Top 10 Bizarre Facts about Soccer Players in 2014 World Cup



All sportsmen have a back story in their lives or they might have something in their lives that might come across as positively bizarre. In that regard, footballers are not different and during this World Cup you will come across plenty of footballers who have some bizarre story associated with them. This article presents to you ten of the very best.

10. Diego Costa Could Have Played for Brazil

You must not have missed the boos that Diego Costa was greeted with by the Brazilian crowds every time he touched the ball at the World Cup in 2014 but the reason for the booing was not because of the fact that he was playing poorly but because he had snubbed the country of his birth- Brazil- to play for Spain. Costa was born in Lagarto, Brazil and after plying his trade in the lower division Brazilian leagues he went to Europe. In 2013, he had to make a decision about his future in international football and after a prolonged round of negotiations he decided to play for Spain, much to the charging of Brazilian fans.



9. Andres Iniesta Did Not Have Money to Buy Football Boots

Well, it is a well known fact that footballers are do not always belong to a privileged background, however in case of Spanish midfield maestro Andres Iniesta the situation was far more desperate since his parents did not have the money to buy him football boots. However, after his father discovered that his son did have a gift for football, he put together enough money over 4 months in order to buy a pair of professional football boots for his son. Iniesta still has those boots in his house and he says that the boots helps him in staying grounded by constantly remaining him of his roots.



8. Didier Drogba is a Junk Food Junkie

Now this is something that should not come across as bizarre for someone who might not be an athlete but it is indeed bizarre for an elite athlete like Didier Drogba since they need to maintain a strict fitness regime. When the Ivory Coast striker first came to London in order to play for Chelsea he used to be a frequent diner at Nando’s , McDonald’s and the other well known fast food outlets that serve junk food. However, you would have to give credit to the man for having been able to maintain an enviable physique over the years.



7. Rickie Lambert Used to Work in a Beetroot Factory

There are many rags to riches stories in football but none of them are as remarkable as the one related to England and now Liverpool striker Rickie Lambert. At an age (19) when most footballers realise their potential, Lambert was released by football club Blackpool for performances that were deemed to be below par and after that setback he started approached Macclesfield for allowing him to use their facilities for his training. In order to make ends meet, Lambert used to work in a beetroot factory during those dark days, however he managed to impress the powers that be at Macclesfield and the rest as they say is history.



6. Gerrard Was Once Threatened by Gangsters To Stop Him from Going to Chelsea

The current England captain and Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard had a harrowing time with local thugs in Merseyside when he expressed his desire to move to Chelsea in the summer of 2005. The whole thing did not go down well with the local gangsters who did not want their favourite player to play for Chelsea and they threatened the footballer’s family with dire consequences if he did move to Chelsea. Eventually he relented and signed a new contract for Liverpool considering the fact that his family would never be able to live in Liverpool in peace.



5. Wayne Rooney Could Have Ended Up As a Boxer

Now, you would agree that the Wayne Rooney has a temper and build of a particularly effective boxer, however what it would comes as even more of a surprise for you is the fact that the footballer could have ended up as a boxer rather than the football star of the modern generations. His father and unless are amateur boxers and so young Wayne took to boxing like a fish to water. As a matter of fact he used to be a boxer and a footballer till he was 15 but had to choose between the two when Everton football club decided to offer him a youth contract. Nowadays he boxes once in a while in order to relax.



4. Robin van Persie Spent 14 Days in Jail

Now, this one counts among the most bizarre facts since the Dutch star Robin van Persie was sent to jail for alleged rape although he was exonerated of all charges later on. A former Nigerian beauty queen filed the complaint against Robin van Persie and the police immediately arrested the footballer. He spent 2 weeks in prison but eventually nothing could be proved against him and after a year of anguish as well as media scrutiny he was finally let off the hook.



3. Luis Suarez Hit a Referee When He Was 12

The Uruguayan forward is not too far away from controversies however he must be given credit for the fact that he started off quite early and the first controversial incident in his career took place in his native Uruguay, when aged 12 he hit a referee for sending him off. It was a tournament in which Suarez was in sublime form and was scoring goals for fun, however once the referee sent him off he lost chance of impressing the scouts of bigger clubs in the next game since he would be suspended. In a fit of rage, he ended up assaulting the referee and in and in fact got a longer ban. Well, that’s Suarez for you.



2. Mamadou Sakho Used be Friends with Gangsters

Now, this is a footballer nobody would like to mess with and the reason for that is not his imposing physique but also the fact that he used to be friends with hoodlums in a Parisian ghetto. In an interview last year the French defender confesses that he indeed has an extremely tough childhood in Paris and football was the only thing that allowed him to lead a life of respect. He even went on to say that most of his friends are either in jail or dead for their involvement in the day to day activities of the French underworld. Needless to say, he considers himself blessed.



1. Hulk First Came into Prominence in Japan

At number 1 is the amazing story of Brazilian superstar Hulk, who did not become a superstar in the way most Brazilian footballers do. Most Brazilian footballers usually play in a Brazilian club for a few years and then go to one of the European super clubs, however Hulk was not offered a contract by any of the top Brazilian clubs for one reason or the other. Instead of wasting his talent, he went to Japan and joined a club called Tokyo Verdy, however the representatives of Portuguese giants FC Porto liked his style and brought him to Europe.  He has not looked back since.





Hopefully you were suitably shocked by some of the bizarre facts from the lives of some of the stars who are a part of the 2014 World Cup. Please share your views in the comments section below.



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