March 20, 2019



Top 10 Rich Indian cricketers


Many times you see a huge gathering on the road. You will watch people standing in front of a large projector screen with patience watching with a pounding heart. Now might be wondering what are they …

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Top 10 Beautiful Daughters of Famous Bollywood Celebrities

Bollywood Celebrities Daughters

The Bollywood celebrities are gifted with talented and beautiful kids. Some of the kids are already creating buzz in industry. However, some kids are active in other industries and stay away from film industry. But these are makers of tomorrow’s India and they will carry the legacy of their superstar status. But the question is do they will compete with …

Top 10 Houses Owned by Soccer Players in 2014 World Cup

Some of the richest footballers in the world are on display this year at the World Cup in Brazil and most of them earn thousands of pounds a week from their clubs in addition to the lucrative endorsement deals they have with major corporations. Most of them live in beautiful houses and some of the footballers even have more than …

Top 10 Controversies Related to IPL Franchise Owners

The IPL might be one of the best tournaments in the world as far as star power, money, glitz and glamour is concerned however over the years it has also been the breeding ground of plenty of controversies in relation to the different owners of the franchises. In this article, you will be presented with some of the most controversial …

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