Top 10 Fashion Tips for Teenage Guys



Teenage years can be challenging with problems like acne, spurts, squeaking voices, which can be a lot to deal with. Amidst these issues who wants to be bothered with the dos and don’ts of fashion? Just so that you don’t have to be worried about fashion, we bring you these top 10 fashion tips for teenage guys. Keeping in mind these few simple rules can make it all smoother and they can help you eliminate a few of the questions that you might have about fashion. If most men have a hard time with fashion, then you can use all the help they can get and avoid the fashion slip-ups.

10. Jeans and khakis

Our final tip of this coveted list is about your denims and khakis as teenagers love to stock them up. They usually go for a pair of denims because they are functional and versatile, which is why we suggest this tip. Denim is ideal for college and other casual occasions. Distressed or torn jeans might be the trend, but they are not as stylish or practical as a simple pair of denims. You should look for denims that fit you well and avoid wearing jeans that are two sizes bigger. For formal or special events that require you to dress up, you could go for khakis. They are never out of fashion. Last but not least, stay away from tapered-leg pants. They usually tend to look outdated and old-fashioned.



9. Don’t be sloppy

How well you dress up and how much effort you put in on a daily basis says a lot about you and hence this tip. Make sure that all clothing items are properly ironed and clean.When wearing a shirt, even with denims, tuck in just a bit. Trust us when we tell you, it’s not cool anymore and the only reason people will turn their heads is because you may be looking a tad funny. Another pointer, sagging pants are not attractive. No matter how fashionable it may seem, no one wants to see your underpants. Easy way is to invest in, and wear, a belt.


8. Accessories

The way you accessories must compliment your style as well as show your individuality; it must go with who you are. With this said, we suggest you this next tip in the list and rightly so. Guys think they don’t have much of an option when it comes to accessories, but the truth is, you do. You can accessorize with caps, hats, watches, shoes, belts. You can even wear a band or a bracelet or earrings, but avoid wearing too much jewellery. Accessorizing is more about mix and match; you can pair an outfit with leather loafers or team up your denims with sneakers and a nice watch for a casual look. However, remember not to go overboard with it, it won’t look casual or natural.


7. Match ‘em up

You don’t need to colour coordinate your clothes for them to match. The key here is to wear styles and colours of clothes that complement you as well as each other and make sense. For instance, don’t wear orange cargos with an orange tee-shirt; you can go for dark-coloured denims to match the orange tee-shirt. Try on colours that complement each other. Also, avoid mixing two different patterns together, such as plaids and stripes, to avoid clashing. If you arewearing a plaid shirt, wear plain, basic denims. Also, camouflage cargo pants go very well with plain dark tee-shirts. One more tip, match your belt to your shoes, generally brown with brown or black with black.


6. Dress appropriately

Being a teenager can be confusing, especially when you have a formal occasion coming up and you want to look your age and stylish as well. It’s because of this reason that we suggest you this as the sixth tip. Your favourite pair demins a tee-shirt might be suitable for any casual evening, they won’t necessarily look that great when attending a party. On the other hand, you don’t want to look overdressed for a more casual affair.It will seem as though you are trying too hard or worse, might look out of place. For special occasions, find a button-down shirt that fits right. Small things like the top button of your shirt should always be buttoned when you wear a tie, make a lot of difference.Also, while choosing a tie, get the right length; it should always fall to the top of your belt line.


5. Don’t follow trends blindly, start your own trend

Teenagers often tend to follow the latest trends blindly. It’s good to follow them as it helps in keeping you stylish and abreast with the latest trends, but always doing so can make you look like you are fashion-stricken. The trend that you are following like a religion right now may get out of fashion in a few months.This is why it is our next tip on the list. Start your own trend to stand out from the crowd. It can be something simple, but it should reflect your individuality.


4. Lose the norm

Don’t be scared to break away from the norm once in a while. If you usually wear jeans and a tee-shirt to college every day, try changing the pattern by wearing your denims with a shirt or a polo-neck. Instead of a back-pack you can wear a sling bag which is so fashionable these days. Wearing the same style every can be boring and will stamp that style to your personality, which is why it is the fourth pick on the list for all you teenagers to help you keep it interesting.


3. Wear clothes that fit

The third very important tip is to wear clothes that are your size so that you don’t end up looking like a hanger. This can be tough since in your teens you are often still growing, but good fashion demands it. You’ll come across as cheap if you wear too tight clothes and over-sized clothes will make you look unkempt and untidy. Instead, wear clothes that fit correctly and are of proper length and size. Also, pull up your denims. Sagging pants are not attractive.


2. Shoes

Shoes can tell a lot about a person, and it stands true, which is why we suggest this as our second tip. There are lots of different types of shoes, not just sneakers. Every teenager needs at least three types of shoes; a pair of formal shoes, a pair of sport shoes and a pair of semi-formal shoes, for those casual evenings with friends. That’s not it, always keep your shoes clean and tidy, and make sure it’s not broken or has holes. When going for a formal occasion, your shoes should generally complement your pants. You can team up your denims with any kind of shoes depending on the shirt you are wearing.


1. Comfort zone

The first rule of fashion is to find clothing that fits into your comfort zone, which is why it is the first fashion tip we suggest.If you want to look good in the clothes that you are wearing, then it better suit you because chances are that you might end up looking like you are trying too hard to be someone you are not. Look for the style you look best in. If you feel you look good in a certain outfit, feel free to keep other pieces in that style.




Well, these are our top ten fashion tips for teenage guys. Follow these and rest assured, you will never have a fashion slip-up. In case all else fails ask a female, your sister, close friend, girlfriend, they are always great resources for fashion advice.



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