Top 10 Interesting Facts about Squash Sensation Dipika Pallikal


On one hand she is one of the world’s top squash players while on the other hand she is also one of the hottest women from the world of sports and hence it is no wonder that Dipika Pallikal has become the latest youth sensation in the country due to the rare combination of beauty with sporting achievement. Considering the fact that she is still only 23 years old, there is a future ahead of her in squash however it is also the right time to ponder over some of the little known facts from her life.


10. She Turned Pro at 15

One of the biggest hurdles for aspiring professional sportspersons in India is that parents and family members often discourage them from playing the game, however the situation was completely different for Dipika Pallikal since her parents provided her with all the support she needed. However, Dipika showed what she was made off when she successfully turned her natural gifts as a squash player into promise and in the year 2006, at the age of mere 15 she turned professional. It is a monumental achievement and should always be a part of her already impressive CV.


9. Her Achievements as a Squash Player are Still Unprecedented in India

The last decade has certainly been a great one for Indian sportswoman in individual sports in India and Dipika Pallikal is the latest inductee into that club of super achievers. However, squash has traditionally been a game in which Indian women had not been able to break in among the top level players in the world but Dipika Pallikal has really smashed that ceiling through her performances over the years and it was in 2012 that she got the rewards when she was recognized ranked among the top 10 female squash players in the World Squash Association. Hopefully, she would also be able to attain the number 1 ranking at some point.


8. She Spends Most of Her Time in Melbourne

It is not rare to come across Indian sports persons who live outside the country (Vishwanathan Anand lives in Spain) for the better part of the year in order to ensure that they get the best possible training facilities, however Dipika needs to live in Melbourne, Australia not only for the facilities but also to be in close contact with her coach. Her coach is former Australian squash great Sarah Fitz-Gerald and Melbourne is the capital of squash in Australia where she conducts her training sessions, which is why Dipika has all but relocated there.


7. She Loves MAC Products

Well, products made by Macintosh are usually preferred by those who not only have the money to be able to afford those toys but also have an inherent liking for simplicity and Dipika Pallikal ticks all those boxes, which is why you should not be surprised to know that she splurges on MAC products as soon as they are launched. She owns an IPhone and in addition to that an IPad is her constant companion whether she is at home or travelling since she loves to browse the internet on the move or read a book during her spare time.


6. She Feels Her Good Looks Has Made Squash Popular Among the Youth

You might have come across plenty of 20 something youth who say that a game of squash is exactly what they need to stay fit even if they do not have the time to go to the gym and one of the reasons why this trend has caught on so quickly is because of the sort of glamour that Dipika Pallikal has brought to the game by her good looks as well as top class game. In an interview with a leading newspaper she once said, “But being glam does pay off because you can get more endorsements and even popularise the game. I am happy if my glamour has helped in getting squash the popularity it needs.


5. She Prefers Western Clothes to Indian Clothes

Whether it is on the squash court or in a charity event Dipika Pallikal is someone who carries herself perfectly and always comes across as the absolute beauty that she is, however unlike other celebrities she does not play to the galleries by stating that she loves to wear the saree or the salwar. Instead she is quite candid in stating that she is someone who loves wearing western clothes and in fact it is the little black dress that she would prefer over the saree any day of the week. Dipika is a shining example of the changing mind set of the Indian woman.


4. Almost Her Whole Family Is Into Sports

You would often come across elite sportspersons one of whose parents might have been into sports but for Dipika Pallikal the sporting gene pool is simply amazing. Her mother Susan Ittycheria represented the women’s national team in international cricket, while her father was also a club level cricketer and last but certainly not the least by any stretch of imagination it is important to mention that her grandfather was a professional basketball player who represented three different team in different domestic basketball tournaments across the country. The sporting genes in her is beyond impressive.


3. She Got Plenty of Modelling and Filmy Offers

When you look like Dipika Pallikal then modelling and film offers are bound to come your way but once she became famous the offers started pouring in from fashion designers as well as film producers who wanted her as the face of their films. However at this particular juncture in her career it is not possible for her to take up those projects since she is completely committed to her career as an elite squash player. A few years from now, you never know, you might just see Dipika Pallikal in a movie at a multiplex near you.


2. Hum Saath Saath Hai Is Her Favourite Movie

Now, this one is a choice right of the left field if there ever was one, but as they say to each his own and even though it does come as a surprise it cannot be denied that the family drama starring Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan and others was certainly an entertaining movie. Dipika claims to have watched the movie more than 5 times in her teens and perhaps still likes to watch it, but it would also surprise you that she considers Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol to be the best Bollywood duo ever.


1. She Hated Cricketers Before She Met Dinesh Karthik

At number one is another contradiction in the thought process of India’s best women’s squash player and that has manifested itself in the events leading up to her marriage to Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik. The two met through common friends and struck up a friendship but Dipika is someone who hates the game of cricket and by her own admission she also hates cricketers, which is why the relationship seemed to be a doomed one. However, all of that melted away when Karthik proposed to her in England last year when both were there on international duty.



Hopefully you have enjoyed this article on one of India’s biggest sportswomen and perhaps one of the very few who could achieve greatness in her chosen sport. Please feel free to share this article with your friends.


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