Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations In India



Being one the most special events in a person’s life, honeymoons are meant to be spent in the company of each other and Nature. More than the wedding itself, this is the time when bride and groom feel like an actual couple. They will obviously need to spend time with each other, learn each other’s likes and dislikes, plan ahead for the future and simply enjoy being married for the first day of their bonded lives and do simple things. This is why getaways like the top 10 honeymoon destinations in India detailed below are worth going to so the moment is made special and remembered so.

10. Goa

You’d be surprised to see Goa taking up the last place in this list. The only excuse worth giving is that the best is saved for last. From the night life to the beach sports, this is one of the most hip and happening honeymoon locations to go to, especially if you’re a modern couple. However, many other couples will be heading here after the wedding season is done and the knots have been tied, so you won’t exactly feel the singular romance when an over-abundance of them is already in the air. This is one major reason why Goa is allocated the number ten position on this list. Ceramics, carved furniture, cashews and wine are some of the ethnic memorabilia and eatables you can experience or buy here. A stay at the Royal Heritage Resort or Palm Grove Guest House at Vagator Beach makes for an ideal experience. Don’t forget to go diving, take cruises and enjoy the water sports. Also, taste some Feni, the popular drink around these parts, and the three best beaches to visit and stroll hand in hand on are Anjuna Beach, Vagator Beach, Condolim Beach.



Although most people consider this location one the best honeymoon spots, the ones that came before in the list do stand strong as of today. Shimla, like the Andamans, has its own magic and that’s what sets it apart from the rest. Again, an exposure to familiarity is why Shimla gets its present list-spot..This hill station in the Himachal Pradesh is crowded almost throughout the year, making it not so great for privacy but otherwise affords plenty of good times to remember. The ancient buildings, forests, waterfalls and valleys all make for an amazing honeymoon. There’s ice skating and skiing, if you’re into that. Check out the Victorian-era buildings like Viceregal Lodge. Shopping at Mall Street is superb too. Also, don’t forget to see Jakhu Hill and the Dorje Drag Monastery. A stay at the Radisson Hotel or the Hotel Combermere will make your honeymoon worthwhile.


8. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Like the Lakshadweep (detailed earlier) these Islands are just as sensational. They have all the usual things people expect, like white sand and clear blue waters. However, the Andamans have a charm that’s all their own, something you can find no place else. The remoteness of the Islands is the reason we’ve put it at number eight. Handicrafts and sea shell jewelry is good memorabilia to take back. While here, visit the Colonial Buildings and lagoons that are preset all over the Island. They’re quite magical and romantic. The limestone caves and coral reefs speak of centuries past, the swimming is ideal and the clime is perfectly balanced. A stay at the Peerless Beach Resort, premium hotel, Port Blair, or Welcome Group Bay Island, 5 Star, also in Port Blair, makes for a very memorable Andaman honeymoon.


7. Kovalam

When you think of beach towns, you also think of tranquility and romance and plenty of alone-space. This is why the two of you must head to Kovalam, where the lighthouse on the coast shines out into the Arabian Sea and the sand and surf is superb. As unique as all this is in reality, razzle-dazzle is in short supply, making Kovalam occupy a place lower down in our list. The Leela Beach Resort or the Turtle Leisure Beach Hotel are amazing choices when it comes to accommodations. They have admirable views and are sure to make your stay feel like home. Carvings, handicrafts, fabrics and other curios can be gotten from Khadi Gramodyog Bhawan, Natesan’s Antiques and other shops. The Kovalam Art Gallery has to be seen to be believed, it’s that beautiful. Also check out the backwaters and mangroves hereabouts, and take a boat ride on the Karamana River.


6. Jodhpur

Shifting to a much warmer location, this city in Rajasthan is one of the most sought after for honeymoons simply because of its grandeur, antiquity and overall elegance. Its nearness to the Thar Desert makes it quite hot and steeped in history. The heat isn’t for everyone and this is one major reason why ‘Jodh’ takes up position number six. For a sensational stay, book yourselves into the Umaid Bhawan Palace or the Heritage Hotel Fort Khejarla. They have much to give by way of history and honeymoon offers. Handicrafts, curios, saris and other traditional items can be found in Jodhpur, adding to your memories. Check out the Rajasthan International Folk Festival, the historical forts all over the place and the royal palaces which also serve as heritage hotels.


5. Ooty

If you’re seeking privacy, the kiss of cool air, and a peaceful romantic honeymoon, Ooty is the place to go. The valleys, tea plantations, low cloud cover, lakes and forests all work together to create an enthralling ambience you’re certain to enjoy. Many another hill stations can boast similar things and that’s why Ooty stands at number five on this list. However, there’s so much that sets it apart from the rest of them, stuff that can only be found here. A stay at the Reflections Guest House or the Sunshine Inn will make your time here superb. The Green Shop has one of the best quality stocks in cheese, honey and tea. Taj Bakers make their traditional Ooty biscuits, so bite into those. And don’t forget the delicious home-made chocolates, they’re to die for. Chocolate and biscuits… Can it get any more lovey-dovey? The Pykara Lake and the falls after the same name are a must-see. Go boating on the lake while you’re there. Check out the sweet-scented pine forest and, of course, the tea plantations.


4. Darjeeling

It’s kinda funny how it rhymes with ‘darling’, right? Anyway, this hill station makes for an amazing honeymoon. The valleys, waterfalls and the landscape are worth being a part of. Darjeeling has amazing sights to soak up. It’s quiet and laid-back. Stay at the Bellevue Hotel or the Hotel New Samrat, they’re both memorable places to check into. Rink Mall has some of the best tea the famed plantations here have to offer. There are Buddhist artifacts on sale at Dorgee. Head to the Haat (rural market) for some indigenous curios! Don’t leave Darjeeling without seeing the Japanese Peace Pagoda, one of the numerous tea and coffee plantations, and the Buddhist monasteries. There’s mountain biking available, if the two of you are into that.


3. Lakshadweep Islands

It hardly even requires an introduction. If you call to mind white sand and blue ocean and make them look picture perfect in your mind’s eye, you’ll have matched the beauty of these Islands. The azure beaches and lagoons afford privacy and a sense of peace. The visual is sensational and unique yet has familiar elements to other similar locations around the world, hence its taking position number three. The Bangaram Island Resort or the Agatti Island Beach Resort are amazing places to stay at. Fish pickles, coconut powder and coconut oil are some of the useful things you can shop for here. Then there are the souvenirs from the Kavaratti main market to check out. Things to see and do are, well, aplenty. Like visiting the Marine Museum, going on a ship cruise, partaking of water sports, and scuba diving to enjoy the coral reefs hereabouts. Do it together, you’ll learn a lot about each other in the process and have stories to tell your friends and family back home.


2. Coorg

In Karnataka sits a hill station, whose name is Coorg. Aside from the dramatically infused sentence earlier, Coorg is a very calm hill station. The landscape is sensationally varied and many a waterfall sloshes its presence. The sounds and ambience instill a sense of love. As far as accommodations are concerned, check into the Orange County Resort or the Hotel Hill Town near Mercara. You can find some very special spices and honey here and traditional weapons of yesteryears are also on sale. The two of you must head to Mallali and/or Abbey Falls. The Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-see too. They add so much to the overall experience.


1. Srinagar

Few places can exude beauty, elegance and calm like Srinagar. Set in the famed Kashmir Valley, the sights are vivid and you get to experience that signature chill Kashmir-air. It’s exactly for this sort of ‘romantic setting’, so to speak, that we’ve placed Srinagar in the number one spot on our list. The city is quaint where the lake has more inhabitants on boats than the shore. Speaking of which, the houseboats here are an amazing way for the two of you to spend time together. When you’re there, book yourself into one of these amazing hotels: Swiss Hotel Kashmir or New Lucky Star Group of Houseboats. There are some nice leather and jewelry products to shop for, ethnic rugs and wall hangings and also Pashmina shawls. Don’t forget to visit the Dal Lake and the Mughal Gardens. They’re both quite romantic and worth admiring from each other’s arms!



There you have it, the top 10 honeymoon destinations in India. They’re all amazing, and each has experiences not found in the others. It boils down to your personal preferences. Magic is just waiting to happen, so pick a place and, well, happy honeymooning to you love-birds.



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