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Narendra Damodardas Modi, the name resolute to the minds of millions of Indians, more so because ‘The Man of the Moment’ has now been crowned the next elected Prime Minister of India. What made Mr. Modi, the man who represents 1.25 billion Indians and carries their dreams on his shoulders? Narendrabha damodardas Modi, the name resolute to the minds of millions of Indian’s, more so because ‘The Man of the Moment’ will soon be the next elected Prime Minister of India. What made Mr Modi, the man who represents 1.25 billion Indians and carries their dreams on his shoulders?

10. Man of Frugal Means

Mr. Modi, though considered to be the top-notch boss of the Indian government and surrounded by elite security and showbiz, actually loves to lead a lifestyle of frugal means. As the chief minister of Gujarat, he lived in a somber way with little hoopla around him. He desisted having a high hierarchical parody and was quite accessible to his comrades every now and then. Being available to his people made him a much admired political figure.


9. Commitment to RSS

Considered to be a family man, he is much in touch with his immediate family comprising of three brothers and two sisters, Though he is married (as per the latest documents furnished at the time of filing his Lok Sabha candidature)to Jashodaben Modi, but has never lived with her. He was married off at a young age and as he was more inclined to the RSS (Rashtriya SwayamSevak Sangh) he never showed his inclination to live a marital life.


8. Living Clean and Healthy Life

Complementing his ideology of living a healthy and clean life, he loves to dress himself up (He is not a spendthrift and does not spend much on his clothes and shoes, though he likes to wear new churidars and boots every now and then).He loves to wear clothes of jade blue brand and shops at the jade Blue store at Ahmedabad. He used to wash his own clothes but as he has more responsibilities, he does not do so. Also to avoid washing, he prefers half kurtas as it requires less maintenance and can be robustly used in consonance with is political lifestyle.


7. Man with Sense of Humor

Although he looks like he has a serious personality, in actuality Mr. Modi is very jovial in nature and by heart, likes to giggle a lot. His comrades swear about his joyful nature. Mr Modi has a strong sense of humor and he can crack a joke or two in no time. Recently, when Indian embassy in Herat, Afghanistan was attacked, Modi called upon the Indian consulate and had a word with Mr Amar Sinha (Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan) and enquired about his know how by asking him “Humein Aapki Chinta Nahi Hain, Aap toh Amar Hain”.


6. A strict Dietary Disciplinarian

Mr Modi maintains a strict dietary routine. He eats on time and dislikes to skip his luncheon and dinner. He is a pure vegetarian and likes to eat ‘Khichdi’ and swears to have eaten vegetarian food at all of the provinces he has visited during his election rallies. Mr Modi is a teetotaler and does not smoke and is constrained by his will to have little means on occasional intervals. Here his interesting speech on what it means to be a vegetarian and how India can create a unique identity for itself by offering its vegetarianism on a platter, literally!


5. Writer and Poet

Not many people know that besides being an vociferous orator, the Prime Minister of India is a prolific writer. He has authored 6 books, all in Gujarati. He is also in the process of giving shape to four more books ( though now as he has much task ahead being the Prime minister of India ,he would, in all probability not be able to find time to complete his work on schedule).Apart from writing books. Mr Modi also has interest in poetry and has written many poems on the situational aspects of life, though he has not made them public. He is also a big admirer of Swami Vivekananda and follows his teachings ardently, so much so that his much applauded election campaign was christened as ‘Vivekanand Yuva Vikas Yatra’.


4. Man who Measures Time

Mr Modi is a workaholic, and his day starts from 5 AM and ends up by 12 AM. He gives himself about 3-four hours of sleep. He makes it a point to reach at his office by around 7 AM and does his work by 10 AM before he can be entrusted to make public appearances in election rallies or other government work. He regularly checks his tweets every morning and visits his personal website too. He is extremely punctual and says that one who has work always has time. Those who complain about lack of time neither have work nor the willingness to do wrok.


3. Nurtures straight forward thinking

Mr Modi keeps it a point to meet his comrades every now and then and personally take stock of the situation. He has his own chosen army of IAS and PCS officers and all of them have been assigned rooms quite adjacent to the Chief Ministers office. There have been cases that Mr Modi has given clearance to big projects worth billions of dollars on the click of a ‘Single Window Clearance’. Mr. Modi is a strong advocate of ease of business and simplification of complex procedures. Starting April 1, 2015, the single window system is expected to go in full swing.


2. Inspirational Son

Mr Narendra Modi takes his inspiration from his Mother, Smt Hiraba Modi. He makes it a point to visit her and take blessings from her before any major journey he intends to partake. After the results, when it became amply clear that Mr Modi will be the next prime minister of India, he went to his mother to take her blessings. Mr Modi keeps his family out of his political gains. His mother still lives in a small two room apartment and his other relatives live a life as a ‘commoner’, with no strings attached.


1. Living the ‘Hindutva’ Way

The Prime Minister of India is very particular about his health and at 63 years, he makes it a point to do Yoga Daily. Earlier when he had time, he used to do horse riding too. His roots with Hindu religion are well grafted and he is a devotee of Ma Durga (He took a journey to Maa Vaishnodevi recently to pay his obeisance to the deity). He recently told in an interview that when he was in a complex situation in life, he used to write letters to Maa Durga. As for Yoga, our PM has even got approval from the UN to celebrate June 21 as the International Yoga Day.



Hopefully you enjoyed a peep into the lifestyle of Mr Modi, a onetime ‘Chaiwalla’ who made a remarkable journey to the top position in the political hierarchy.


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