Top 10 Fashion Tips for College Going Girls (for India)



College life is all about fun, fashion and fad. It’s one of the most coveted periods of a girl’s life, wherein she gets a taste of life beyond academics. She indulges into fashion trends of sorts and loves to stay stylish and en vogue. However, you need not spend oodles just to blindly follow any vintage trend to stay stylish. There are some fashion fads that never go wrong and come at affordable prices.Here are the top ten fashion tips that must be rote-learned and religiously followed by all the young college going fashion divas!

10. Smell good

Last on the list but the most important is a great fragrant body that appeals refreshing and pleasing. Your hard work in trying to achieve the perfect college-teen look can literally go in wane if you ignore your body aroma. A person with a nice smelling body is definitely a pleasant company and undoubtedly creates the right impression among friends. So, to complete your look, gofor body aroma options. You can either indulge yourself into a good long-stay perfume or deodorant for a good smelling body or choose the natural ways to keep the body odour at bay. Unscented oils like jojoba oil or grape seed oil can be well diluted with drops of water and applied to the whole body to keep it fresh for a long time.

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9. A smart hairstyle

A smart hairstyle definitely comprises of the hair-do which is well achievable and requires the least hard-work. After all, you don’t have all the time in the world to invest into attaining a chic hairstyle for your college. So, look for simpler yet stylish options like nicely brushed hair left open or tied with a chic hair band, neatly done French knot, a messy bun, bun tied with a chopstick, front hair puff or a chic ponytail. These hairstyles not only look chic but are easily do-able and achievable within a few minutes in the morning.

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8. Haircare

While trying to get the best of clothing and matching accessories, we often ignore our poor yet precious locks which are an imperative part of our personality. Nevertheless your vintage style and accessories, your hair can literally make or break your look. One of the most basic tips to follow to look perfect for your college look is great hair that is well conditioned. Greasy oil is a fashion faux pas and makes you look worn-out and tired. A simple regimen of oiling, shampooing and conditioning the hair works best for obtaining a healthy and flowing look of your hair.

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7. Minimal make-up

After the accessories and attires, look for make-up essentials that render a natural and subtle look. Spending hours trying to dip your face into colours of sorts can be wanna-be-ish indeed and land you into big time unwanted attraction.  Instead, the right picks for these young girls are natural tone lip shades or basic shimmers, concealer and an eye liner. The beauty regimen should span for ten minutes starting with the application of a thin layer of concealer to hide the blemishes followed by a thin smudge of lip colour. This look is ideal for a casual hang-out and study regimen during day time in the campus.

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6. Great skin

If your skin is healthy, your make-up regime becomes considerably easy. Those who have a great glowing skin don’t really need to work hard towards hiding their blemishes or acne spots which are the most troublesome skin problems of college going girls. The work-out for a great skin is no rocket-science as it requires minimal care from your end to achieve it. The first tip is an increased intake of water which keeps the skin hydrated and glowing.  Cleansing the face after frequent intervals, especially after travelling in pollution, is also good to keep the acne and dirt away from your face.

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5. Accessories

The right kind of accessories can literally accentuate the look of even your plain Jane dress. So, after you’ve invested money into your clothing, save a portion for buying the right accessories. However, remember to choose the right accessory which is appropriate with your clothing as well as your age. Stay away from buying bulgy pieces of jewellery that look over-the-top and scream attention. On the other hand, sleek and subtle pieces of jewellery like bracelets, neckpieces, earrings or danglers along with your dress are good option for young girls to opt for. Other than these, scarves, shoes, hair bands and clutches also look chic and stylish for teen-aged girls going to college.

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4. Dressy and feminine tops

Next, look for tank tops, cute cotton tops, tees, short-sleeved shirts that look fabulous over fitted jeans or skirts. This dress code is extremely versatile and renders a chic feminine look for your college. The best part is that you can opt for a dressy top so as to prepare yourself for a special event taking place in your campus. The markets are flooded with such feminine tops for college going girls leaving them with an incredibly huge range of options to make their pick from.

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3. A chic bag

The next must-have for a college girl on this list is undoubtedly a good looking bag in canvas, eco-leather or faux leather or even pure leather which can really make your look! After your footwear, invest into bags in lucrative hues, especially, beige, black, baby pink or multi-coloured that blends well with your clothes. With add-ons like metal buckles, chic zippers, stylish pockets and other details, the bag can look just fine for your day as well as night look. Besides the style, the utility of the bag is also an important factor to consider before investing into a bag. Make sure that the big fits at least most of the regular books or notes that you carry to the college.

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2. Useful footwear

Second to your denims is a pair of purposeful yet chic shoes which every young girl must have in her wardrobe. High heels, pencil heels and designer straps undoubtedly look uber-sexy, however, may result into severe ankle pain if worn for longer hours. Since college is the place wherein you need to walk a lot for lectures, notes and sundry, the above mentioned designer footwear can be criminal for your poor feet. So, after you buy yourself a pair of denims, hunt for a  pair of shoes, slip-ons, boots, flip-flops or stylish flats that give comfort and energy to your feet to run for long hours. A good pair of comfortable foot-wear, sneakers in attractive colours like baby pink, orange, black can also jazz-up your otherwise simple look.

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1. Get yourself a fitting pair of jeans

Topping this coveted list is a pair of nicely fitting and comfortable denims. Count on your denims if they are rightly fitting your body, with no extra bulge visible here or there, and consider half the fashion battle won. There is no piece of clothing more fashionable than your comfortable denims which make you feel relaxed and comfy in your skin. It is most ideal to invest into three-four good pair of comfortable jeans, nevertheless the brand. Further, the best possible styles to indulge into are straight fit, classic cuts and boot cuts. Mid rise or low-rise jeans are other fitting styles that can be well invested into for fashionable yet comfortable clothing.

Get yourself a fitting pair of jeans


These were some of the top ten fashion tips that must be followed by the young girls aspiring to become fashion divas! Follow these tips and revel in the attention that you get in your college.


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