Top 10 Bollywood Celebrities Active on Twitter

Top 10 Bollywood Celebrities Active on Twitter


Twitter has become an existing paradise for the fans of Bollywood celebrities to know their stars on an up close and personal basis. Not only are our Bollywood celebrities discussing varied details of their personal lives, clicking selfies but also replying to the messages of their fans. Here’s a list of top 10 Bollywood Celebrities who are active on Twitter. You must follow them to get the regular update of entertainment.

10. A.R. Rehman

R. Rahman, who has won academy award for creating music for slumdog millionaire, is otherwise known to be a shy and a recluse person. But not anymore. On twitter, he is engaging with his fans, talking about music,life and other things. He is on the 10th position of the popular bollywood celebrity on twitter with a followers list of about 2,456,488. We expect more followers for him in the nearby future for the immensely talented man that he is.Follow him to know more. You can find him on @arrahman.


9. Shahid Kapoor

Ranking no.9th on our countdown, is the actor with smashing good looks and easy go attitude. Shahid Kapoor’s tweets are mostly personal which makes for a good read. His views on cricket, latest happenings from his life are more talked about than his films. Like we said, the easy going guy, is no.9th with a followers list of around 2,475,320 fans. He was recently seen retweeted a quote from Rumi. Umm, well, we never saw a philosophical side of him before. Did, we?. You can follow him on twitter with the name of @Shahid Kapoor.

Shahid Kapoor.jpeg

8. Akshay Kumar

Ranking on our no.8th position, Mr Khiladi kumar aka Akshay Kumar has a twitter followers of around 2,814,528 fans from across the globe. Fans will love AK for his tweets on his latest happenings from personal and professional life. He updates, exciting pictures from his life which is exclusively reserved for his twitter followers. Follow him with the name of @akshay kumar.

Akshay Kumar.jpeg

7. Hrithik Roshan

Duggu baba, as he known by his closed ones, has occupied the number 7th position on the bollywood twitter celebritiy race. He has about 3,409,097 followers. His tweets are honest and has the spirit of getting up close with his fans. “U can’t affect me by spreading lies about me. They ricochet off my armour. It’s made of iron n its called INTEGRITY. #HRX #pushurextreme” One of his famous tweets in response to the rumours surrounding his personal life in media. You can follow Hrithik Roshan by searching on the twitter tab with the name of “@iHrithik”

Hrithik Roshan.jpeg

6. Deepika Padukone

With a followers list of 3,495,685, Deepika Padukone is the reigning queen of Bollywood. In a brief period of time, she has occupied the number 6th position of being the most popular bollywood personality on twitter. Well, About her tweets? They are mostly centered around her professional life. She has a beautiful profile picture of Miss Padukone, with a filmfare award in her hand. Follow her on twitter with the name of @deepika padukone.

Deepika Padukone.jpeg

5. Aamir Khan

With a followers list of 3,991,476, Aamir Khan is on our number 5th position of the most famous bollywood celebrity on twitter. But the sad part is, he is sometimes active and sometimes inactive on twitter. His tweets are mostly concerned with promoting his ventures and sometimes if he is in the mood to talk of lighter stuff, he touches upon the stories from his personal life which are never controversial and always has a light-hearted content. One can follow, Aamir Khan on twitter with the name of @aamir khan.

Aamir Khan.jpeg

4. Priyanka Chopra

On our number 4 position, strictly judging from the merit of popularity on twitter is a female bollywood superstar. Who? Well she, is the desi-girl, former miss world Piryanka Chopra. Piggy Chops has a follower list of 4,041,756, giving a close competition to the Khans of Bollywood. “Too many what ifs in life… No point in going there.. But if u do sometimes…make sure u pick a spring sunny day with a song in the air…” – Her tweets are inspiring and has traces of wisdom along with the fun element of knowing her updates about her whereabouts.This multi-talented diva can be found on twitter with the name of @priyankachopra.

Priyanka Chopra.jpeg

3. Salman Khan

He is the heartthrob of millions,he tops number.3 on our list of bollywood celebrities on twitter with a follower list of 4,144,269 fans. Yes you guessed it right it’s Salman Khan that we are talking about. Salman is not just an actor, his twitter bio describes him as a film actor,artist,painter and humanitarian. His twitter updates are mostly centered around his work life and little does he promote his own self or personal life on the social networking site. Follow him on twitter with the name of “BeingSalmanKhan”.

Salman Khan.jpeg

2. Shahrukh Khan

After the Shehenshah comes the Badshah of Bollywood. He is number 2. On our list with a follower list of 4,201,313 fans following him to read out his tweets. His tweets areabout his work life, his interest in cricket and everyday tweets on how he is going to spend his day. One of such hearty tweets is where he quoted this – “My mother(15 Apr) To the memories that lie un-bidden, In the casket of my heart: Thanx for these ageless gifts your beauty has left behind”.One can follow King Khan on twitter by searching the name “@iamsrk”.

Shahrukh Khan.jpeg

1. Amitabh Bachaan

He is the ‘Shehenshah’ of Bollywood who needs no introduction. Amitabh Bachaan who was earlier famous in the digital world for his blog, has now ventured into the territory of micro blogging on twitter. He tops our list of Bollywood celebrity to follow on twitter because he has got the maximum no. of followers of 5,330,667 accounts following him. He can be followed on twitter by the name of @SrBachchan. One of his tweets goes like – “You can never lick your elbow with your tongue … but your tongue can elbow many … I tried it once and failed in both ! haha !!” depicts the light hearted, humorous side of Mr. Big B which is otherwise hard to see in other platforms.

Amitabh Bachaan.jpeg

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