July 18, 2018



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Top 10 things you did not knew about Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a larger than life persona; who brings up images of wild freedom and liberation for tradition values. Her shocking statements, outrageous costumes, stage theatrics and her loud music has made her an ‘A’ list celebrity. Her songs have smashed all records and she one of bestselling musical divas in the world with millions of fans, who swear …

Top 10 Signs of Dehydration

When your body loses too much fluid, mostly water, more than the amounts you are taking in, you get dehydrated. There can be many reasons behind dehydration. Diarrhea, sweating, vomiting, excessive exercise and not drinking enough water are just few such reasons. Diarrhea can be dangerous, especially in babies, older adults and infants. It can make you feel dizzy, lethargic …

Top 10 Captains Knocks of all Times in Tests

Test cricket is regarded as the purest form of cricket which promises uninhibited contest between bat and ball. It requires grit, talent, resilience and extreme mental toughness to succeed in Test cricket; throw in the added responsibility of captaincy and you get a new dimension of pressure. Over the years there have been many stellar performances by Test match captains- …

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