Top 10 Fashion Show Themes Ever

Top 10 Fashion Show Themes Ever

If clothes and accessories that walk the ramp in a fashion show must steal the hearts of audience; so should the décor and theme of the event engulf their minds. Fashion shows are ensembles of a variety of elements and themes are intended to add the right amount of trigger to make people like what they see and buy what they like. Here are the top 10 fashion show themes that always manage to attract.

10. Rock and Roll

Rock n Roll has been a very popular fashion show theme witnessed for very many years but had to eventually give way to more contemporary, creative and ethnic themes. However, it still manages to hog its share of limelight by occupying the final spot in the listing. Loud, attractive, vibrant, trendy and loads of attitude are the underlying elements to a rock n roll theme based fashion show.

Rock and Roll

9. Unconventional

Although, the unconventional theme has been doing its rounds in the international fashion scene for several decades now; it is yet to catch up big in the Indian context and hence occupies spot 9 in our countdown. But the seed has been sown and today fashion aficionados will vouch for the ‘unconventional’ in Indian fashion weeks. Unconventional could relate to anything from striking clothes in bold and daring colors and exceptional accessories to avant-garde makeover and unusual décor and music. Ideas here are wild and left to the crew’s imagination in relation to the ideas of the designer.


8. Event or Cause based

Cause based fashion shows on spot 8 are rising in popularity globally and more so in the Indian context. Celebrities from Bollywood and supermodels from the fashion world are usually summoned to heighten the bling factor. The success quotient of these fashion shows is high that are most times done to fund a specific event or cause. The ‘Being Human’, ‘Save our Tigers’ or ‘Cancer Awareness’ fashion shows in small or massive scales attract popularity and have their merchandise sold successfully.
Event or Cause based

7. Accessory based

Sometimes the purpose of the fashion show is not on clothes but on accessories like bags, belts or scarves. Even jewelry is a prime subject of focus with several fashion designers exclusively designing jewelry. Seizing spot 7, these fashion shows also have a showstopper product and the décor is so designed so as to reflect the piece(s) of accessory. Accessory based themes are effective ways in showing people how to think beyond the outfit and different ways in which plain can be made extraordinary or chic. Shows of Amrita Singh and the very popular IIF JAS (India International Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Show) are the ones to watch out for in this category.

Accessory based

6. Time Period

Period based fashion show themes sit at spot 6 of our countdown. Time period is yet another popular theme that dominates fashion shows in colleges to the most renowned and professional of shows. Clothes inspired during the 60s, 70s, 80s and even the 90s make a comeback to revive history and what the world has seen. Polka dots may be very 80s but they continue to rival any creation even today. These themes are fun, nostalgic and introduce popular clothes and dresses of the yesteryears in a modern context.

Time Period

5. Specialty Clothing

Besides the fundamental men, women and kids differentiation; clothing and accessories are also designed and created to cater to different classes, groups and communities of people in the society. Fashion designers will have to design clothing that suits different kinds of groups. And therefore, one can always observe fashion shows with showcased products tailored to a certain group of people. Lingerie shows, fashion shows for showcasing clothes and accessories during maternity, shows exclusively for kids or jewelry and bridal wear besides several others are some to name. These shows are focused, exclusive and high in demand at spot 5.

Specialty Clothing

4. Elements

Water, Earth, Wind and Fire are the four essential elements at spot four defining the very soul of existence. Each has different tones set for them including colors, textures, design and even styling. Using elements as the theme in fashion shows is not only effective but overpoweringly strong. Unusual music and eclectic choreography sets aside this theme from several others simply because of its natural, organic and magnetic appeal. Fashion meets poetry and art in this theme as designers try to bring out similarity even amidst diversity.


3. Indian Ethnic

India is a land of diversity. This may be a cliché but an undeniable fact. Different states within the country have diverse culture, ethnicity, art and crafts. While bhandhani comes from one region, meenakari comes from another. Handcrafted fabrics and delectably embroidered prints from Kashmir to Kanyakumari redefine haute couture in India. Sitting royally at the third spot, fashion shows performing to Indian ethnic theme are elegant, classy and sophisticated. Popular Indian designers like Rohit Bal, Tarun Tahiliani and Sabyasachi Mukherjee are some of the names that are synonymous with Indian haute couture.

Indian Ethnic

2. Bollywood

Bollywood is a source of inspiration not just for India but also the entire world. What actors in this film fraternity have to wear become inspirational to all. The fashion scenario is also party to the crime and hence Bollywood fashion theme usurps spot 2. Glamorous, vibrant and/or ethnic designer clothes inspired from some popular and hit Bollywood movies allow audiences to relate to the clothes and also make quick buying decisions. In Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012, ace designer Swapnil Shinde showcased his collections that were inspired by the Bollywood horror genre in the 1960s. His collections that included gowns, skirts and button down dresses were in sheer white with an airy effect.

1. Seasons

One of the eternal favorites of fashion designers of all times and nationalities is the seasons theme. Its sheer popularity and ability to experiment and offer variety easily make the ‘seasons’ theme a numero uno in the Indian fashion scene. Fashion designers can introduce a lot of variety in the nature and color of outfits depending upon the seasons. Also, the very fashion scenario is dominated by the need to offer spring/summer and fall/winter collections. Contemporary and creative designs can be introduced in winter clothes such as sweatshirts, coats and sweaters and winter is depicted in dark and sober colors such as grey or black. Pastel and lively colors are usually chosen for summers and include yellow, peaches, lemon green etc.



Fashion show themes have the power to make or break an event. Creating buzz for the event is primarily handled by the theme and is important as it complements the designs and creations of the designers.


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