Top 10 Cities you can visit in Europe


If you are planning to spend a good time this vacation, in a beautiful city without any hazel of work away from your daily routine. Their are many cities around the world where you can spend you vacation in peace, enjoying the nature. Europe is the most beautiful continent in the world and it attracts millions of tourists every year. So we prepared a list of top 10 beautiful cities you can visit any time. So without any further ado lets get on to the list of top 10 cities you can visit in Europe.

10. Rome, Itlay

Rome is the capital of Italy and a very beautiful city. It is famous for its Colosseum and pantheon. This city has mild Mediterranean climate which attracts most of the travelers. City holds many Christian places of worship. You can also find many local shops and stalls where yo will be greeted merely.

9. Nuremberg, Germany

Germany is a beautiful country which does not lack in scenery and picture friendly locations. Nuremberg is also a very beautiful city with has blend of old and new. It has been a capital of holy roman empire at a time. This beautiful city is also famous for its scientific and invention history.

8. Budapest, Hungary

This Hungarian city is famous of its spa and thermal baths however there is no need to explain the beauty of this marvelous city. Szechenyi Chain Bridge over Danube river is a magnificent view especially at nights. You can enjoy traditional cuisine in local markets. This city has the best art nouveau architecture in Europe.

7. Munich, Germany

Munich is wonderful city famous for its October fest but apart from that this city witness thousands of visitors throughout the year. The city draws visitors to its fine dinning, and beautiful parks and sceneries.

6. Salburg, Austria

This magnificent austrian city is mostly famous for Mozart. The city is on the border of Germany so its gives you feel of both the countries. It has amazing views of the Eastern alps and is divided by Salzach river with old city on its left and new city on its right.

5. Bruges, Belgium

The city Bruges was build between 12th – 15th century and hence it gives feel of medieval world. The city has cobblestone streets which also make it more enjoyable. Arts of fine artists like

Michelangelo can be enjoyed here. And local markets are must visit.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the capital city of Netherlands, it is known for its artistic heritage, canal system and narrow houses. This beautiful city is also characterized by cycling paths and cycles. For those of who want to party hard and enjoy yourself Amsterdam is you go to place.

3. London, England

The capital city of Great Britain is not only famous for its beautiful scenic view but also for its heritage. Double decker buses and red phone booths like the one shown in Doctor Who are this city’s signature. You will finds more pubs then people in the city.

2. Vienna, Austria

Vienna is mostly famous for its musical foundations. It is the capital city of Austria. It is filled with architectural beauties throughout. Chocolate cakes are also one of its specialties. And like any austraian city it is also a beautiful sight to the eye.

1. Venice, Itlay

Venice is the capital city of northern Italy. This city has no roads just canals and the houses are built over water, how cool is that. Venice is made up of 100 small islands and is an amazing city for tourists. Venice being a city solely built on water has some very beautiful churches and art galleries. Beauty of this is hard to compare with any other in the world.

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