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When you get tired of the hum drums of life and find yourself looking blankly in the space while sitting at your workstation, it is time that you did some serious thinking, but not about more work, instead, about taking a break and leaping head first to a relaxing cruise in India. Treading the deep waters, soaking in the immaculate views of beautiful countryside and letting your hair down for a refreshing and rejuvenating experience is what the cruises in India are about, and here are the top ten of those immaculate experiences that you must embark upon.

10. Goa River Cruises

We start with the mini cruises on the Goa’s Mandovi River, ranking tenth on our list. These cruises last for only few hours, and you can choose from a morning, a sunset or a moonlight cruise depending on your preference.  The Sunset Cruise and Full Moon cruise are very popular, and besides them, you can try the Dolphin Fantasy Cruise that will have you grooving on some romantic tunes while it sails you past Aguada Fort, Raj Bhavan, etc. If you appreciate nature and heritage, then Pearl of the Orient Cruise should be your choice. However, for the ones looking to relax and experience the Goan culture must choose Backwater Thrills Cruise that serves guests with authentic Goan lunch, takes them to a spice plantation and past the hustles of the beautiful Mandovi’s Mangroves and Chorao Island. You can experience these cruises on full swing during the months of October to February.


9. Yanam River Cruise

After the mini cruises, next on the list are the cruises in Yanam Town in Pondicherry that has enchanting natural beauty. This place looks even better as you board a river cruise on the Godavari River through its beautiful villages and fields. You will be served with delectable breakfast, lunch and evening tea on-board with a fine dose of surrounding scenes of the local fishermen engaged in their daily work and tall coconut trees embellishing the shore lines. Towards the end of the cruise you can view the beautiful sun setting at the horizon, and the hues of the Godavari River meeting the mighty Bay of Bengal. The best time to take Yanam River Cruise is from October to March, when the weather is pleasant and the place looks enrapturing.


8. Godavari River Launch Journey

The Godavari River Launch Journey is a wonderful cruise that will offer you a unique experience in the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It ranks eighth on our list of our top ten cruises in India as it stops over at many en route destinations that you can explore and relax at. The metaphorical view of the rising sun will mark the beginning of your journey at Rajahmundry, from where you will proceed to an array of unforgettable places through the state. You will get to enjoy delicious breakfast at Pattiseema that is your first stop, where you must visit the hill top temple. Further, the cruise takes you to the famous Siva Temple, the Papi Hills known for their awe-inspiring beauty and then the intriguing hermitage of Shri Ramakrishna at Peranta Palli before you de-board at Sri Ramagiri. The appropriate months to take this cruise are September to December, and do try to avoid a rainy day if you want to enjoy every bit of the trip without hassle.


7. Cruise around Sunderban

Next are the Sunderban Cruises that will surpass your general idea of a cruise of beholding spectacular views while being pampered by the on-board services. These cruises offered by Vivanda Cruises run from September to March, and they take you through the lush green mangrove forest of Sunderbans in West Bengal. You can let your senses dive in and out of their depths with the salubrious environment of the place, the delectable food and the leisure facilities available on-board and much more. The attractions of this cruise are trips to the Bali village, the Bhagabatpur crocodile project site, the temple in Netidhopani, the deer rehabilitation centre in Dobanki, an exciting wildlife walk and at last a breathtaking chance to witness the famous tigers of Sunderbans from a tiger spotting watch tower.


6. Alappuzha-Kochi Backwater cruise

Allapuzha-Kochi Backwater cruise are the most relaxing and rejuvenating cruises of all. Not only there are myriad services on-board, but the humble Kettuvallam or houseboat cruising you through the emerald waters of the God’s Own Country is an experience beyond comprehension. You will find the stress tucked in unknown parts of your body melting away as you behold the beautiful sights of the coconut and palm trees lining the shores, the local people sailing through regular chores, the villages, the rice fields and so much more. The experience of sitting on the deck with a cup of coffee in your hand and the mild breeze blowing away your unseen cobwebs is just extraordinary. The backwaters of Kerala are at their aesthetical best during the months of March to May, and December to January is the peak season.


5. Brahmaputra River Cruise

Brahmaputra River Cruise is an offbeat and adventure filled experience and this is why it ranks fifth on the list. You will spend 1750 miles on the river of Brahmaputra on a cruise by the Assam Bengal Navigation, that will give you access to some of the most revered national parks in India through this cruise. It plies on the Brahmaputra River from November to April, and it will take you to the bare wilderness of Kaziranga where you can witness some unique sights of splendid animals like rhinoceros, tiger and elephants amidst their natural abode. If after Kaziranga, you still have a hint of adventure left in you then satiate it at Manas, a famous tiger reserve. For the art lovers, there is a visit to a craft village and the silk weaving village at Sualkuchi. Admiring the beauty of the heritage and spiritual sights and taking a walk through the aromatic tea plantations is yet another cherry on the top.


4. Lakshadweep Cruises

One of our favourites is a cruise to the Tropical paradise of Lakshwadeep where your busy life at home seems like a distant and alien story. You can cruise from Mumbai, Managlore or Cochin to the Islands of Agatti, Kadmat and Bangaram that are islands of rejuvenation open for Indians and foreign tourists.  Apart from these three, Indians are allowed to travel to the cluster’s other islands as well. You can have a leisure time on the ship while admiring the vast expanses of the ocean and then the enthralling view of the sunset in the evenings, and spend the gathered energy in charging up your adrenaline while scuba diving, kayaking and snorkeling at the beaches of the islands. There is so much to see and do at these islands that you will never want to return. The best time to visit Lakshadweep Islands is from October to April.


3. Cruising Ganga from Kolkata to Varanasi

For those who want to get a glimpse of the abundance of spiritual and historical treasures hidden in India, we suggest that they take our third favourite cruise through the panoramic Ganges River from Kolkata to Varanasi. This cruise runs from October to March. The beautiful colonial steamer designed by proficient craftsmen will not only drift you back in time but also through some of the enchanting moments of history of India. Some of the attractions that you can look forward to on this trip are the colonial buildings in Kolkata, temples of Kalna, Palace of the Nawabs in Murshidabad, Vikramashila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary, Bodhgaya (the place where Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment) and the beautiful and mesmerizing holy lands of Varanasi.



2. Cruising International!

You can take your cruising experience a notch up by taking our second best option, i.e. a long journey from Mumbai to Southampton or Bangkok to Mumbai in the month of April. There are many cruises like this with varied overseas destinations, but we have picked the most popular ones that are preferred for their wonderful en route destinations and amazing on-board services. We suggest that you try P&O Cruises or Costa Cruises for their world class services and accommodations. The facilities on the ship add up to an overwhelming and exemplary leisurely life. You will be mesmerized by the unusual experience of living on the unending waters where you feel free breathing in the salty fresh air and living day-in day-out on a moving island filled with a mix of exciting as well as slacking activities and areas.



1. To Maldives!

On the top of our list is the ocean escape to the exotic islands of Maldives, where you will get some out of the world things to see and experience throughout the year. You can just stretch out and laze on the deck of your ship and let the warmth of the sun and gentle breeze of the ocean caress your body to perfection. For those who have an extra reserve of energy and an itch to have larger than life experiences can just buckle up and go scuba diving and deep sea fishing in the clear waters that are house to eclectic mix of aqua flora and fauna. Let every thought take a back seat and enjoy the sunset with a wonderful and fresh drink in your hand or a get a spa at the beach or the ship’s deck to bring your senses to life and put your ruffled mind at ease.



Redefine the meaning of doing nothing with these splendid cruises that take you to the hidden Jewels of India and abroad. You can choose the options that nudge your buried desires to travel and of adventure. All you need to do is wake your wanderlust and pack your bags to truly be part of the ‘Wonderful World’!


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