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Kick is Salman Khan’s much awaited 2014 release. When actors like Salman Khan start doing fewer and fewer films, their films start doing better and better. We all know for a fact that the anticipation surrounding this movie currently is going to ensure its box office success. While most of us can’t wait for the movie to release, here are a few interesting facts about the movie that’ll make you wish 25th would come sooner:

10. The Missing Villain.

Kick is the quintessential Bollywood flick with Randeep Hooda playing the baddie. Yes, you heard us right; Randeep Hooda is in the movie and is in fact a significant part of the movie. The reason why most people would not have realized his presence in the movies is because of his absence from all the promotional events. Kick is due to release later this month and the promotional campaigns are on full swing, which means that the cast is all over the place- with the absence of Randeep Hooda, of course. While most of us are trying to sniff up another controversy about the film, the only reason Hooda is not a part of the promotions is because he has a packed schedule shooting for Meera Nair’s Inland in Canada. We can’t wait to watch this badass in Kick!


9. Jacky’s Big Solo!

Kick is Jacqueline Fernandez’s first big solo film – both in terms of budget and cast. After movies like Murder 2, Jacky is hitting the screens with this sure-shot blockbuster which is also her first mainstream movie with an established actor like Salman Khan. Needless to say, it is a big moment for her. Jacqueline has worked extremely hard for her part in this role. In fact, she put on weight to play the part of a college girl more convincingly! She had leaned down and was a size zero for her action- packed role in Race 2, but for this movie, Sajid Nadiawala, the director wanted her to look like a typical college girl. So Jacqueline, like the dedicated actor that she is, let go of the body she worked so hard to get in order to make her role in Kick better.


8. How To Build Anticipation: Sallu Style!

This movie and its stars seem to be doing everything to pull in the crowds. Salman Khan will be seen wearing a mask in this much anticipated movie which is set to release in a few days now. The promo of the movie is one of the most talked about trailers right now and the buzz in the country in wait of this movie is almost tangible! Salman Khan has hit the nail on the head with creating the thrill around the movie. This much anticipation has rarely been felt for any movie! His image in the movie, with the mask and the beard has generated a lot of curiosity. There are also rumours that Salman Khan may not play the quintessential good guy in this movie, and his character has streaks of grey. The mask is also said to showcase his intense action scenes without revealing a lot. A lot of thought seems to have gone into the making of this film and we cannot wait to watch this one on the first day.


7. No Sidekicks In This One.

Let’s face it, most movies even today are male-centric. Especially a movie with Salman Khan! It’s not that he does only male-centric roles, but no matter how much screen time you give the actress, Salman Khan’s powerful performance does tend to steal the show every single time. Case in point- Bodyguard. Despite the stunning Kareena Kapoor, it was Salman Khan’s movie. Bearing this in mind, Jacqueline Fernandez had decided to comment saying that she has not been sidelined in this flick and that she is an integral part of the film. While she does not deny that this is Salman Khan Movie, out and out, she is also confident that she will not be overshadowed by his extravagance. On being asked if she feared being sidelined, she retorted back curtly saying she doesn’t understand why people think that! She went on to say that while people came to watch the movie for Salman Khan, she was sure she was not going to get sidelined. Only time will tell, but we have a feeling Salman’s going to steal the show yet again.


6. The Remake With Surprises.

This Salman Khan flick is a remake of the Telugu movie of the same name. The original Kick was a 2009 release and a massive hit down south. The screenplay for the Bollywood version though, was written by a surprising set of people – Sajid Nadiawala and Chetan Bhagat! While Sajid Nadiawala has been a producer throughout his Bollywood stint and is making his directorial debut with this film as well, Chetan Bhagat is a novelist turned playwright who just delivered the movie version of his magnificent hit 2 States. Chetan Bhagat clearly seems interested in a Bollywood career while Sajid Nadiawala seems to be expanding his horizons. This definitely is a movie of many firsts and we cannot wait to see how it turns out.


5. Move Over, Grim Reaper.

At number five, we have something that’ll make you believe that Salman Khan might just be as crazy as people say he is. What’s a Salman Khan movie without death-defying, terrifying stunts? Touted to be the Rajnikanth of Bollywood, Salman Khan has proved once again that age is just a number and that he, at 40-something can do more dangerous stunts than any of the latest actors. One of the many action sequences in the movie involved his character dangling from the 40th floor of a building. To everyone’s shock, Salman decided to do this himself, without a body double! Now apart from the very obvious danger involved, it is also very risky for someone who isn’t professionally trained to perform such stunts. But this is Salman Khan. And he decided to hang from the 40th floor of the tallest building in Poland instead of using a body double to do the same. And not only that, those of us who have seen the trailer (basically all of us!) have seen the scene. The scene where he pushes aside a bicycle and struts away from in front of a train. Phew! If this is what just hearing about the scenes is doing to us, this movie is definitely not for the weak-hearted!



4. Voice To Her Acting, Finally!

Who knew that Jacqueline Fernandez was being dubbed for by other artists up until now?! We surely didn’t, which is why at number 4 we have this- Jacky’s big voice debut. Jacqueline Fernandez makes her voice debut with this movie! That’s right, for the past few movies, she was dubbed over by someone else’s voice, but for this special movie, Jacky’s going to be dubbed by her! This has all been possible only thanks to Salman Khan. It was he who categorically decided that Jacqueline will be using her own voice for this movie and thus, Jacky makes her voice debut with this movie. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see this Sri Lankan beauty pull this off.


3. A Film Of Many Firsts.

Kick looks like it’s going to be a memorable movie for many of the people working on it. Kick marks Sajid Nadiawala’s directorial debut! Sajid Nadiawala is a very well known name in the industry, but not as a director. He was always the producer of some of the most commercially successful films. His production company, called Nadiawala Grandson Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Has churned out super hits like Mujhse Shaadi Karogi and Judwaa. This is not the first time he’s working with Salman Khan and the combination of the two of them together has proved to be great in the past. One can safely assume that the masses are going to love Kick!


2. Honey Singh Makes Headlines Again!

Honey Singh seems to be running out of ideas already! He may be one of the latest entrants into Bollywood, but the plagiarism bug seems to have bit this one early. His latest song for Kick – Devil seems to sound familiar. When the song first released, it was met with a lot of enthusiasm, courtesy the splendid combination of Salman Khan and Yo Yo Honey Singh. But it was the fans online who realized that the song sounded very familiar. It seems to bear resemblance to the massive hit Low by Flo Rida which was the staple club anthem a couple of years back and still continues to be a favourite. Well, what is a Bollywood blockbuster till it isn’t plagued by a few controversies! At number 2, this is our most scandalous find on this yet –to-release hit. This just makes us look forward to Kick more!


1. 5% Of The Movie’s Budget for Sallu Bhai’s Security?

We’ll all heard enough tales about the opulence and decadence that flows in Bollywood, but with Salman Khan a part of it, this has to be at the top of our list! Kick is Salman Khan’s latest flick so it is bound to be extravagant. Also, stars such as him need proper security and Salman Khan is not being given extreme security when he’s in court. Would you believe us when we told you that 5% of the movie’s total budget was put aside just for Salman Khan’s security?! Sajid Nadiawal had a plan in his mind when he allocated the budget though- he wanted to keep things ‘moving’. With this in mind, the security for the shoot in old Delhi was extremely tight, especially for sequences shot in Chandani Chowk and the Old Fort area. There were at least 4 different entry and exit points. There were 500 security personnel hired for the film’s Delhi leg while the number of security guards for the studio shoots touched 100s. This may not sound like much, but is the highest security for the shooting of a movie!



Kick releases on the 25th of July and we suggest that if you want to watch this movie in the first couple of days of its release, start booking your tickets now. This is a blockbuster that we know is going to be a massive hit, all because of Salman Khan.


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