Top 10 Dating Tips for Men in India



Has your perfect woman recently said yes to you for a date? If yes, it is then but natural for you to leave no stones unturned to completely impress her! If you have made mistakes in your past dates and have been regretting up till now, it is time that you learn a lesson from them and do not commit them again. For your help, we have a list of some of the best, tried and tested dating tipsthat help men woo their dates! Here is the countdown for the top ten dating tips for men in India.

10. No sports and politics please

This coveted list of most effective dating tips for men is just incomplete without the mention of hot topics especially, sports and politics. Even though, news about the recent cricket match between India and Pakistan may have blown your mind, do not even dare to share this excitement with the girl. There is no worse way of kick-starting your conversations withthe date than triggering discussions on sports with her.Also, your discussions on the pathetic economic growth of the country are only going make the aura terribly boring. So, no matter how important the news is, keep these topics saved for your men talks only.


9. Relax

The whole idea of dating is to get to know the other person closely. So, don’t rush with personal questions pertaining to her ex-boyfriend or her past life. Don’t use an imposed accent which you have never used, just to impress the girl. Instead, be yourself and look comfortable in your skin. The more you present yourself as a relaxed and cool dude, the more she will get comfortable with you. Create a light-hearted aura for both yourself and your date and try to enjoy every bit of it. Since this is first date with the girl, don’t nurture too many expectations with it.



8. Boast your knowledge

Women are totally attracted towards men who are genuinely knowledgeable. So, stay abreast with what’s happening in the world, get your facts right on the area of your expertise and discuss about them with your girl. If you have travelled a lot or are planning to travel to an exotic destination shortly, discuss it with the girl. If you love music or have good knowledge of playing a musical instrument, share it with your date. However, your boasts about your knowledge must seem intelligent rather than boring and stupid. As women simply love men with diverse arenas of interest, use your genuine knowledge as the trump card to woo the girl.


7. Know about her interests

You must make sure that your facts about the girl are right. So, investigate about her properly through her Facebook profile, Linkedin profile or Twitter. Once you know a bit about the person you are about to date, you can mold your discussions around her topics of interest. Or else, if you know her area of expertise, then initiate conversations on those topics.  This will help you to understand her better as well as trigger a healthy discussion that may sustain for a long time. Even if you don’t get to know much about her interests, your efforts will definitely reward you well.


6. Listen to her

Remember to open your ears far and wide and listen to your date attentively. Nevertheless she wants to talk about her chipped nails or about her latest fad,you must listen to her completely. No woman appreciates the feeling of being unheard or talking to the walls, so, you must exude gestures that show that you are listening to her with complete concentration. Remember the details, interrupt her in between to question on the facts she is revealing and respond to her talks. This is indeed one of the key ways to sustain your date for a longer time.


5. Complement your girl

Make sure to complement your date as soon as she arrives in the restaurant that you’ve chosen. Keep showering her with complements that seem heart-felt and genuine. Remember tolook into the eyes of the woman or hold her hand while sharing your words of appreciation for her. Girls have the sixth sense to judge whether the complement is real or fake, so make sure that your complements emerge from your genuine feelings for her. You can complement her on her dressing style, beauty or even her fantastic performance in a project that she headed and completed on her own stand.


4. Pick a good restaurant

Good restaurant is definitely not synonymous with a super-expensive place that literally costs bomb even for a simple water bottle. Be a man!Choose a place which boasts a comfortable aura for the girl, good gentry and of course great food. You can make special arrangements for your date like an exclusively decorated table, soft music in the air, a special cake or the in-house drink for the lady. Further, never choose the restaurant which is miles away from her house. You must take it for granted that being a lady she needs to get back home on time!


3. Use your sense of humour

Every girl wants to have fun in her date. So, the third most effective tip that works wonders for men on their date is their use of sense of humour. However, this doesn’t mean that you literally cram a book of jokes and present them one after other as you might end up boring her to death. On the other hand, crack witty jokes on the situations that have recently happened with you. Joke about your past failures as this shows that have emerged strong over the years. Stay away from making double-meaning comments as well as indecent jokes.


2. Be chivalrous

The second tip that will help you melt the heart of your date is being chivalrous. Remember, chivalry results from your innate respect and concern for the woman. So, before being chivalrous, you have to be respectful towards the girl. Be the man you are and make your woman feel superb about herself. Hold her hands when she needs someone to, open the door of the car and the restaurant for her, pull out a chair for her, speak positive and respectful about other girls. Take it for granted that your kind words and attention to her needs can literally sway her heart away.


1. Good looks

We all know that men in real world don’t look as hot as Brad Pitt or HrithikRoshan. And believe it or not, even the woman you are dating will also not expect you to look as sexy as the above mentioned heroes! However, she definitely expects you to at least look well-groomed, presentable, clean, fresh and smelling good. So, the first tip topping this list of best dating tips for men is looking good. Remember, your clothes and appeal is very important and every woman makes a note of that. If you are looking hygienic, are dressed up soothingly and smell fresh, consider half the battle won.



Remember that these tips are good suggestions to kick-start a healthy date with your woman. Other than these, use your instincts to judge what will best work with your girl.



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