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The IPL has always had a direct connection with celebrities all over India due to the ownership patterns of the different teams and other than the fact that some teams are co owned by some of the best known film stars in India; there are certain teams which are owned by business houses which also promote entertainments activities. As a result it is not hard to see why the different IPL teams are supported quite vocally by plenty of celebrities and in fact celebrities in other countries are also keen followers of the fortunes of certain teams. This article presents to you with a list of those celebrities who are known to support IPL teams.

10. Priyanka Chopra

The Bollywood starlet might not be seen in many cricket matches but she is often seen at IPL matches, due to the intimate connection IPL has with the entertainment industry and over the years she has been seen in plenty of games. However, till date, she has only appeared in the jersey of the now defunct Pune Warriors India in a single game back in 2012 and so it can be safely concluded that she is someone who used to support the Pune based team. In fact, she was present at the stadium when the PWI owner Mr. Roy hosted the first IPL game at the newly built Subroto Roy Sahara stadium. 10

9. Arjun Rampal

Shah Rukh Khan has always been regarded as one of the biggest reasons why so many film stars are often spotted at the VIP stands during most IPL games and someone who has always been found cheering on the Kolkata Knight Riders along with King Khan is Arjun Rampal, which is a clear indication that he does feel some sort of connection towards the team. The reason why he comes in at a lowly number 9 is because of the fact that he is hardly seen at the games these days. However, you can rest assured that he is following the game on his television since travelling to the UAE might be a tough ask for a busy actor like him. 9

8. Shamita Shetty

Well, you might consider her as a forgotten star of the past few years but it cannot be denied that she is a celebrity and the fact that she is Rajasthan Royals co-owner Shilpa Shetty makes her a Royals supporter by default. Although it is true that she is not seen at as many matches as one would expect from a diehard fan, who has access to the VIP area, she has in fact watched her fair share of matches in person at the stadium and it is expected that she would be seen when the IPL returns to India during the latter part of the tournament. 8

7. Abhishek Bachhan

Next up is Junior Bachhan, Abhishek who is not only a keen follower of the IPL but he is known as an overall sports fan and in addition to the Mumbai Indians, he is also a diehard supporter of Chelsea Football Club. So, as you can imagine, a sports fan like him would certainly have a favourite team in the IPL and it is not a surprise that he supports the Mumbai Indians, which is a team based out of his home town Mumbai. Although he does not attend too many games, he tweets quite regularly about his team whenever they win. 7

6. Deepika Padukone

At number 6 is the Bollywood bombshell Deepika Padukone, who has been one of the most famous supporters of the Royal Challengers Bangalore and her loyalties with that franchisee doesn’t lie only because of the fact that she hails from that city. As a matter of fact she used to be one of the top models who used to regularly feature in the Kingfisher calendar and her relationship with Siddharth Mallya meant that she was almost always seen in the stands during most RCB games. Although she is not seen at the stadium nowadays, you can be sure that she still follows the fortunes of the team. 6

5. Sanjay Kapoor

Anil Kapoor’s younger brother and Sonam Kapoor’s uncle might not be seen in the silver screen nowadays but he is a fixture at most of the grounds at which the Shah Rukh Khan owned franchise Kolkata Knight Riders play nowadays. You might say his support for the KKR is a by product of the cordial relations he shares with Shah Rukh Khan but it is only a supporter of the team who would be found at most games and in that regard you must have noticed Sanjay Kapoor cheering on the Knights during most games. 5

4. Yohan Blake

Champion sprinter and athlete Yohan Blake from Jamaica used to be a skilled cricketer in his early days as a sportsman, however that has not stopped him from following the IPL at every opportunity and over the years he has followed the tournament from afar. Although he has not been able to attend a single game at the stadium, he has made it a point to check up on the games once in a while and you might just see him as a chief guest at a game at some point in the future. 4

3. Michael Vaughan

The English cricket establishment might not have the highest regards for the IPL, since they feel that it interferes with their County Championships, however former England captain Michael Vaughan is a fan of the tournament and in fact is pundit on ITV, the British channel that broadcasts the tournament in the UK. However, among the 8 teams in the tournament he is a follower of the Chennai Super Kings and follows their fortunes with same gusto as someone from Chennai. After all one of his favourite modern day captains and one of his favourite limited overs batsmen is the captain of the side, which is why it is not really a surprise. 3

2. Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar might have lived in Bangkok in the early years of his career and nowadays he might be settled in Mumbai for being one of the biggest film stars in India, however his hometown Delhi remains the closest to his heart and hence it is not really a surprise that he follows the fortunes of the Delhi Daredevils as enthusiastically as any other fan of the IPL. As a matter of fact, Akshay Kumar was requested by the Delhi Daredevils management to be the part of the promotional song that was launched ahead of the inaugural season in 2008 and he readily obliged. 2

1. Usain Bolt

The most famous sprinter in the world and current world record holder Usain Bolt is the IPL’s number one celebrity due to his support for the Vijay Mallya owned Royal Challengers Bangalore. However, it is important to point out that he does not have any connection with India’s outsourcing and the only reason why he follows the fortunes of this team is because his fellow Jamaican and good friend Chris Gayle plays for the RCB. Although you might feel that he might stop following the IPL once Gayle retires, it can also be argued that he would find it tough to give up watching the IPL after those many years. 1


Although there are plenty of other celebrities who follow the IPL, these are the 10 most active followers and hopefully they would continue to be so in the years to come. desc 670x293

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