Top 10 Bizarre Restaurants with Bizarre Themes

Top 10 Bizarre Restaurants with Bizarre Themes

What is it with brand-oriented restaurants and fast food chains these days? Would you really call it wise, or even remotely appropriate, to travel to Japan, or Korea, or London, and eat in McDonald’s or Taco Bell? And why do tourists even settle for a restaurant serving their kind of food, like just the type they’ve been eating all along? Now that is bizarre, isn’t it?But wait. What if you, as a tourist, could find the right place to go to eat and walk away with memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life? So read on, and pick from the bizarre places you would like to visit for a bizarre experience to carry forward…

10. Death Row Dinners – Hoxton Square, East London

This was an experimental initiative by one of the crazy entrepreneurs you get to see or read about every once in a blue moon. Death Row Dinners is what you want if you’re some kind of an experimentalist who would end up paying upto $80.00 to dine on the last meals of some of the most gruesome prisoners who were sentenced to death.Here, you could taste the last meals of some of the most terrifying killers of our time, including Ted Bundy, or John Wayne Gacy, or even Timothy Mcveigh – convicted for 128 counts of murder and who ordered but a couple pints of mint and chocolate ice cream for a last meal. And what do you think about kidnap and murder convict Victor Feguer’s last meal, which was nothing but a single (pitted) black olive? Would you ever consider it for dinner someday?


9. Tincan – Upper James Street, London

Believe it or not! There exists a restaurant in this world, which (shamelessly) serves only canned fish foods. Their strategy is to fool their customers into paying upto $35.00 for lame canned fish, which you can otherwise avail from a superstore for less than $3.00!Clearly, this is one of those bizarre themed restaurants that lack any purpose other than luring confused, rich souls that can’t even take the effort to browse though the several aisles of a supermarket to seek the can of fish of their choice.


8. Robot Restaurant – Shinjuku, Tokyo Prefecture

This crazy place sits in the red light district of Tokyo. Now, this is what the Robot Restaurant have to offer to its most perverted tourists –  eye-straining neon/strobe lights, canned beer, and bottled teas – you could avail them all here (at unreasonable prices).If you’re the kind of person looking to encounter dancing robots and pretentiously perverted half-naked women, than this is where you should be headed right now.


7. Dinner in the Sky – London, Monaco, Copacabana, Paris, Belgium etc.

This is probably one place you would actually want to visit, that is if you’ve always had a thing for heights. Counter your vertigo with the excitement of an exciting dinner with your best ones! You will be hoisted up the air, to a height of over 50 meters, by means of a readily available crane. Your feet will be dangling in the air while you feast on your favorite meal.Or if you’re the kind of person who derives excitement from putting your fiancé though such a horrifically challenging experience, at least tip him/her as to carrying a jacket to counter the cold.


6. Guo-Li-Zhuang – Dongcheng, China

No. You don’t want to go there; not even once, I bet you! It is but pure coincidence that this restaurant had to be at a place, the name of which is closely associated with the male sex organ – an overlooked coincidence?Guo Li Zhuang, located in the Dongsheng district of China, is a Chinese restaurant that specializes in foods like dog dongs, donkey dongs, pig dongs, and more! Yes, I’m referring to the penises of these animals! Now, how many can you devour these lost treasures, considering the might of the beast inside you that keeps telling you to try new stuff off the streets?


5. Fortezza Medicea – Voltera, Italy

Welcome to the real prison restaurant! No kidding, this place is actually a maximum security prison, where all the waiters and kitchen staff are actual convicts and prison inmates! The security is so tight, you will need to book your table weeks in advance and clear complete background verification before you can enter the premises. Once you are in the premises, the guards will take away your cell phones and any other object that they may consider a potential risk to the inmates or the customers. The security goes so deep that all kitchen utensils are made essentially of plastic, considering the safety needs of their customers. Visit Fortezza Medicea if you’ve always fantasized about dining with the mafia and the police, both at the same time at the same place.


4. Cannibalistic Sushi – Japan

Where except for Japan would you come across such gross-sounding, fetish-like trends? At Cannibalistic Sushi, you will be eating your sushi from out of an edible dead body.Wait! What??Okay, we’re not going to freak you out – it’s not actually cannibalistic sushi. You are not about to enter a man-eat-man or a chicken-eat-chicken arena. But what happens here is not any less bizarre. Your sushi is served stuffed inside a human-like structure made out of edible materials (let’s not go into the specifics for now). Use a fork or chopsticks or simply dig in with your bare hands. You’ll find your sushi inside, shaped like different organs of the human body, such as the pancreas, liver, esophagus, uterus, the ureth… okay, that’s it! We won’t say anymore…Go on, see for yourself –


3. Disaster Café – Lloret de Mar, Spain

Now, the lot of us would simply retreat under a table or outside our homes if we were to experience an earthquake. But it seems there are a few of us, who would like to try and eat while the earth beneath their feet shudders at a measure of 7.8 on the Richter scale. No, really!An eerie elevator takes you to the basement, where it all happens, and the first thing you notice is the construction helmets worn by all the wait staff. Every once in a while, a simulated earthquake hits you – tables wobble, drinks are spilled, and the fork and knife you are holding pose a potential danger to the eyeballs of the person sitting next to you.Visit this place if you have an appetite for food under disastrous conditions.


2. Modern Toilet – Taiwan, Korea

Yes, this is indeed a restaurant; and yes, the theme is… “Toilets”!Here, dishes are served in miniature toilets and bathtubs; and plungers and feces-shaped lights hang from the ceiling, while you gouge on your favorite food, resting your butts on commode-shaped seats. And guess what? Once you’re done with the meal, you’ll get to take home the commodes and urinals you ate from, as a hearty token of remembrance.There’s probably one thing you’ll notice that is missing, but for the good of your appetite – the stench of pungent ammonia and methane clouds. Thank the gods! They have somehow forgotten to include that (yet).


1. An Untitled Underground Restaurant in Roppongi, Tokyo

By “untitled”, we don’t necessarily mean that the place doesn’t have a name, but only that we have no clue whatsoever as to what those guys call this place in their local language. This is a very secretive and controversial underground club, located somewhere in the Roppongi District of Tokyo. To gain membership to this club, you need to show a yearly income of over $175,000; and a meal there could cost you between USD 2000 and 8000!Okay, enough suspense now. To put in plain words, this is what happens inside the club – you get to make love to the bird or the animal of your choice before you get it cooked and eat it! They’ve got chicken, dogs, pigs, goats, and god knows what else! Get intimate with them in whichever way you want – go for fetish-style foreplay or opt for full-fledged sex with the poor thing! If you’re as insane as the first ape that walked the lands, this is the place for you.



So, which one of these thought-shattering options would you pick from leaving out the least disturbing of all the above, i.e., the Robot Restaurant and Dinner in the Sky?


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