin de Villiers, popularly called Mr. 360 or Maverick is a South African Cricketer known for h…

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Top 10 Braided Hairstyles for Women

With the onset of summer season in India comes the excitement of new summer clothes, shoes and accessories. However, it is no secret that the weather can get pretty harsh, especially during the months of May and June, and hence leaving your gorgeous hair exposed to the sun will make it susceptible to harmful UV rays that would end up …

Top 10 Sports Movies of Hollywood

Some say that life imitates art. At times the statement is reversed, where the art imitates life. At least that’s how we’d like to describe some of the sports flicks we’ve seen, because they’re some of the funny and nostalgic movies out there. For a sport fan, these movies are almost heaven–it holds the activity that can drive a sport …

Top 10 Excuses of Teens for Not Going To School

There are bound to be days when you just do not want to go to school. Maybe you just do not feel like getting up from the bed or maybe you are feeling sick today. You do not have to feel guilty, because everyone feels like this once in a while. And here is a list of top 10 excuses …

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