Top 10 fashion hubs in India


India is not an only rich country with diverse cultures, but each culture exhibits its uniqueness through their diet and attire. So today we have picked a topic which will explicitly narrate the top ten fashion hubs in India. Let’s see how impeccable blending took place between the Indian traditional fabrics and western attires. Besides that, we will also highlight the core Indian fabrics like Kanjivaram of South to the cotton saris of West Bengal, which are the cynosure of each state in India. And will also shed light on the sought after western fashion. So let’s start the countdown.


Bangalore is popularly known as the IT city of India spectacular for its IT hubs but it is also a magnificent Fashion hub of India as well. In Bangalore, you will see oodles of fashion trends, where people love to try on the mix and match fashion. For example, they don’t have any inhibition in trying an ikkat skirt with a crop top. Therefore you will explore a perfect pairing of the Khaki or kalamkari with Block prints from Rajasthan. In addition to that, the innovative junk jewelry is just an amazing addition to this outstanding combination.


When you think of the Kanchipuram silks, the name that instantly attracts you is Chennai. The beautiful city is known for its traditional kanjivaram saree paired with golden jewelry. But the people are also quite apt to carry on everyday fashion in jeans as well. Definitely, it is the best spot for the shopaholics as a lot are there to be discovered from south silks sarees to Kumbakonam.


When you talk about the fashionable outfit Kolkata somehow boasts of traditional attire which is saree. No doubt Kolkatans love to be in any kind of outfit, in fact, mix matching saree with a top is also the fashion trend of the city as well. Most importantly, fabrics like pure cotton are the all-time classic trendsetter of the city. Other than that you can even spot the fashion outlets of top-notch designers like Anamika Khanna and Sabyasachi.


Pune is again known for its stylish hipster attires. How flawlessly people over there pull off the style, you can see that laced tops teamed with simple denim is the main eye stealer. But again it boasts of the traditional dresses as well.


The Himalayan fortified Shillong also showcase the ultimate fashion trends. It displays all types of fashion from street style to tank tops. In fact, the traditional outfits of Shillong are also eye-catching. Unlike other metropolitan places, it has its own set of fashion fundas like the boxer tops and baggy style pants which altogether make it the compelling fashion hub.

New Delhi

Delhi is actually the paradise of shopping, as the city flaunts with different types of markets which show up outfits which are uber fashionable to the traditional ones. Actually, you can include anything from chunky neckpiece to stylish tops in your shopping bag. In fact, junk jewelry collections in the markets of Carol Bagh, Sarojini bazar, Chandni Chowk, etc are the ultimate show stealer.


When you think about the hippies, the pristine water and the extended beach, the name Goa comes to your mind instantly. To these connections, floral printed shirts and sleeveless ground length maxi dresses become the true fashion face of Goa. In addition to that, the hemp style bags, junk jewellery particular feather style rings and the sunshade hat available in the markets of Mapusa, Anjuna flea and Canlangute become the hot spot for visitors.


Have you heard the name of the sarees like Pochampally, Ikkat, Gadwal and many more? If yes then you are aware of the most notable fashion hub in India that is Hyderabad. But at the same time, the place gives competition to all of the other fashion states with its traditional neckpieces crafted in a kundan style. To pick the style you have to explore the areas of old Hyderabad and the Charminar. But boutique stores near Banjara hills are also equally mind-boggling.


The place has its own comeliness that definitely creates wonder in the eyes of the beholder. But again its fashion draws the major focus. Women dressed up in beautifully embroidered kurtas pairing with skirts are something to pick from there. At the same time, Bermuda and shots create an equal sensation among fashion lovers.


The heavenly metropolitan city which is the commercial capital of India is also basically the biggest fashion hub of India and that is Mumbai.  The home town of the Bollywood tinsel stars by and large influence the fashion of all other cities in India. In fact, on one hand, it exhibits the selection of the eclectics while on the other end, it has alleys of local markets. However international labels also take the shelter in the same place.

Thus, these are the top 10 fashion hubs in India. 

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