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In today’s hectic and fast paced world finding a moment to breathe and take stock of what’s happening around you is becoming a widely unheard notion. As we juggle the many priorities demanding our time – the words “Eating Right” become all the more important. Being a teenager when you have round the clock activities happening at school, with friends, at home; having to cater to the nutritive and high energy demands of your growing age / body is no mean feat. Though we can probably not go a long way in helping you manage your time effectively the read below will give you an insight into some quick-fix food options which apart from being delicious, will aid in building up the much needed immunity and energy levels so that you can be in all those places you want to be and doing all those fun things you want to do.

10. Green Tea

This item wraps up our list and for really yummy reasons- It is for those who like their culinary tastes a bit more cosmopolitan, more chic, and sets them apart from the crowd. It increases your endurance for the extra time you long to spend at the gymnasium, boosts the immunity, is the most widely recognized source of anti-oxidants which contributes to your skin health and helps keep the body weight in check. Just go an extra mile and score all those brownie points with your peers at school / college by having this nature’s miracle included in your diet.


9. Smoothies

If you just happen to be a teenager who is willing to go an extra mile in giving your body a delicious and beneficial treat then smoothies are just God’s gift to you – A delicious blend of fruits, vegetables and yoghurt it gives your teen kid the combined goodness of all the veggies and fruits. Smoothies keep you hydrated, are packed with all the essential food groups like multi-vitamins, proteins and minerals, complete the probiotic demands of your body and keep off all those excess pounds by contributing to a good digestion mechanism. These are also packed with “fructose” which several nutritional experts maintain is the ideal brain fuel for a holistic mental health. If the above advantages of this being a super teen food are not apparent enough they also score points on being an excellent solution for teenagers who are forever ready with a no time for breakfast line!


8. Potatoes

A tuber with an ugly appearance but it happens to be the delight of any person associated with the world of culinary delights- Catering to a teens’ body demand for fat and carbohydrates as long as they are not fried; it is an excellent source of fiber which promote good digestion, minerals like iron and potassium, and vitamin group B & C which aid in production of blood cells and quick healing of wounds. Also this food item is a parent’s delight as they it has an ability to go along with any food item and adding a wonderful taste of it’s own; so getting the teen kids hooked onto them is the easiest task. Last but not the least for all those teenage girls, it also doubles up as an excellent face pack for a clearer and much smoother skin.


7. Apples

A food item list shall be absolutely incomplete without the mention of this fruit. Almost all of us have grown up listening to this “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Easiest to procure, best option as a to-go food item, it happens to not only score points for being conveniently available but gives you healthier teeth and a beautiful smile, detoxifies your system, controls body weight (teenage kids do have a thing for body image), and prevents constipation. Consumed with their skin kept intact is highly suggested as a part of teenage diet by nutritional experts as they contain special plant compounds called “polyphenols and anti-oxidants” which are good for your immune system. What can be easier and better for you?


6. Yoghurt

If milk seems like an enemy right now and you cannot reconcile to the idea of having it; not to worry. This next item is at the sixth spot on our list as it caters to your body’s dairy needs. A cup of yoghurt as a part of your daily diet lowers the overall percentage of body fat and improves digestion. It contains good bacteria which contribute to good health by lowering the chances of an intestinal infection which is good news for all parents out there; especially as the teenage kids do end up giving into their cravings for the junk food variety. It also helps in building up your body’s immune system and aids in absorption of calcium and vitamins by the body to a larger extent. And if the idea of plain yoghurt bores you to the core- let’s not give up yet. Add fruits and sugar to it – to make your own fruit yoghurts, or your favorite flavoring to concocte your very own flavored yoghurts!



5. Milk

No surprises as to why this is fifth on our list. Proceed to read just why the oldest wellness drink is a strong contender on our list. It is nature’s elixir for your bone, muscle, and teeth health. Packed with calcium, phosphorous, and Vitamin D it fortifies the strength of your blood vessels, gives you healthy and strong bones as well as muscles. It easily supplements the requirement of around 15 micrograms of Vitamin D which a teenage body needs. The carbohydrate lactose in milk also fulfills the energy requirement of your body. Having troubles with sleep at night? All you need is a glass of warm milk – you could also add that comforting cocoa to it in generous amounts and that much needed sleep won’t be far- Is there anything more to be said to have you include milk as an intrinsic part of your diet.


4. Eggs

Next on the list is this indispensable food item- It is not for nothing that they are the first choice when it comes to being on the most wanted item on everyone’s breakfast list – Humble; yet packed with all the good proteins, vitamins, just the amount of fat which you need, it is inexpensive and the wonder food item to improve brain, nerve and cardio health as it contains choline (an essential amino acid). Eggs also promote healthy hair and nails as they are packed with high sulphur content. Not only this they help your teenage kid stay energized the whole day through and build their immunity against all the stress inducers! So look past all the myths about them being packed with cholesterol (which by the way is the good variety), have this easy to cook item become your pal for life.


3. Chicken Breast

Before you go all what! hearing this item on our list give it a fair read!! This happens to be the most favored item on every person desirous of piling up that muscle mass. Without it’s skin it happens to be not only a source of lean protein, but also has no carbohydrates and is an excellent choice for putting on some muscle mass. So all you teenage athletes sweating it out for hours at the gym; this is just what you need on your must have food item list. If that is not enough to convince you –how about adding the fact that nothing cooks more easily? Have it grilled, roasted, pan-fried; with or without cheese or vegetables; lifting it within no time from a simple chicken breast to something undoubtedly more gourmet. There is no way you can ignore this food delight which is why it procures the third spot on the list.


2. Berries

What makes this food item second most important on the list is that apart from the obvious attraction (their gorgeous colors) these pack a punch of high vitamin and amino-acid levels. If that isn’t enough to have you salivating, these do up the brain functioning levels, which as experts would point out cater to the developmental needs of a teenage body- let’s keep the various challenges coming through!! Apart from these advantages, berries also contain “lutein” that is crucial for healthy vision; which is important in building up the young eye muscles. So go ahead take your pick; strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or the more modest jamuns. Trust us when we say “Berries will do your body a wealth of good and the most sumptuous variety of good while you are at it”. With all these qualities this food item cements its place on the list.


1. Nuts

An indisputable winner on our list, and why you may ask- well if they could, they would be the perfect example for the grab and go snack; and teenagers love their snacks. There is just no doubt that this item should top your list too; convenient, easily available and non-fussy. Munch on the goodness of these as much as you want throughout the day. These are packed with high levels of good monosaturated fats (reducing the risk of depression in kids); apart from being an excellent source for the group B vitamins, much needed protein and minerals like iron, zinc, potassium necessary for hemoglobin production and nerve transmission. Best thing apart from the obvious advantages is they are not packed with empty calories, they fulfill a teenage body’s demand for energy; making them just a tad bit more attractive on the absolute must have food-item list for you!




So what are you waiting for – give the junk food bandwagon a boot for once and try these much healthier food alternatives. Trust us you will not be going wrong. Dig into the world of these absolutely miraculous food items and see yourself going places with your health intact, immunity in place and of course looking radiant – Because let’s be honest here; if you are healthy on the inside it does shine on the outside!


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