Top 10 Healthy Snacks

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Three healthy meals are enough for our body, but sometimes the craving to have that something in between stays on. This is what we call snacking and this being healthy is essential to keep a check on your weight and also for your gym and yoga lessons to payoff well. Snacks should not be over thought. These must be looked as those mini meals that can provide you the essential nutrients and calories that can sate those hunger prangs while helping your body keep going. Just few such snacks that you can nibble guilt free, have been described in the article that follows. Eat them to stay healthy and to keep your weight management regime on the right track.

10. The all time tried and tested- ‘low fat sandwiches’

Sandwiches, especially on-the-go versions can be a great way to get over those hunger cravings and it’s a good choice if you opt for ones that are loaded with veggies and not cheese mind it. So tuck into a sandwich heaven and give your taste buds a treat by grabbing a sandwich every time the hunger angel starts bothering your little tummy. If you think too much about calories, choose the non-grilled version and the all time fav brown bread over the white one. So, dive into one either by making it yourself or while buying it from a store which can offer it. health 10

9. Eggs, the perfect food to stay fit the tasty way

Our second last pick for the healthy snack list is eggs. Although considered a meal, but when taken in decent quantity the same can turn into a very healthy snack. This is of course if you are not someone inspired by a vegan lifestyle. You can eat a boiled egg or a scrambled egg between meals but it may even land you up in feeling so full that you may skip the next meal. Eggs are packed with proteins and contain cholesterol. You can even opt for an egg roll or the many other snacks prepared using eggs. Remember, although the second last but it’s still a very healthy option to snack your way to good health without compromising on taste. health 9

8. Popcorns; they are not just for munching during movies

Popcorns, usually considered the best snack you can much during movies are now easily available in ‘ready to make’ versions, which you just need to empty in a cooker or pan and see nice, hot and fresh popcorns popping in a minute. These popcorns will not just fill your craving tummy but will also give your portion of dietary fibers. Being low in sodium, saturated fats and sugars these are absolutely free of cholesterol, which means ‘heart and health friendly’. So, next time you feel hungry before meal time, just put in your mouth some popcorn. But remember only the air popped ones and not the butter dipped ones. health 8

7. Get indulged in a healthy sin with dark chocolates

You must have always heard that chocolates can spoil your teeth, and your mom telling brush your teeth to save that chocolate monster from eating them away. But, dude, it’s not the same with the healthy chocolates so called the ‘dark chocolate’. Our seventh contender on the list is packed with antioxidants which is what you can find in green tea and red wine. Nibbling on a dark chocolate will not just make you feel full but would also make you eat less in the next meal. Being a powerhouse of those healthy fats called MUFA’s these will even rev up your metabolism helping you burn calories faster. So, the next time you feel hungry, just grab a portion of a dark chocolate and get away with that hunger feeling. health 7

6. Choose the healthy way of snacking, by choosing yoghurt

Our sixth pick is plain yoghurt; Mind it only the non-fat versions qualify for this one. It would be surprising, but plain yoghurt has just one-third fat of an apple pie. Yoghurt is tasty and filling and will give you the needed fiber and proteins. Another big claim that this healthy snack makes is that the same packs live active bacteria which can help you live longer while fortifying your immune system. The reputation yoghurt as a healthy snack enjoys is huge. So, when feeling that hunger angel playing in your stomach just grab a healthy cup of yoghurt and get going. health 6

5. Avocado the so called ‘healthy fat

Our fifth pick of the ten healthy snack list is avocado. Sometimes referred to as a ‘superfood’, an avocado is high in MUFA (Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids), vitamin E and potassium. Also, it’s not just filling, but also mood enhancing. You can eat this with a toast, to gulp on a snack which is tasty, wholesome and healthy. If you love spicy, then top it up with a dash of chili sauce and get ready to grab a tasty, spicy snack which is loaded with good health. Eat this and see that fat on your belly melting away, but remember only if you do so regularly. health 5

4. Choose carrots and say yes to good health 

Fourth on our list are carrots. There are not many foods that are as versatile, healthy and tasty as carrots. These are filling and very simple to eat, just clean them and start eating. Carrots are known to trigger fullness and these are a complete food for all your 5 senses. Starting with eyes their color is beautiful, these are smooth to feel and are sweet to taste and these smell good, of course if fresh. Carrots are an all round healthy food that you can easily pick to satisfy your hunger angel easily and best of all healthily. health 4

3. Gorge on oats and oat products to lower hunger and increase metabolism

Our third top pick as we move down the line are oatmeal and oat products. Packed with psyllium, these contain high levels of fiber and it’s said to be a ‘dieter’s friend’ that can help in making you feel filled all day long while improving your metabolism and insulin levels. Even celebrities are recommended this food when seeking to get rid of that extra weight. Nutritionists recommend oats, as health benefits these pack are just overwhelming. Buy a pack today, to keep it handy whenever you feel like snacking, which may help you feel full for looooooooong enough! health 3

2. Dry fruits are an energy storehouse and a healthy snack liked by most

Nuts, our second top pick, are the best plant proteins, which are rich in fibers, antioxidants and phytonutrients. Also, you can get plenty of selenium and vitamin E after consuming just few nuts. You can even say goodbye to those rising levels of ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol by consuming these nuts. Especially recommended are almonds, hazelnuts, some pine nuts, pistachios, peanuts, pecans, and walnuts, as these pack fats in optimal levels.  You can have almonds, cashews or even walnuts but, make sure they are not fried and not coated with anything sugary. So, indulge in this healthy snack, that is delicious and which you can pop even if the hunger angel clicks you in the middle of the way. Moderation is the key, so try sticking on to this mantra to enjoy only the ‘positive’ benefits of eating this tasty, healthy snack. health 2

1. The top pick which is truly the best option-‘FRUITS

Described as the healthiest snack, fruits are also our lists top pick. In addition to their easy availability all year around, fruits are tasty, sweet and rich in fibers. There is nothing healthier than fruits, which you can eat whenever hunger prangs start bothering you. Being rich on fiber, nibbling on these will not only sate your hunger but will also make you feel energetic while satisfying your sweet tooth and giving you in return lots of those healthy things called vitamins, fibers and more. You can enjoy different fruits in different seasons. An apple for example is cholesterol free, low in sodium, high in dietary fibers and packs vitamin C.   An orange on the other hand, the so called ‘citrus king’, packs fibers, potassium, thiamine and vitamin C. Still wondering why watermelon, because its low in sodium, high in potassium and very high in vitamin A and C, health 1


So, guys and girls we’ve reached the end of our list of top ten healthy snacks. Hope we have not missed on your favorite one, if yes, just mail us to add to our list more such recipes that can help you enjoy healthy snack anytime. Snacking can be fun and a way to get healthy, but only if chosen with care. So, happy snacking! desc 670x293


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