Top 10 Most Dangerous Rides in the World



Oprah Winfrey said that the biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. However, there are many people in the world who get their thrills from riding risky amusement park rides. Here is a list of the top 10 most dangerous rides across the world.

10. Mind Scrambler (Playland Amusement Park, New York)

This ride kicks off our list at rank ten among the world’s most dangerous amusement park rides. It is a spinning, multi-armed roundabout with carts that pass each other at very close proximity. The safety procedures are by no standard top class, and passengers often act casual and careless while fastening the harness. Many accidents were reported, including one where a young girl was killed because the ride started while she was still climbing aboard her cart.


9. Sky Roller (Kennywood Park, Pittsburgh)

This ride positioned at number 9 on our list was designed by the German engineer Gestrauler with the intent to introduce something innovative in the theme parks. The Sky Roller is a steel rollercoaster with a swing that allows riders to control the number of barrel rolls they would like to do. Riders manipulate the position of the wings while they are spinning. This was fun but also made the riders feel ill. However, since it was a novel idea, manufacturers and theme parks were happy to include this ride in the amusement parks.


8. Human Trebuchet (Somerset, UK at Middlemoor Water Park)

This attraction features at number 8 on our list of most dangerous rides in the world. The ride literally catapults a person from a full-sized replica of a medieval weapon designed to toss boulders at castles. The person is flung across 75 feet at 60 miles an hour and lands on a huge net far away. Mishaps occurred when people missed the safety net and broke their bones or even lost their lives. Human catapults are still not out of fashion, and only the ones with strong hearts ought to try this crazy ride.


7. Tidal Wave Pool (Action Park, NJ)

So notorious is this attraction at Vernon, NJ, that it is known as the Grave Pool. People enter a deep stretch of water with increasingly powerful waves. Enthusiastic guests are left exhausted and struggling for air as others are thrown towards each other due to the force of the water. Many casualties were reported as the initial safety requirements were only clean water and lifeguards. Guests had little or no swimming experience and waves in the fresh water pool were higher or longer than the acceptable measures. We hence place it at number 7 on our list.


6. Fire Ball (Albuquerque, NM)

This electrifying ride ranked sixth in the list, is an amusement ride manufactured by Larson International in 2002. The concept of the ride dates back to the 1970s but its continued popularity with guests ensures that it is a part of some of the most famous amusement parks in world. It combines spinning and swinging action, alike a pendulum with swaying passenger seats. There are several versions of the ride manufactured by Texas-based Larson International manufactures, and the Fireball has a 60-foot diameter. This ride is operated manually and guests are suspended upside down for extra kicks at many famous fairs and carnivals.


5. Alpine Slide (Action Park, NJ)

This infamous ride puts steep slopes at the Action Park amusement ride destination. Guests get onto sleds big enough to accommodate only one person, and the sled zooms down a steep track of concrete and fiberglass making the ride exciting yet terrifying. The speed of the descent is controlled by hand brakes. However, if a guest chooses to ride slowly, they will collide with the passenger coming full throttle behind them. One such cart derailed and a fatality was recorded earning this slide rank 5 on our list.


4. X-Scream (Las Vegas)

Imagine a ride at a height of approximately 900 feet from the ground. Located at the top of the Stratosphere, X-Scream is the world’s third highest amusement ride. It consists of a 69 foot track like roller coaster with an open car. The track keeps rotating in a vertical see-saw motion making the car move along with the track. The ride and movements are programmed so that they roll quickly and brake sharply at the end. This unpredictable ride swerves back and forth taking the passengers by surprise and making them fearful about falling down.


3. Götterflug Sky Roller (Germany)

This ride literally means “Flight of the Gods”. It was built by Gerstlauer at Belantis. There are 16 bucket seats which offer a new way of flying to brave guests. The rotation of the seats can be controlled by manipulating the wings placed on the side. Fearless riders can choose to enjoy endless barrel rolls while others can choose a more scenic and slow pace. Circular flight rides make many guests nauseous, but it promises to be a thrilling and memorable ride. The safety measures and technical specifications guarantee an adventure of a lifetime.


2. Wild Gorge Swing (South Africa)

The Wild Gorge Swing situated on top of the Lehrs Falls, South Africa is a comfortable ride built by Wild 5, a South African adventure company. It is unique in the way it extracts adrenaline rushes from the natural environment. The ride in Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve asks you to step off the security of land and walk into a 165 m hole. Riders are strapped into a harness and thrown off the top of the gorge at over 70 mph. The entire experience lasts only 25 seconds but leaves the rider breathless yet ecstatic.


1. Original Ferris wheel (Chicago)

Built in 1893 at World’s Columbian Exposition, the Original Ferris Wheel rules the roost as the most treacherous of all dangerous rides in the world. The attraction was constructed to symbolize the Windy City’s progress as a towering landmark that would put the Eiffel Tower to shame. It was 284 feet tall with 36 cars that could hold 60 people each. One revolution took 10 minutes, and prior to the maiden ride, nobody knew if it would actually work. However, Ferris wheels are now a common sight at carnivals and fairs, though they are less dangerous than the original creation.



While youngsters and adults alike enjoy amusement park rides, the ones mentioned in our list sure will leave people more shaken than they had initially wanted or expected. Screams and shivers are commonly associated with the most popular rides, and the ones on our list give you a chance to experience the best of both as well as set your pulses racing.


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