Top 10 Indian Beer Brands That You Should Definitely Try Out

Top 10 Indian Beer Brands

The beer industry in India is growing day by day and visit of the country will not be complete without pouring your taste buds with Indian beer. Here we present the top 10 Indian Beer Brands that you should try out once:

10. Miller

Overall, the taste of this one is little less bitter in comparison to all available ones. It is popular in Indian market for its packaging and different taste. This American brew is available with powerful variants of beer and one who drinks this like this beer for its smoothing taste.

9. Heineken

This brand is having alcohol from 5% to 8%. It’s fruity taste as well as toasted one is liked by boys on their night out. The pale gold color in green bottle gives a unique appearance. It is already well established in Indian Market with large share.

8. Corona

The next beer receiving appreciation in the Indian Beer Industry is Corona. The drink is manufactured in the country of Mexico but still is the favorite in Indian Market and is quite in demand especially during the weekend parties to release their stress and free from the burden of their work at least on their weekends.

7. Tuborg

Its crispy and light taste has make this beer to win the heart of millions of people. Tuborg Red, Tuborg Strong and Tuborg Green are the favorite products. However, Tuborg Red is not brewed regularly but is brewed only once a year, that too on the occasion of company’s birthday.

6. Fosters

It has gained popularity not only in India but also at world wide level. Its Australian roots give the hard drink a unique taste and aroma. Offering the refreshment feeling is the best thing it offers.

5. Budweiser

The perfect combination of Barley Malt and Rice is really tastes excellent when it is served chilled. Its simple delicious taste will raise all your nerves for drinking this one. This Brazilian Belgian beer is loved worldwide especially it is the number 1 choice for college students. It is also favorite for those who are interested in nostalgic trip.

4. Carlsberg

With over 500 brands in its portfolio, the product is a hit in the Indian market. The skunky aroma of beer in clear green bottles is liked by many people. The Carlsberg Pilsner, Carlsberg Beer, Carlsberg Lager are various names in the market which are famous for its tantalizing mixture taste.

3. Haywards 5000

The smooth taste of this beer is the result of best malt used in it which is also responsible for strong flavour. It really fulfil the expectations of those who want higher percentage of alcohol in their drinks. The 7% alcohol drink is quite a hit in market and is owning a large number of market.
Haywards 5000

2. Royal Challenge

The tagline of this brand “Brewed Stronger Brewed Better” is aligned well with the taste of this beer. The 6 malt barley used in its manufacturing provides crispy taste, smooth one along with rich flavor. The long brewing cycle makes the beer a special one by adding rich taste and aroma to the beer.
Royal Challenge

1. Kingfisher

The brand name of Kingfisher needs no introduction as it is associated with glamour and fame. In the brewery industry, it is well popular name in the category of beer and is the king of market. This easy going beer with light taste along with lots of malt is available with many variants like Kingfisher Blue and Kingfisher Red. It’s not just a simple beer but it is a lifestyle which is selected by most of the people. It’s alcohol really starts working fast and is relatively strong.

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