Top 10 Gifts for Teenage Boys



Teenage is the time when boys are showered with gifts for birthdays and other holidays. A smart and thoughtful gift can turn out to be really useful for the recipient and enhance his life. Here is our list for top 10 gifts for teenage boys that will come in handy to all.

10. Watch

Barely making to the list is the evergreen wristwatch. Apart from keeping time, a wristwatch can be a great fashion accessory. An expensive watch can even be treated as jewelry for the boy and cultivates the habit of safekeeping. Watches are available in many ranges and analog and digital variants. Some of the more tech savvy teenagers would prefer a ‘smart watch’ that hooks up with a phone using bluetooth an also functions as a music player, mail reader and more. Popular brands for teens are Titan FastTrack, Casio G-Shock and Timex.

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9. Backpack

On number nine, we have something that every teenager uses. Backpacks are not used just to store books, latest designs in backpack have compartments for laptops, stationary and even a cable gap for headphone cables through the bag. Backpacks are used every day and a good bag will be not only functional but also add up as a fashion accessory. With various features like back support and ‘air flow’ technology, there is a wide range to choose from. Popular brands include Fast Track, Samsonite, Aoking.

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8. E-Book Reader

E-book readers may seem odd on this list but the fact that it can be used to read comic books, pushed it up to number eight on this list. With an eBook reader it is possible to download and read books on the move. These devices can store thousands of eBooks and use technologies like e-ink that don’t strain the eye. E-books are also ‘greener’ as they don’t use any paper. A good e-book reader can go a long way in cultivating the habit of reading in today’s teenagers. We recommend Amazon’s Kindle series.

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7. Shoes

Teenage is the time of life when guys are constantly growing out of footwear. A pair of shoes is a thoughtful gift as they are used every day and one can never have enough pairs. Choose between formal, semi-formal, casual and sport shoes. Bear in mind that there are also shoes for specific sports such as football and cricket. Popular brands for boys are Converse, I.D, Lee Cooper, Nike, Addidas, Reebok and Puma among others. A perfect gift for any teenager, you can’t go wrong with shoes.

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6. Gaming Console

Not the most popular with parents, the gaming console is fifth on our list, why? Well simply because every teenage boy wants one! Gifting a console will probably make you really bond with the teenager but not so with his parents. A gaming console is a good way of rewarding a boy for performing well in exams or any other scholastic activities. With consoles such as Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Kinnect add-on, games can get pretty physically exhilarating as these consoles use motion sensing instead of traditional remotes with buttons. Our picks are Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s Playstation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii. If you prefer a portable gaming solution, Sony’s PS VITA is a good option.

Gaming Console 710x310

5. Musical Instrument

Being in a band is one of the fantasies every teenage boy has, and a musical instrument can enable him to live that dream (or at least get closer to it). So on number five, we have the musical instrument. Music is a very rewarding hobby and it also acts as de-stress tool during the dreaded exams. A simple gift like a guitar can turn out to be one of the most important gifts a teenage boy may ever receive. Guitars and keyboards may be favourable to a drum kit which needs more space and some sort of sound proofing in the room. Keep in mind the boy’s interest and taste in music before picking the instrument.

Musical Instrument 710x310

4. Portable music player

Every teenage boy listens to music and hence on number four, we have the portable music player. Gone are the days of ‘Walkman’ and CD players, today’s teenagers are only familiar with digital music players that can store up to 10,000 songs and also double up as video players. Music players come with earphones that isolate the sound only to the listener and are a great thing to carry while travelling. We recommend Apple’s iPod series and Sony’s new digital players.

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3. Bicycle

On number three, we have the classic bicycle. Of course every teenage boy wants a bicycle to commute over short distances. Cycle rides to school, tuition centers and even the nearby market can be fun, social and obviously healthy and environment friendly. Popular bicycle brands are ‘Firefox’, ‘Hero’, ‘Hercules’ and ‘Atlas’.

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2. Sporting Goods

Regardless of technological innovation, teenage boys will always crave for sports and a sports accessory can really mean a lot to a boy during his teens. A decade ago, this would have probably been on top of our list. Sports are good hobbies and potential career options especially in India. A cricket bat, football, basketball, golf set, volleyball or any other accessory, depending on the sport, can help a boy get better at his sport.

Sporting Good 710x310

1. Smart Phone

Well this is a no-brainer as every teenage guy is expected to flaunt one of these. Apart from phone calls and messages, smartphones are capable of handling social media, internet browsing, multimedia streaming, gaming and camera functions. Top picks in Smart Phones are Apple’s iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy series, Intel’s Xylo series and some of Samsung’s android offerings in the lower budget. Whatever the model it may be, this really is one gift that would be much appreciated by any teenage guy which is why it tops the list.

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A good gift shows love and affection and if you’re gifting a teenage boy, none of the ideas on this list will disappoint. Just remember that teenage boys tend to be careless and it may not be a great idea to spend an amount that you may be sorry about later.



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