Top 10 interesting facts about Rahul Gandhi


Rahul Gandhi is the most sought-after man who bears a strong legacy of Gandhi family and got famed as Indian youth icon in his era. Being his roots in a political family, he desperately voiced as the President of the Indian National Congress. Additionally, his endeavour as the chairperson of the Indian Youth Congress and National Students Union of India is equally commendable. Being the son of Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi and an endearing grandson of Mrs Indira Gandhi Rahul bears a strong charismatic persona like his predecessors. But here it’s time to comprehend top ten interesting facts about Rahul Gandhi to get a vivid insight of him as a person.

10. Has different academic identity:

Rahul Gandhi was born to an Italian mother who as per Italian norms named him as Raul Vinci. In fact, the young lad used his pseudo name as a means of protection and security while he was pursuing his career in Cambridge and Rollins. As per reports, his identity as being connected to one of the pioneers of Indian politics was only disclosed to the University higher authority and security officials.

9. Profession other than politics

After his graduation he started his job career at a London based management consulting firm, the Monitor group. Later he spread his entrepreneurial wing by inaugurating an outsourcing company called the Backups, services private limited at Mumbai in India.

8. Outspoken by nature

Rahul Gandhi is one of the most criticised politicians in India whose outspoken nature has been considered negative by his adversaries. In fact, media often trolls him for his outright remarks even funny simulations followed by hysterical speeches make underlined headlines on newspapers.

7. Got demoted from his post

Rahul Gandhi suffered a major political setback in the general elections of 2014 . Despite having handful of seats in Amethi he was proposed a demotion from his the then post. As a consequence he had to submit a resignation letter. However, the support of his party made him restore the position.

6. Personal life not disclosed

Rahul Gandhi is more of a private person and tries to keep himself out of media lenses. The introvert leader is tight-lipped about his personal life and not much is revealed about his personal likings. It may be due to the threats and assassinations that engulfed his family.

5. Behind the bars

In the year 2011, Rahul Gandhi also had to spend a couple of hours behind the bars after being hand cupped by the UP police in the village of Bhatta Parsaul. He was actually heading to console the annoyed farmers who picked up a verbal disagreement with the landlords of construction projects executed on Highways with an intention to receive the right amount. But as per reports he got bailed after three hours and was asked to vacate the place right away.

4. Wrong 2009 prediction

In the year 2004, Rahul Gandhi contested from Amethi which was once the seat of his mother. In that year, Rahul was doubted as he had jointly contested with her sister Priyanka Vadra who seems to be on the winning seat more than him. But in the later year 2009, he contested once again from the same Amethi constituency but turned out victorious. Therefore the prediction of 2009 election that he would lose the seat was proved wrong.

3. His love interest

Although Rahul Gandhi is never in the mood to open up regarding the love interest of his life, but he cleared the smoke with his statements. He clearly stated that his girlfriend name is Veronique Cartelli. She is Spanish by origin and an architect by profession. Both of them shared their love glances in the University where both studied together. Not only that they too shared a candid friendship bonding throughout the university years.

2. His net worth

As per asset declaration made by Rahul Gandhi he owns ten crores. Out of which eight crores comes from moveable properties while ten crores is from immovable properties.

1. From farmer to strategy consultant

All of the Indians are much aware of Rahul Gandhi’s proactive participation to protect the rights of the farmers. In fact, he is the one who desperately stood against the land bill announced by BJP in the Parliament. Not only that his remarkable rally of 2015 April at Ramila Maidan stole thousands of Indian eyes. In fact, the official portal of Congress summoned him as a farmer in 2004, but his designation took a lift to strategy consultant after winning the 2014 Lok Sabha election.
Thus, the above penned are the top ten interesting facts about Rahul Gandhi.

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