Top 10 ideas on fashion theme games for kitty party


Women play varied roles in daily life. They are a doting mother, a smart professional, loving daughter, and a caring wife. But she needs time for her own as well. That is you can call her” Me time”. Thus to get such a relaxing ambiance, women  arrange Kitty parties. The party is followed by games, fun talks and delicious delectable. But the kitty parties get more exciting when they are arranged with a proper fashion theme. As fashion accessories and garment add more spark to the party. Thus here today at top ten reviews we will talk about the top 10 ideas on fashion theme games for a kitty party.

10.    Wristlet making a theme:

Well, women love wearing wristlet so make this the fashion theme game for the kitty party. In this fashion theme game, women would have to make handmade wristlets. They can use different color beads for the same. And use the beads to create different shapes like of a heart, flower or butterfly. One whose shape turns out perfectly will be the winner.

9. Pink gown apparel:

Women in their daily lives hardly get time and opportunity to dress up in their favorite dress. So if you plan fashion-themed games for kitty party you can select pink gowns game as the theme. In this game, all the women have to wear an exact pink color gown and walk the ramp. And the one who has a slightly different shade will be evicted from the game.

8. Pick lipsticks:

Women are fetish about lipsticks, therefore, keeping that as the fashion theme game for the kitty party would be stunning. In that case, just cover the eyes of the women with a cloth and ask each woman to pick any shade of lipstick and put them on the other woman. Make sure to set a time limit to say 1 minute.

7. Musical cloth:

In this type of fashion theme games actually, a bag is filled with different sets of fashionable clothes. And women need to sit close to each other and put on the music. And they have to pass the bag from one hand to another. The moment the music stops and the women left with the bag has to pick one cloth out from there and has to put that on instantly.

6. Tissue paper dress

This is a funny yet engaging fashion theme game idea for kitty parties. In order to do this, you have collected a few tissue paper. And divide that among women counterparts. Give them a deadline say 5 minutes and within that span, they have to make beautiful handmade paper outfits.

5. Nail polish and ball:

Well in this game each woman will be given a different colored ball. And when the turn comes each one has to throw the colored ball to hit the respective nail polishes. Suppose one woman gets a green ball then she has to hit the green nail polish. By any chance, if she hits the other color then she will be disqualified from the game.

4. Fashion Quiz:

To make your kitty party exciting you can introduce this fun-loving fashion quiz. In this fashion theme game, you have to take a few fashion magazines and distribute them among the women. Ask them to cut the picture of the divas. Now, who does the maximum number is declared as the winner?

3. Fashion walk:

You need to arrange a bag full of fashion wearables and accessories like necklace, bracelets, outfits. Now divide the women and ask them to open the bag and wear the fashion accessories and walk the ramp. Now, who is able to wear all the accessories and the outfit within the given time is declared the winner.

2. Preparing model:

In this fashion theme game, you will have to give a small makeup kit box to the ladies present in the kitty party. And ask each one of them to do the makeup on the other women in a blindfolded eye. Who makes the complete makeup comes out the winner in the game.

1.Identifying fabric:

In this game take few fabrics like silk, cotton, rayon, polycotton, polyester and cut them into small pieces. Distribute them among the ladies friends and ask them to identify the fabrics by touching them with closed eyes.

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