October 17, 2019


Top 10 fashion hubs in India


India is not an only rich country with diverse cultures, but each culture exhibits its uniqueness through their diet and attire. So today we have picked a topic which will explicitly narrate the top t…


Top 10 Rich Indian cricketers


Many times you see a huge gathering on the road. You will watch people standing in front of a large projector screen with patience watching with a pounding heart. Now might be wondering what are they …

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Top 10 Romantic Songs of the 21st Century

Times they are a changing! 21st century brings with it many new developments…many new changes…but some things remain timeless and unchanged…like Romance and Love. Bollywood captures that essence of romance for us and what better way than through songs!  Here’s the list of top 10 Romantic songs of 21st century, Bollywood. 10. Jaane kya chahe mann baawara (Pyaar Ke Side …

Top 10 Bollywood Star Couples

In an industry that thrives on selling love stories, real life love stories are hard to come by…love stories that can withstand the test of time…that can withstand the trials of temptation at every turn…love stories that can be as inspiring and as compelling as the ones we see on silver screen.  Well, that is what these top 10 Bollywood …

Top 10 Latest Wedding Trends

Weddings are a big occasion and every bride and groom-to-be desire to have a memorable and beautiful wedding. The event is no longer ad hoc or loud or chaotic but captures beautiful moments for the couple, their families and their guests. Today’s big, fat Indian weddings are stylish and in sync with the latest wedding trends. 10. Exotic Honeymoon We …

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