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The world has witnessed the internet revolution and seems to be moving to the virtual world for all that they want. But this hasn’t deterred their obsession with fashion magazines. These international best sellers have dominated the fashion infested community for years and will continue to spin magic in the years to come.

10. Vanity Fair

If you are looking for information combined with sophistication, then you have reached the right spot. Vanity Fair covers a wide range of topics including beauty and fashion, politics and current affairs, music and pop culture and lots more that render both informative and entertainment values. It’s extremely versatile nature makes Vanity Fair offer relatively lesser doses on fashion when compared to its contenders. Hence, the final spot in the ranking. But this mighty contender continues to observe a very loyal base of customers in different parts of the world.

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9. InStyle 

Of all the fashion magazines listed in this countdown, InStyle is possibly the most recent but yet has made a mighty breakthrough in the list of the best fashion magazines in the world today. This monthly publication was launched in 1994 and has a whopping circulation. Besides advertising that the magazine prides on, it also focuses on fashion, beauty, décor, celebrity lifestyles and charitable initiatives. The women’s exclusive magazine is distributed in 18 countries across the world. Trends showcased in InStyle belong to every price range and hence are easily applicable to every woman. Quite contrary to the cover page ideologies of several popular fashion magazines, InStyle was perhaps one of the pioneering few to introduce popular actors or music artists on their cover page.


8. Glamour

The erstwhile Glamour of Hollywood assumed a new form in Glamour. This monthly publication unassumingly enters the eighth position in the countdown by targeting women in the age group of 18 to 49. Over the last 3 decades and more, Glamour holds a yearly “Women of the Year” awards event. The magazine embraced technology by introducing its first Google widget to make its presence undeterred and seamless amongst the rapidly growing number of handheld devices. With loads of information on celebrity lifestyles, fashion, do’s and don’ts, life, love and relationships; Glamour gets the beauty and fashion quotient ringing way up high in every loyal reader’s life.


7. Allure

The subject of beauty takes center stage in Allure. The magazine celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2011 and focuses on all elements that encompass the beautiful and meaningful life of every single woman. With extensive and distinctive columns on hair, skin, makeup, salon & spa and beauty products; Allure lays a definite impetus in the world of women and their needs and wants. The hallmark of Allure is the yearly Best of Beauty Awards. Editor’s picks of skin, hair and beauty products further enhances circulation of all international editions.


6. Esquire

When fashion magazines seemed to flood the world of women, Esquire entered as a breath of fresh air directed at the men folks. With highlighted focus on men’s fashion, Esquire also laid emphasis on other diverse areas of interest including politics, entertainment, food and drink and women. Esquire observed a number of changes in its years of existence. 1960s saw Esquire with oversized pages that created a differentiated appeal for itself amongst the rest. But eventually, the size of pages shrunk to the conventional size in early 70s. Esquire promises information and style power for men and women who love to read on diverse topics.


5. Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar is America’s first fashion magazine. It made its advent in 1867 and continues to be synonymous with sophistication and elegance par excellence. Be it couture or casual, Harper’s Bazaar has become the numero uno destination for women who are the forerunners in fashion. Targeted predominantly at the upper and upper-middle classes of the society, Harper’s Bazaar brings together the best of writers, artists and fashion photographers to create a final product that defies convention and designs a new culture. Harper’s Bazaar occupies the fifth spot in the countdown of top 10 fashion magazines in the world.

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4. Cosmopolitan

50 international editions characterize Cosmopolitan, alternatively regarded as Cosmo. Launched way back in 1886 as an authority on fashion, home décor and cooking; Cosmopolitan had to almost immediately change its façade to include pieces of fiction and book reviews to pull up its dipping sales. Today, Cosmopolitan has loomed large and is heavy on advertisements. Articles offering tips and advices on a wide variety of topics including fashion, relationship and career expanded its circulation. The magazine encourages reader involvement and publishes closer-to-life ordeals. A hop, skip and jump to spot four, Cosmopolitan has created its own unique calling.


3. Marie Claire

Marie Claire observed its origins in France and eventually made its debut in several other countries that embraced this monthly publication immensely. Marie Claire is a subtle yet distinctive blend of world fashion and global issues. The objective of this publication is to offer its readers a holistic perspective on all things important. Besides providing ample information on fashion across the world, the magazine focuses on issues faced by women internationally. Marie Claire makes its gracious entry in the third spot by offering large glimpses of a world beyond fashion and glamour.

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2. Vogue

Vogue is a leading fashion and lifestyle magazine that focuses on life, fashion and design. Associated with high society and the elite, Vogue began its journey as a weekly publication and is today a celebrated monthly magazine promising the best in every walk of life. One of the most influential magazines in the world today, Vogue lives up to its name in presenting the most contemporary and futuristic thoughts and ideas. Over a century of existence, Vogue has evolved beyond fashion and style and transformed into a lifestyle men and women desire to step into. Even before a thing hits high fashion, you’d find it in Vogue and the magazine prides on this principle.


1. Elle

Aptly named for its target audience, Elle meaning ‘she’ in French is an international fashion magazine for women. Significantly the world’s largest publication for women, Elle pivots four important and primary topics including fashion, beauty, health and entertainment. These encapsulate every topic a woman’s universe is comprised of. Over 60 countries and growing, Elle is like a fashion capital for all kinds and personalities of women. A huge and overpowering majority of Elle’s audience belongs to the age group of 18 to 49. There can be no better contender for the number one position in this countdown than Elle for it is the culmination of every woman’s dreams and aspirations.



The world reads and breathes these fashion magazines. Many follow the tips and tricks published and many don’t but all unanimously derive the pleasure of reading them; an open secret that has been best kept for ages.


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