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Who does not yearn for an opportunity to earn some extra bucks? Thankfully today with the liberalization of the Indian economy, teens can find plenty of opportunities to earn and learn. Taking up work during teenage years helps build up an impressive resume by the time they are out college. Moreover, it helps build up their self-confidence, teaches them the fine nuances of social interaction, develops their skills, and teaches them about responsibilities and accountability. Below is a list of top 10 jobs that you can take up during your school years or during summer break.

10. Babysitting

It is concept that has still not caught up in India, but is slowly catching up in metropolitan cities and this is why it is ranked number tenth. If you love kids and are good with them and want to earn some pocket money, babysitting is a perfect job for you. You can start by babysitting your neighbor kids when their parents go out for a movie, dinner, or important meeting. Many parents want to take time out from their parenting duties but are unable to do so because they are not able to find anyone to take care of their kids in their absence. In this scenario, a baby sitter is a much welcomed respite for which many parents are willing to pay handsomely. Moreover, it is just couple of hours of work and can earn you good money.


9. Movie Theaters

Jobs in movie theaters are the top ninth jobs for teenagers today, because they have okay pay packages and are enjoyable. If you are a movie buff, outgoing type, and love interacting with people, it is not a bad idea to look for a job in movie theaters. Movie theaters today have been modernized and are an important part of the mall culture, which has made a strong hold in India also. This obviously means that it will not be so tough for you to find a job in a movie theater. You can work in the customer service, food preparation, or maintenance department- there are plenty of choices for you.

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8. Garden work/Horticulture

If you love taking care of plants and are close to nature, you can work part time as a gardener, a job which is ranked top eighth in our list. Gardening is hard work and one that requires lots of passion and dedication and that is why it is ranked eighth. In the western countries many people employ teenagers to take care of their lawns and tend to their plants. This work is not looked down upon in western countries and we need to inculcate the same principles in our kids also. It is job that will help you earn some extra bucks and help you become more environmentally conscious- something that everyone needs to be in this age of global warming.

Garden work-Horticulture.jpeg

7. Freelancer

Freelancing in the field of writing, animation, and photography is the top seventh job for teenagers, because freelancing allows teenagers to earn money while pursuing their passion. If you are good at writing, you can create your own blog and start earning money (obviously you have to first make sure that you get plenty of traffic to your blog). Moreover, there are plenty of online sites that look for good freelance writers. Photography is another passion that one can follow via freelancing. If you are good at what you do, your work will be appreciated in due time. The great thing about freelancing jobs is that you can work as much as you want and when you want.


6. NGOs

Jobs in NGOs are the top sixth jobs for teenagers who care for a cause. These jobs are ranked top sixth, because they often do not pay a salary. However, they do provide great work experience to teenagers. The first thing you need to do is find a NGO in your area that is related to the cause close to your heart. Many of these NGOs are looking for young volunteers who are willing to take part in campaigns and garner support and signatures from people. NGO jobs provide experience that is highly valued by employers and is a great learning experience for teenagers.


5. Sports Sector

Jobs in the sport sector are the fifth most sought after jobs for teenagers, because these jobs provide the best learning experience to young sports enthusiasts. If you are good in some sport, you can take up a job as an assistant trainer, adventure sports assistant, or referee for young kids. As an assistant trainer you will get a chance to train young kids and honing their skills in particular sport. Many schools and clubs employ the services of skilled teenagers for this job and if you fit the bill you must apply for this job. If you love adventure sports, you can work under the supervision of an expert and take care of important details like, ensuring that everyone is following the safety measures, all the equipment is in place, and so on an so forth. You can take up this job during your summer vacation and highlight this experience in your resume in the future.

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4. Store Assistant

Store assistant is the top fourth job for teenagers, because more and more retail outlets are hiring teens for this job. Moreover, it is job that can be easily mastered and does not require you to be a graduate. The job entails receiving deliveries, stacking up the racks with products, tagging all the products, ensuring that the inventory is properly done, and keeping the store manager updated on the stock. It is a challenging job and one that requires hard work, quick thinking, positive attitude, a sense of responsibility, and willingness to help out the customer with a smile.


3. Cashier

Cashier is the top third job for teenagers, because it is easily available today. You must have noticed teens working as cashiers in fast food joints, malls, restaurants, and cafes. The retail, restaurant, hotel, and food service sectors in recent years have experienced amazing growth. These sectors today provide numerous types of jobs to teenagers and the cashier job is quite popular with teens. The main responsibility of a cashier is to handle cash and the job can be easily mastered. If you know basic mathematics and are comfortable dealing with people, it is job that you must apply for.


2. Web Site Designing

Web site designing is the second best job for teenagers, because it offers an attractive pay package and can be done from the comforts of your home. If you have the knowledge about how to design a web site, there is no shortage of opportunities for you. There are plenty of online sites that offer jobs to teenager web designers. One such site is Many schools, colleges, small companies, hospitals, and NGOs also hire the services of young web site designers. This job will not only help you earn good, but will also look very impressive in your resume after college. Or maybe by the time you are out of college, you will already be running a very profitable web designing company.

Web designing job.jpeg

1. Tutoring

Tutoring is the top most job for teenagers, because tutors are always in great demand and the pay package is quite high. If you are good in a particular subject or in every subject, you can start teaching kids in your neighborhood. Once the word starts spreading about how good you are at your job, more and more kids will come to you for tutoring. With the pressure on kids to excel in school, parents are literally willing to pay anything to tutors. This simply means that you can earn a handsome amount just by tutoring some kids for few hours daily. And this extra money can be utilized for your college education and for your enjoyment.



Though working teenager is a new phenomenon in India, especially amongst the upper and middle Indian class), its importance is being realized slowly but surely. Parents should encourage their teens to take up part time or summer jobs to improve their confidence, skills, and make some bucks in return.



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