Top 10 Fashion Mistakes by Women (in India)



Many women simply make attempts to follow the latest trends blindly. This results into disastrous fashion faux pas! It is important for such religious fashion followers to analyze which fashion trend would suit them and would look good on them before making their choice. Lest you start following the size zero fashion trends if you are a pretty healthy woman, make a note of some of the most common fashion disasters that you must avoid making.Here is a list of well-researched and observed top 10 fashion mistakes committed by women in India.

10. Athletic shoes with most of the dresses

The tenth fashion blunder committed by women on the list is wearing sports or athletic shoes with most of the dresses. Agreed, athletic shoes are super comfortable and give you the ease to act swiftly in your daily chores, however, this certainly does not mean that you will team them up with every dress that you have in your wardrobe. Picture this… khakis and athletic shoes look bad, dress and sports shoes look terrible and Indian attires with athletic shoes look disastrous! So, unless you are heading for a gym, remember to keep these shoes inside your cupboard and look for other footwear options.

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9. Tattered jeans

Those frayed jeans with cuts here and there are so much out of fashion now. In fact, they were highly reprimanded by the fashion authorities the moment they seeped in,in the Indian markets. And those still sticking to this outdated fashion need to get seriously alert. Change them with an un-tattered one or alter them to the size of a shorts or capris, the choice is yours. The same advice goes for the menfolk also who think it is cool to wear frayed jeans and shirts. So make sure that you don’t get hold of such denims the next time you go out for shopping.

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8. Matching -matching

Matching clothes from head to toe simply shows that you have an extremely poor sense of fashion! Pink shoes, pink dress, pink clips, pink lipshade, pink bag can look hopelessly disastrous and call for extreme reprimands from the fashionistas. Instead of trying to match colours, try wearing shades that blend with each other and does not look stark to the onlookers. Try to mix and match the colours of your attire and accessories so that your look is more enhanced and accentuated. Obviously, that doesn’t mean that you have to match stark colours like red and green and achieve the Santa Claus look!

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7. Showing too much skin

Revealing your skin, especially between your low rise jeans and the top, is not fashionable at all. The trend has unfortunately caught fire among college girls as they believe that this kind of skin exposure is cool and sexy. This belief is undoubtedly the result of blind follow-up of styles and fashions portrayed in uber-fashionable magazines. If at all there is a need to show your belly, you have to make sure that the exposure is subtle and well appreciated by the onlookers. For the same, you have to work hard towards achieving a slender and beautiful belly.

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6. Too much accessories

Unless you want to sport the look of a portable ornament shop, avoid too much of bling and jewelry on your body. A few rings, a funky necklace, chic bangles and earrings should be the maximum number pieces of embellishments on your body. An over-dose of accessories on your body looks tacky and top of all, un-fashionable. Also, big and bulgy pieces of jewelry, especially big danglers, should not be teamed up with other embellishments. So, the point is to focus attention towards minimal jewelry pieces so that they stand-out in your personality. Make a note of this point and avoid over-accessorizing.

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5. Treating tights as pants

A lot of women commit the mistake of wearing short and muffin tees over tights just the way they wear them over pants. Now this looks hideous and tacky as your tights magnifies every possible bulge on your lower body, especially the butts, and reveals it to the world. The right way to carry this style of apparel is to team it up with shirts that hit below your belly and butts. Unlike pants, tights have the tendency to stick to your thighs making it necessary to team them up with a longer top like a kurti or a longer tee.

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4. Wearing clothes that don’t suit you

It is completely OK and natural if you don’t have the perfect body or the greatest legs to expose. The rule is to dress up according to your body style! Wear clothes that make you comfortable and thus boost up your confidence. Unfortunately, there is only a slight section of women who understand this rule and hence end up wearing clothes that look forced on them and tacky. For example, women with a little bulge here and there often try to slip into tube or muffin tops, or try to wear mini-skirts that make them look unpleasant and disastrous. Such women should learn the mantra of dressing according to their body tone!

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3. Visible panty lines and bra straps

Skimpy or / and baggy apparels often reveal your inner garments from the side. Make it count, intentional or unintentional exposure of your undergarments is an eye sore for the onlookers and an utter fashion disaster. So, the third most common fashion disaster observed among women is the reveal of their inner garments. This trend of intentional exposure of the undergarments is popularly observed among teen-aged college going girls. All these girls must take this tip as a word of caution and immediately stop exposing their inner assets to the public. Also, they must avoid wearing transparent or see-through garments that completely reveal the texture of their inner garments.

Visible panty lines and bra straps715x310

2. Bad make-up

A lot of women, although unknowingly, tend to wear make-up that gives them a complete unnatural and an artificial look. This generally happens when you either choose the wrong colours for your skin or over-do the strokes of make-up. Therefore, second on this list of fashion disasters by women is bad make-up. According to experts, one of the most common reasons for a bad make-up is the unnatural colourchoice of their foundation which does not blend with the colour of the skin. As a result, a lot of women make mistakes right at the basic step of their make-up regime.

Bad make-up715x310

1. Oversized clothes

The first fashion disaster committed by Indian women according to this list is wearing over-sized clothes. A lot of women for the fear of wearing skimpy or body hugging clothes, end up wearing bigger and bulkier clothes!Also, many healthy women intentionally choose bigger clothes that don’t reveal their bumps and bulges. Nevertheless the reason, oversized clothes on a woman literally looks like a big dress hanging on a hanger. Now unless you want to attain this hanger look, you better opt for clothes that rightly fit you. The trick is to buy clothes that have at least one-two inches of margin left for further alteration.

Oversized clothes715x310


We all commit fashion faux pas at some point of time. Here is a list of the most common fashion faux pas committed by women. Nevertheless you are a man or a woman, read the list and avoid committing them in future.


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