Top 10 education NGOs in India


Education empowers every human being. It gives you the power to raise your voice against all odds. Again, it shapes you as a true human being capable of inculcating true values. Therefore, education is a must for everyone. But sadly the majority is deprived of education. And the scenario is common among the underprivileged section. However, a heartfelt acknowledgment goes to the Nongovernmental organizations who took the effort to stand by these children to their heart’s content. Thus, today we will give you a list of top 10 education NGOs in India.

10 Pratham:

It is one of the biggest NGO in India run by co-founders Farida lambay and Madhav Chavan. In the year 1994, they started the journey with a mission to teach the underprivileged children of Mumbai slums. Today it has its wings in more than twenty-three states in India. Most importantly has also captured foreign lands such as Sweden, Germany, Uk, and the United States.

9. Smile foundation:

In the year 2002, a bunch of enthusiastic professionals from the corporate domain under the supervision of Santanu Mishra formed the organization. They basically targeted to work from the root level intending to transform the lives of the underprivileged children and the families by incorporating education. Basically, the working model is based on the outreach and Social venture philosophy.

8. KC Mahindra educational trust:

When illiteracy is a question in India, KC Mahindra educational trust came forward with a noble reason to disseminate literacy. Since 1953 they have been offering seamless service in the field. Besides offering education, they are here to support with finances. This definitely assures recognition and enhanced life to the people.

7. Barefoot college organization:

In the year 1972, a voluntary organization founded by Bunker Roy missioned to bring progress in the education system. The team works in the village of Tilonia in Rajasthan. They aim to teach drop out students with proper writing and reading skill. Even they run night schools as well with a huge number of girl students. In the year 2008, the organization had three thousand students.

6. Bhumi:

In the year 2006, a group of aspirants with a mission to have a better India started Bhoomi, one of the biggest autonomous Nonprofit organization. Near about 2000 trained and qualified volunteers started to educate the unprivileged children of India. They offer information on subjects like science, math, robotics, sports, arts and mentoring to about 3000 students.

5. IImpact:

In India, girl children from the less privileged sections are denied to traditional schooling. Therefore, the organization started to let them enjoy the right to education. Majorly education is reached through local learning centers. The organization gained full support from like-minded educationists, trusts and corporations.

4. Pardada Pardadi educational society

The Pardada Pardadi educational society came into light with a sole vision to empower girl child. It is their endeavor to make them socially and economically self-dependent. Indeed the program encouraged girls to have an independent mindset. As an encouragement, they also started four schools affiliated to the Board of Uttar Pradesh. Besides empowering children on science, maths, English they also include value-based education to their curriculum. They not only offer basic education but also take equal care in offering advanced healthcare. In addition, protects children from social and physical abuse as well.

3. Diya India:

The organization Diya India laid the foundation in the year 2014 with a goal to foster development and growth of the unprivileged section of the Indian society. Basically, their key working areas concentrate on children from slums, youths, aged and for people who are extremely poor.

2. Cry:

In the year 1970, Rippan Kapoor, the founder of CRY started to safeguard the right of every child who is deprived of basic education and rights. The main motto of the organization is to work for children so that they live a happy, healthy and creative life. The key goal is to make the children understand their true capability so that they can participate to make India a better India.

1. Teach for India

The organization started all the way back in 2006, it started with a belief that one day every child will get the best education in India. Basically, they follow a working model based on fellowship. According to this, the best individuals from universities and colleges are given the role of a full-time teacher. Fundamentally they are trained to communicate with the children and families belonging to rural societies of India.

Thus, these are the top 10 education NGOs in India.

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