Top 10 Denim Jean Brands for Teenagers



Jeans will always be in fashion- no one can deny this statement. Jeans are the ultimate cool fashion statement. The ultimate popularity of jeans can be gauged by the fact that jeans are worn in every country. Though they are worn by old and young alike, jeans is the most popular clothing choice amongst teenagers. Teenagers mostly prefer branded jeans not only because that is what a cool teen is recognized by, but also because they fit well and are of high quality (they will last). Below is a list of top 10 denim jeans brands which are just right for teenagers.

10. K- Lounge

K-Lounge is the top ten denim brand for teenagers. The reason why K-Lounge gets the tenth spot is because it is actually a fashion retail chain, which is promoted by KewalKiran Clothing Brand, and offers their in-house designed Killer brand denim wear for both women and men. Their Killer brand jeans are usually popular in metropolitan cities and that is another reason for its number ten spot. However, this does not mean that their denim wear is not trendy or of good quality. In fact, Killer is an international brand and their jeans are quite comfy and nicely styled. They fit well and have the great denim look- what more do you need.

K- Lounge c 710X310

9. Numero Uno

Numero Uno is the number nine denim brand for teenagers. It is a brand that is only 26 years old, but has managed to create quite an impression amongst the youngsters. This is a brand for the adventurous ones and those who love to express themselves. This is a brand for those who are fashion conscious and are always eager to sport clothes that are trendy and cool. Their collections are always designed keeping in mind the latest international fashion trends in denim wear. Numero Uno denims are affordable, quite durable, and fit well. If you do not own a Numero Uno jean, it is time you find the nearest Numero Uno store and go shopping.

Numero Uno c 710x310

8. Denizen

Denizen jeans are the top eighth brand of denims for teenagers. Though this brand is from the famous Levi’s brand, the fact that it was only launched in 2011 justifies its rank. However, its rank has nothing to do with the fact how cool and fashionable their jeans are. Denizen offers jeans for all- women, men, kids, and teenagers. Their jeans fit so well that you will not want to take them off. These are perfect jeans for the active teenagers. They are made of good quality denims and last for a long time. Moreover, Denizen follows environmental friendly practices during manufacturing and packaging. Thus, by wearing Denizen you are doing your bit for the environment.

Denizen s 710X310

7. Diesel

The brand Diesel is the seventh most popular denim brand for teenagers, because this Italian brand is a rage amongst the youth and it knows exactly how to dress them. Diesel has managed to carve a market out for itself ever since it was first established in 1978. Diesel jeans stand out from the crowd with their designs, fabric quality, and price range (they are on the high side). So if you want to stand out from the crowd, you must have a Diesel jean in your wardrobe. Their latest collection is quite enviable and highly cool. You will not be able to make up your mind for sure. Their Thavar Slim Leg from the men collection is super cool. They have some very trendy slim fit jeggings for ladies also (check them out).

Diesel c 710X310

6. Spykar

Spykar is the top sixth denim brand for teenagers, because this is an Indian brand that produces international quality jeans for the youth specifically. You will love the Spykar jeans, because they are of high quality, very durable, and with perfect stitching. Moreover, Spykar styles perfectly match with the latest fashion trends in denim wear. In other words, when you sport a Spykar jean, you will be wearing the coolest style in jeans (this is for sure). Moreover, Spykar brand is a very affordable brand and this gives you another reason why you must try their jeans. You must try their latest colored jeans- they look absolutely amazing. Since these jeans are made keeping in mind the Indian physique, they fit perfectly.

Spykar cv 710x310

5. Flying Machine

Flying Machine is the top fifth denim brand for teenagers in India. This ranking is backed by the fact that this is India’s very own denim brand and one that the youth is proud to wear. This brand is quite popular, because their jeans are styled keeping in mind the latest fashion trends across the globe. This brand is always utilizing the latest innovations in designing and manufacturing of denims. For example, their latest collection has zero odor jeans. This means that you can wear them for a long time without worrying about how they smell. And you will definitely love their Bi-stretch jeans. You know how jeans get into a shape after repeated wear. With Bi-stretch jeans you do not have to worry about them getting out of shape. They are the perfect skin fitting jeans you will find in the market.

Flying Machine c 710X310

4. Pepe Jeans London

Pepejeans make it on the number four spot, because this brand sells in more than sixty countries and gives popular jean brands like, Levi’s, Wrangler, and Lee, a run for their money. Another reason why this brand is so popular in India might have to do with the fact that this brand was established by Nitin Shah, Milan Shah, and Arun Shah (three brothers) in 1973 in London. Today it is an established brand and one that is the leader in denim fashion trends. The younger generation love Pepe jeans, because they are fashionable, wearable, and have perfect fittings. Pepe jeans are cool and just right for you.

Pepe Jeans London c 710x310

3. Wrangler

Wrangler jeans are the top third denims for teenagers, because they are the ultimate cowboy jeans. Wrangler epitomizes ruggedness, animal instinct, and coolness inherent in American cowboys- and who does not want to be cool like cowboys. This is another American jeans brand that has caught the imagination of Indian youth. These jeans are sturdy, fit well, comfortable, and perfect for those who are adventurous. Wrangler offers many styles for women and men. If you are looking for men jeans, you can go for the Original Fit or the Slim Fit Jean. They also offer dress jeans and their denim shorts are also quite popular. There is no shortage of choices for women as well- Instantly Slimming Jean, Natural Rise Jean, and much more. How about going shopping for a Wrangler right now?

Wrangler c 710x310

2. Lee

Lee is the number two jeans brand for teenagers in India, because it is a well-recognized American brand that has established itself as the trendsetter in jeans. Did you know that zip fly jeans were first introduced by Lee? You will love these jeans, because they fit so well and have the coolest pockets out of all jeans brands. These jeans are known for style, durability, comfort, and quality; therefore, you can expect to wear these jeans for many years. Lee jeans flatter your shape and hug you in all the right places. They are affordable jeans and are available in all the leading stores.

Lee c 710X310

1. Levi’s

Levi’s is the number one jeans brand for teenagers, because it is a jean that everyone wants to own. Moreover, this is the brand that is credited with the birth of jeans.Levi Strauss, a Bavarian immigrant living in San Francisco, is credited with creating the first workman’s pants- jeans. Levi’s, one of the many symbols of American style, is the ultimate cool style statement. These jeans look hot on everyone. You can pair them with just about anything- shirt, t-shirt, blouse, sweater, or a vest. Levi’s jeans come in so many styles (Levi’s 501, slim fit, straight, skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, and much more), that there is definitely a jean that fits you perfectly.

Levi’s c 710x310


Jeans are a must have clothing item for everyone. And if you possess branded jeans, you are making the ultimate style statement. Remember that youth is all about style and making bold statements.


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