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Top 10 Reviews has started a new column, where we will be publishing some interesting worldwide facts about that particular day. This is no way a claim to be a comprehensive list but some major events. You are invited to give your input about additional events you think your fellow readers should know about. Additionally, it is not listed by way of importance, since each event is multidimensional in its approach and effect in the world.

10. Sports

1874 ( 140 years ago) on July 30th, 1st baseball team plays outside US, Boston- Phila in British Isles.This day 10th modern Olympic games opened in Los Angeles in the year 1932. The same day in 1966 England beats West Germany 4-2 for soccer’s 8th World Cup in London.


9. Movies, Theater and Music

We cannot imagine our lives without color movies today. July 30th, 1928; George Eastman shows 1st color motion picture in US. In 1943 last movie of Judy Garland and Mickey Ronney ( Girl Crazy) was released and the ever popular Beatles’ “Yesterday… & Today” album goes #1 and stays at #1 spot for 5 weeks, in 1966 ! The Blair Witch Project that goes on to become a major cult hit, a low budget independent movie, was released in 1999.


8. War facts

World War 1 had started already on July 28th. July 30th,1914 marked the Austrian warships bombarding Belgrade, capital of Serbia.
1946 this day marked the 1st rocket attaining 100 miles (167 km) altitude, in White Sands, NM. July 30th 1944 (World War II) US 30th division reaches suburbs of St-Lo Normandy.


7. Discovery

July 30th, 1825 marked the discovery of Malden Island. It is sometimes called Independence Island. It is uninhabited and is about 39 square km. It is one of the Line Islands belonging to the Republic of Kiribati. There were some mysterious ruins found on this island and is currently used to breed seabirds.


6. Inventions

Lot of us start our day with some kind of boxed cereal. Well, you may say that Will Kellogg started the norm, since he invented Corn Flakes this day on 1898. From here, we can jump onto military plane, the first ever that was delivered to the army by Wright Brothers in 1909. And the paperback revolution was started by Penguin books when the published their first book in 1935, July 30th.


5. Birthdays

Founder of Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford was born on July 30th, 1863.Most of us web surfers, have heard of the movie Terminator and probably seen it too. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Austrian bodybuilder, later went on to become actor and then 38th Governor of California was born on this day in 1947. Andy Green, British Royal Air Force Wing Commander who was the first to break the sound barrier on land was born in 1962. Christopher Nolan, the famed writer of The Dark Knight (batman) and Inception ( a mind bending thriller) was born on July 30th, 1970. One of the most famous current singers in Bollywood, Sonu Nigam was born on this day in 1973. And though born before all the ones noted here, the author of evergreen novel “Wuthering Heights”, Emily Jane Bronte was born in 1818.


4. Disasters

On July 30th, 1626 an earthquake hits Naples killing 10,000 die. In 1971, the same day, Japanese Boeing 727 collides with an F-86 fighter killing 162.



On July 30th, 1863 President Lincoln issued “eye-for-eye” order to shoot a rebel prisoner for every black prisoner shot. Russia and Japan sign an agreement for freedom of China while recognizing each other’s special interests in 1907. President Johnson signs the Medicare bill on July 30th 1965 that goes into effect in 1966 and the US motto “In God We Trust” gets authorized in 1956. The year of 1974 experiences the approach of Watergate scandal reach climax in 1974.


2. Miscellaneous

We keep hearing about society of Freemasons and their hidden messages in all the historic buildings in US. They have said to have opened 1st American lodge in Boston in 1733. Indian power grid failure leaves over 300 million without power in 2012 on this day and the last old style Volkswagen Beetle rolls off of assembly line in Mexico in 2003.


1. Independence

In today’s interconnected world, we cannot imagine one country occupying another and this day in 1980 The Republic of Vanatu, formerly known as the New Hebrides, gained its independence from Britain and France.



Let’s do something great this day today so we remember this day forever!


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