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There are certain acidic foods we consume on a daily basis that can cause damage to our teeth and overall health in the long run. However, this doesn’t mean that you stop eating them completely but if not taken in the right proportion, these foods can cause stomach upsets and affect the cell activity in our body. If the body’s acid levels increase, unwanted harmful bacteria can start breeding in the cells that can cause gastritis, flu, colds, nasal congestion, chronic fatigues and various other health problems. So, we have compiled a list of top 10 most acidic foods that should be consumed in the right proportion.

10. Beans and legumes

Last but not the least, bean and legumes including lentils, red beans, pinto bean, soy bean, kidney bean, chickpeas, black beans and tahini also have acidic content that can harm your body if eaten in large quantity. For instance, kidney beans are very filling and contain fibre but if you consume these beans in more than required quantity on a daily basis, you can suffer from acid reflux. The beans won’t cause reflux on their own but if you consume them as a soup or chilli containing tomato sauce and other spices, it might cause acid reflux in some people.

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9. Chocolates

Chocolate also causes acidic reflux as it contains caffeine and other stimulants. It is high in fat and cocoa that is the cause of such refluxes. Chocolate stimulates the production of a feel-good hormone but it also helps make way for acid to enter the esophagus in your body. This food item is not only acidic but also fattening if you start consuming it in large quantity. If you still want to eat chocolates, go for bitter and dark chocolates that contain 65% of cocoa.

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8. Spicy foods

If you are in love with spicy food that contains a lot of pepper and chilli, it is recommended to cut down the quantity of such foods as they not only cause acid reflux but also affect digestion. Using too much of vinegar, onion and garlic in meals leads to acid reflux. Fried spicy food is bad and increases acid levels in the body. These contain fats and oils that put pressure on the stomach and make metabolism slow. Cut down on tomato based dishes like pasta sauces and eat them in moderation because tomatoes are also acidic.

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7. Carbonated soft drinks

Carbonated beverages and soda drinks are 7th highest acidic item on our list. Coke and Diet Pepsi have been said to be the most acidic drink. Experts recommend abstaining completely from carbonated beverages. Instead, you can replace these drinks with fresh fruit juice, vegetable juice or water which is the best thirst quencher. Even alcohol including wine, vodka and scotch is very acidic. No matter what form it is consumed, alcohol intake results in abdomen acid production. So, ensure controlled consumption of such beverages.

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6. Refined grains

There is no doubt that grains will provide the necessary fibre for your body but excessive consumption of refined grains can cause health problems as they are high in phytic acid content. This type of acid blocks minerals due to which absorption of calcium, zinc, copper, iron and magnesium becomes difficult for the body. Sprouting of grains is important to increase vitamin content and breakdown of phytic acid but sadly, majority of refined grains are not sprouted. If you are consuming such grains in large quantities, it eventually leads to osteoporosis and other bone-related problems.

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5. Fermented food

5th most acidic food on our list is fermented food items that produce certain by-products that can cause harm to the body if not taken in the right proportion. First by-product of fermented food is alcohol which, even though present in a small amount in some fermented items like soy sauce, can affect the cells in your body. Ammonia and vinegar are also results of food fermentation. If you love having vinegar in your food, cut down the quantity because if consumed on a daily basis it can prevent digestion of food. So, the next time you buy fermented items, consume them in a controlled manner.

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4. Refined sugar

Refined sugars are 4th most acidic foods for human body. If your diet contains large amounts of refined sugar items, it is highly recommended to cut down or totally avoid its consumption. It will produce acidic reactions and an environment inside the body due to which absorbing the required nutrients will become difficult. This acidity will also decrease the ability to repair damaged cells. Excess sugar will eventually start affecting all your organs and have a mal-effect on your brain functioning.

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3. Acidic vegetables

There is no doubt that vegetables are good for health but options like eggplant, corn, olives and winter squash come 3rd on our list of most acidic foods. These vegetables are rich in nutrients and fibre but if you want to lower the acid levels in your body, it is best recommended to avoid or cut down their consumption. Make a list of everyday veggies used in your kitchen and if it contains names like pimentos, escarole, tomatoes or any vegetable that has been processed with vinegar, such as canned beets, canned artichokes or pickles, it is time to control their consumption. Corn is not suggested for people suffering from arthritis or stomach ulcers due to its acidic content.

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2. Dairy products

2nd on our list of most acidic foods are dairy products like cheese, butter and milk. There is no harm in having yogurt or kefir as these items contain ‘good bacteria’ and are not acidic. It is the fat content in dairy items that can aggravate acid reflux in your body. If you are drinking too much milk and consuming a diet with too much cheese, it will cause indigestion that also promotes acid reflux. When at the store, look for fat-free or low-fat dairy products. Try not to drink milk and sleep at night because even though it will soothe the stomach, it can also cause a rebound action that triggers stomach acid secretion.

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1. Meat products

Fatty meat products like beef, lobster, pork, salmon and mutton top our list of most acidic foods. If you are consuming large amount of these meats on a daily basis, acidic levels in the body can increase as these products are full of acidifying minerals, Sulfuric, Phosphoric and amino acids. When you go grocery shopping, opt for grass fed meat and cook it medium rare or medium at a low heat to reduce the acidic effect. Try and reduce your consumption of beef as it contains phosphorus and sulphur that forms an acid when it is dissolved in water. Processed meat items like sausages, ham, corned beef and bacon also contain acid so, cook and consume them in controlled quantities.

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The above mentioned food items maybe high in acid content but they are harmful only if eaten in large quantities. Effect of each food item can vary from person to person so, the key is to know the acidity and alkalinity of the food you eat everyday and consume them in a controlled manner.


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