Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries in 2014



People are supposed to feel safe and secure in their natural habitats due to the work done by law enforcement agencies and also due to the efforts of the government in curbing criminality in every walk of life. However, there are certain countries which have gained notoriety over the past few years for being particularly dangerous for its own citizens and visitors alike, for a variety of reasons. This article looks at 10 of the most dangerous among those.

10. Pakistan

The series of US drone attacks on Pakistan in the past has made Pakistan into one of the most dangerous countries in the world and in addition to that, the regular breakout of riots as well as sectarian violence in different parts of the country has made it into a country that is best avoided. Although the homicide rates in Pakistan is relatively low at 7.7 per 100,000 it needs to be pointed out that everything might not have been recorded considering the lax law enforcement standards in the country. The fact that the country is still a major breeding ground for terrorists also makes it a supremely dangerous country.


9. Columbia

In the late 80s and early 90s, Columbia was almost always the subject of headlines all across the world due to the atrocities that sued to be committed by the Medellin Cartel led by notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar. However, even after his death, Columbia still remains one of the most dangerous countries on earth, which has been exemplified by the rampant lawlessness that is usually witnessed in places like Medellin and the capital Bogota on a regular basis. Drug related murders, muggings and rapes are atrocities that have become an unfortunate part of the lives of most Columbians.


8. Swaziland

The country that looks nothing more than a speck on the Southern fringes of Africa is one of the most volatile places in the continent as far as crime is concerned and the rising cases of homicide over the years has also made it into a place that is often avoided. The crime rate in the country has increased at an alarming rate and every day there are reports of armed burglaries, murders as well as crime gang related murders across the country and it is not really a surprise that Swaziland has easily made it to this rather dubious list.


7. Jamaica

The island nation located in the Caribbean and most noted for producing outstanding cricketers, is not exactly the best place to live due to the sort of violent crimes that have now become a part of everyday life. The biggest problem in the country has been the territorial wars between rival criminal gangs, drug related crimes, burglaries and rapes in addition to atrocities that are committed against homosexuals even though gay sex is not illegal in Jamaica. The homicide rates in the country stands at 39.3 per 100000 and the situation was described as “a national challenge of unprecedented proportions” by one of their former Prime Ministers P. J. Patterson.


6. El Salvador

In 2014 alone, the number of murders from January to March that took place in El Salvador stands at a jaw dropping 794 and even more alarmingly the number during the same period in the previous years used to be something around 500. All the violence and the murders that take place in the country are related to gangland violence across the length and breadth of the entire country, which is why there is a fear among the law enforcement agencies in El Salvador that the uneasy peace that was in place between the different gangs could go for a toss this year.


5. Lesotho

The country is no larger than 30000 square kilometres and an even smaller population of roughly 2 million but the crime rate in the country is well and truly appalling. The primary reason for the high crime rates is unemployment and hence most of the crimes committed in Lesotho are robberies, thefts et cetera that often lead to murders. It is not a place where one should go on a holiday and according to the report published by UNESCO the number of homicides at Lesotho stands at 38 per 100000, which is a fair indication of the sort of danger the people of the country are exposed to.


4. Belize

Although there are reports that the different gangs in the tiny central American country of Belize have reached a truce, there is no indication of that fact since the crime rates have continued to increase year on year and the frequency of petty street crimes is also at an all-time high. One of the most important things to point out about Belize is that it is also a popular tourist destination for plenty of people and in this regard it needs to be mentioned that although gangsters do not usually go after tourists, there is no guarantee that one would not be caught up in a sudden exchange of bullets between two gangs.


3. Guatemala

The small central American country is surrounded by such violent countries like Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico, which is why it is not really a surprise that Guatemala is regarded as a particularly hostile place to be in. First of all Guatemala has always had a reputation for being a violent region but crippling unemployment and rising prices has given rise to a variety of violent crimes all across the small country. As a matter of fact the statistic of nearly 40 murders per 100000 people in the country led the United States State Department to classify the situation in Guatemala as critical and it is a situation that does not look like improving anytime soon.


2. Honduras

Yet again it is  a central American country that finds itself on the top half of this list of countries that are notorious for the criminality that is witnessed every day and poses a genuine threat to anyone who finds himself there for any length of time. The biggest problem in Honduras is that the law enforcement agencies in the country are not at all efficient and a lot of street crimes are not even reported. Murders, burglaries, muggings and common assaults can happen at any point of time regardless of the location. Although Honduras has been a well-known travel destination for people, the United States government does warn its citizens from travel to that country which is a fair indication of the situation in Honduras.


1. Venezuela

With 24000 murders committed in the year of 2013 alone, it is Venezuela which is at the top of this list and it is something about which Venezuelans would not be proud of. The drug rings are alive and kicking in the country which has supposedly been enriched with vast amounts of oil over the past few decades and the worst part is that visitors are often attacked by thugs who operate in groups. Last year, a British couple were ambushed by a group of 12 people in the capital of Caracas and murdered by the same gang. The UN has declared the South American nation as the most dangerous in the continent and without a shadow of a doubt it is perhaps the most dangerous country in the world at the moment.



There are other countries as well which might be considered unsafe and downright dangerous but the 10 countries mentioned in the article pose unparalleled dangers to the people who live there as well as to those who go there as visitors.


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