Top 10 flower valleys in India.


I took my flight to experience the most unforgettable experience over the phenomenal expansion of the Himalayas. My wheels traversed the urban roads and penetrated the tough remotest part as well. I smoothly pass cross the mountains undeterred by the gigantic ranges and its intricate wildness. Now I’m heading to my destination. Let’s unfold about my destination topic. It is about the top 10 flower valleys of India.

10. Kaas plateau Maharashtra

As the journey started, the car headed to the Satara district of Maharashtra at a height of 1200 m to capture the dramatic Kaas plateau or the Kaas path. The unique plateau is an epitome of lush greenery and about 850 types of species along with orchids have been discovered here. But that greenery transforms into rich land of flowers during the period of monsoon.

9.Yumthang valley Sikkim

As one sees the Yumthang valley of north Sikkim situated at a height of 2750 m in the district of Lachen, honestly it gives the feeling of the heaven on earth. With the arrival of spring, the green carpet turns into a motley colored rainbow with flowers of different hues surfacing the majestic Himalayan valley. In fact, experience the splendid flowers from rhododendrons to cobra lilies. All uniquely exhibit the comeliness of the Yumthang valley.

8. Dzeko valley Nagaland

Placed at an altitude of 2452 meters in Nagaland, the splendid valley is known for its picturesque greenery. It is a true trekking destination for Himalayan lovers. The most interesting is the seasonal flowers. But the striking Dzouku lily really takes one breath away.  Thus the serenity of the valley will keep you engrossed as it is far away from commercialization.

7. Tulip Garden Kashmir

When you searched for the largest tulip garden of Asia, certainly the name Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip garden comes to mind. The tulip garden sprawls over 30 hectares is indeed picturesque with multiple hues of tulip arranged in a vertical alignment. Imagine you were standing in the midst of purple, pink or yellow tulips with the snow-capped mountains at the backdrop and the dal lake witnessing the heavenly scenery.

6. Munnar Valley Kerala

Whenever you plan to add south India in your vacation list, then Munnar valley has to be there. Situated at a height of 1600 m in the district of Idukki stretching over the western ghat mountain, the place looks captivating with its bewitching verdant meadows. But travelers would be interested to know that these green color paint itself in lavender. It is because of the rarest flower Neelakunjiri which blooms once in every alternate 12 years. So hurry up to get the view of the elegant beauty.

5. Valley of flowers Uttrakhand

Uttarakhand is the most sought after vacation destination of all. So this time pack your bags for Valley of flowers. Be ready to trek to an altitude of 3658 meters to Chamoli to get the panoramic sight of the valley of flowers or the Indian national park. The magnetic carpet of alpine and variety of different other floras like elegant slipper orchid, Brahma kamal, Himalayan slipper orchid, yellow cobra lily and many more etc will really keep you spellbound.

4. Araku valley

Andhra Pradesh is popular for its own-sorted destination, but the charm lies in the Valley of Araku. The stunner Araku has lush sprawling landscape at an altitude of 2990 ft from the sea level. The combination of the smoggy clouds with enriching greenery makes the place worth visiting. But this time you can plan to capture the winter of Araku valley as it looks so pleasant particularly this time.

3. Kangra Valley

Every range of the Himalayas unfolds itself in a different shade. So does the Himachal Pradesh which has its unique pleasantries. In that respect, take a look to the Kangra Valley of the western Himalayas at a height of 2000 ft. The place has its special significance for being the spiritual land, but its real beauty lies for the pristine Beas river flowing across it. In addition to that, the tea plantation in Palampur no doubt looks stand out.

2. Silent Valley

Is there anyone who still wonders about the look of the Nilgiri hills? If so then you must visit to click the enigmatic charm of the Silent Valley covering an area of 89.52 square kilometers. The valley got popularity among tourists because of the Tropical moist evergreen forest and rain forest of the Southwestern ghats mountains. Therefore get the tickets today to fly off to the Silent Valley to get the exclusive view of unique flora and fauna.

1. Spiti Valley

Do you want to have the panoramic beauty of Tibet and India? Then you have to land upon the valley of Spiti. Located at the northeastern part of the Himachal Pradesh the place is known for its icy weather. The immense snow creates a white carpet all over which makes it splendidly amazing.

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