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The IPL is one of the most glamorous cricket tournaments in the world not least due to the presence of global celebrities in the stands, cheerleaders beyond the boundary, the best cricketers in the world and to top it all off there are the WAGS (wives and girlfriends of the players) who can get the temperatures soaring. This article will give you a quick rundown of 10 of the hottest WAGS in the IPL.

10. Ayesha Mukherji (Shikhar Dhawan)

While Shikhar Dhawan is the bling king on the field of play, it is his wife Ayesha Mukherji who is loved by the cameras during the IPL games and more often than not people skip a beat when she is shown on screen. The Bengali beauty, whose mother is British, is actually from Melbourne and the couple did not meet during one of Dhawan’s cricket tours to the country but surprisingly through the social networking site Facebook. They got married in 2012 and in early in 2014 they have were blessed with a boy. 10

9. Sakshi Dhoni (MS Dhoni)

At number 9 is the first lady of Indian cricket, Sakshi Dhoni, wife of the captain of Team India and Chennai Super Kings Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Prior to her marriage to MS Dhoni she was never in the limelight even though they were engaged, however ever since they got married she has been a fixture in the stands whenever the CSK has played in the IPL- home and away. You can count her as a lucky charm for captain cool but whenever she is shown on the big screen, the crows in all parts of the country usually go wild. 9

8. Jeanne Kietzmann (Dale Steyn)

The speed demon South Africa who leaves batsmen speechless with speed, swing and accuracy has also been able to charm one of the leading actresses in South Africa- Jeanne Kietzmann, who has starred plenty of critically acclaimed films. However, she is not only an actress but also a model and the couple has been in a steady relationship for the past 7 years. Although she has not been seen as regularly as the other WAGS during the IPL, she has made it to a handful of games whenever her schedule has permitted it. 8

7. Sue Erasmus (JP Duminy)

Well, it is yet another South African who makes it to the list and this time it is Sure Erasmus, the wife of South African all rounder and Delhi Daredevils start Jean Paul Duminy. The couple had been going steady right from the time Duminy made his debut and a few years back the model got married to the cricketer in a fairytale wedding in Cape Town which was attended by all the stars from the South African. They live in a beautiful house in Cape Town that also offers a breathtaking view of the world famous Table Mountains. 7

6. Arthi Venkatesh (Anirudha Srikkanth)

The son of Krishnamachari Srikanth, Anirudha might not have set the stage alight in the IPL with the Chennai Super Kings over the first 6 seasons and in fact he has not even played a game for his new team the Sunrisers Hyderabad yet, however his wife Arthi Venkatesh who can send the pulses racing in the hands whether the husband is playing or not. She used to be a regular fixture in the stands along with Sakshi Dhoni in the games that the CSK played at Chennai but this time she has not been seen as frequently. 6

5. Shamone Jardim (Jacques Kallis)

The Kolkata Knight Riders’ star all rounder and former South African great Jacques Kallis has been in a relationship with South African stunner Shamone Jardim for 7 years now and the professional model is captured by the cameras whenever she is spotted in the stands. She is a regular in the stands whenever the Kolkata Knight Riders play in a game and if you check out her photographs you will realise why the cameras simply love her. In an interview a few years she also said that she would like to go for an Indian wedding when the couple eventually gets married. 5

4. Candice Falzon (David Warner)

Sunrisers Hyderabad dynamo and Australian star David Warner has been in a relationship with model Candice Falzon for quite  a while now and she is considered among the hottest WAGS in the cricketing world due to her stunning looks. However, one thing that no one seems to know is that Fazlon was also a young achiever just like Warner and in fact won a local ironman championship when she was still a minor. The couple is expecting a child soon. 4

3. Jessica Taylor (Kevin Pietersen)

Kevin Pietersen has always been regarded as one of the most flamboyant cricketers in the world with quirky hairstyles, a killing attitude and good looks; however the good thing is that all those qualities are perfectly complemented by his stunning wife Jessica Taylor, former member of the pop band Liberty X. She has also worked as a model in the past and is still regarded as one of the most glamorous pop stars in the UK. Taylor was also vocal in her support of her husband following his sacking from the England team after the Ashes debacle of 2013-14 in Australia. 3

2. Jessica Bratich (Mitchell Johnson)

Mitchell Johnson’s wife Jessica Bratich might be 31 year old but she is still counted among the hottest cricket WAG in the world due to her breathtaking looks and outstanding physique. She is a talented individual herself and has in fact won a medal at a global karate championship 8 years ago, however nowadays she takes care of the household and her own business interests. Over the years she has been the Australian WAG who has made heads roll at social events arranged by Cricket Australia and hopefully she will do the same when she shows up during any Kings XI Punjab game in the IPL. 2

1. Anushka Sharma (Virat Kohli)

Well, Virat Kohli seems to be on a role both on and off the pitch with the RCB captain’s relationship with Bollywood bombshell Anushka Sharma making it to the headlines of all the leading tabloids in India. According to rumours, the couple hooked up after shooting for an advertisement for a hair care product and since then they have been inseparable. Sharma even travelled to Sri Lanka during the World T20 in order to have a good time with her man and the photographs were splashed all across the back pages of the leading papers. She has not been seen at a game yet since the relationship has still been kept under wraps by the power couple. 1


Hopefully you have found this list of 10 of the hottest WAGS in the IPL quite interesting. Think there are any notable omissions?  Please use the comments section to voice your opinions about the rankings. conc 670x293



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