Top 10 Ladies’ Men in Cricket

Top 10 Ladies’ Men in Cricket


Every game has its share of colourful and handsome characters who are a favourite of the fairer sex. Cricket is no different and in this article you can have a sneak peek into the life and times of some of the most flamboyant ladies’ men that the game has ever seen. The article deals with their natural charm and their litany of affairs as well as a few scandals on the way.

10. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Right from the time he made burst on to the cricketing world Mahendra Singh Dhoni was a hit with the ladies all thanks to his long locks, rugged look and a game to match the best on the field. Till Dhoni got married he has had a lot of affairs most notably with model Laxmi Rai and a short fling with Deepika Padukone, who used to be in attendance at most of the matches he used to play. However, the most high profile rumours were his affairs with Bollywood bombshells Priyanka Chopra and Asin, which eventually led to a break up with steady girlfriend Lakmi Rai. However, marriage seems to have managed to keep the quintessential ladies’ man on a  tight leash so far.


9. Herschelle Gibbs

If you have read excerpts of South African batsman Herschelle Gibbs’ autobiography ‘to the point’ then you would be left in no doubt about his charming ways with women. In a Playboy interview the batsman has himself confessed that women flock to him due to his easy going nature and a mischievous smile. In the book, he has graphically described all sorts of experiences he has had with women on tours including a night of passion with a matric dancer. One of his latest conquests has been South African Playmate Yolandi Malherbe, with whom Gibbs had a short but heady affair.


8. Sir Ian Botham

He was the ultimate bad boy of cricket who was blessed with outstanding cricketing ability but led a life of excesses off the field. Sir Ian Botham filled up many pages of British tabloids with his escapades with a series of women as well as his fondness for a few drinks too many. One of the most famous incidents is probably the one in which he broke a bed during a rather too enthusiastic night with model Lindy Fields. However advancing years and Knighthood hasn’t tempered his charm one bit as far as attracting women are concerned as reports surface late last year of his liaison with an Australian woman, who is 14 years younger to Sir Ian. Now that what you call-‘ageing gracefully’.


7. Yuvraj Singh

Good looks, dashing performances in the field and the status of a party boy is what has gone into making a ladies’ man out of Yuvraj Singh. He was a symbol of glamour as soon as he made his debut at the age of 18 and his reputation has stayed the same 12 years hence. Yuvraj’s first publicised relationship was with Bollywood actrees Kim Sharma but that fizzled out once Deepika Padikone came on the scene. It was a whirlwind affair which ended with the conclusion of India’s Australia tour in 2007-08. However, the next great rumour surrounding Yuvraj Singh’s love life was his affair with his King’s XI Punjab employer and Bollywood star Priety Zinta, which eventually led to her break up with then boyfriend, Ness Wadia. Well, the cricketer seemed to have slowed down a bit post his illness but you shouldn’t be surprised if something surfaces a few months down the line.


6. Mohammad Azharuddin

The former Indian captain might not possess the good looks of the above 5 cricketers but as far as exploits as a ladies’ man is concerned he is right up there with the very best. However, success on the field and the Indian captaincy does make it count off the field, doesn’t it? You would surely remember his affair and eventual marriage with former model and actress Sangeeta Bijlani in 1196. It was a much publicised affair and when you consider that he fought off rival Salman Khan then you would have nothing but admiration for the man. He has lied low for many years since that but last year Azhar was rumoured to have been having an affair with glamorous Badminton player Jwala Gutta- which was vehemently denied by both. However, only a few weeks back it was reported in many columns that Azhar is in a relationship with a blond woman based in Mumbai. You would say that Azzu Mian has lost none of his touch.

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5. Michael Clarke

The current Australian captain with movie star looks used to be in the news for his string of affairs during his early days as an international star and the most talked about among those was his relationship and eventual break up with top Australian model Lara Bingle. Do check out her photographs on the internet to grasp the skills of Michael Clarke. The couple were almost always in the news during their relationship as well as after their break up. However, Michael Clarke had the last laugh after he hooked up and got married to the heartthrob of Australian television- Kyly Boldy in a fairytale marriage in India last year.


4. Jacques Kallis

Well, another South African hunk comes in at number 4 and it is none other than Jacques Kallis- the legendary all-rounder. You must have noticed his girlfriend – the super model Sharmone Jardim during last year’s IPL and gasped in admiration. Miss Jardim is only the latest in Kallis’ long list of girlfriends, who happen to be top models. Prior to that, Kallis was rumoured to have been engaged to be married to  former Miss Universe runner up Cindy Neill till the relationship collapsed and before that he had a relationship with model Marisa Eggli as well. Kallis is not a playboy but a good looking, successful sportsman who gets to date some of the hottest women going around. Talk about the perfect life, eh!


3. Greame Smith

The South African captain Greame Smith has been chased by women from his early days as an international cricketer. The tall and elegant left handed batsman has surely made great use of his good looks and superb physique to date a procession of women till he got married to girl band singer Morgan Deane- a high profile marriage on its own right. However before that the most high profile affair which he had was with South African super model Minki van der Westhuizen. The affair did not last long but it surely got its fair share of publicity to highlight Greame Smith as one of the smoothest players in the ‘game’. You would be surprised to know that Smith also had a short lived fling with Prince Harry’s former squeeze Chelsy Davy.


2. Shane Warne

The Australian leg spinner has always been a tabloids’ favourite for his rather imprudent escapades with the members of the fairer sex. Nicknamed ‘Hollywood’ by teammates for his good looks and blond hair, Shane Warne has quite literally done it all. From sending dirty texts to a British nurse to a series of extramarital affairs kept him in the front pages for most of his career. The height of his infamy as a serial womaniser was reached when pictures surfaced in the tabloids of an unclothed Warne having a good time with 2 blonde models in a London hotel room. After yet another indiscretion, his wife divorced him but his status as a ladies’ man endures after his engagement with British heartthrob and leading actress Elizabeth Hurley.


1. Imran Khan

Most discussions about ladies’ men should start with the lanky Pathan and former Pakistan great, Imran Khan. Imran was the first pin up boy of cricket by a distance and he used it to great effect off the field as he had one affair after another during his playing days. Even during his Oxford days he was a known lady killer as his rumoured affair with Benazir Bhuto would prove. During his playing days he had loads of affairs including those with starlets Zeenat Aman and Moon Moon Sen. Eventually, he settled down and got married to the beautiful Jemima Goldsmith at the age of 43 but the marriage eventually broke down. Nowadays Imran Khan is a leading politician in Pakistan and although he has stopped jumping into affairs, he still remains one of the most glamorous cricketers ever to play the game.

Jemima Khan, wife of Pakistan's cricket legend turned politician Imran Khan (L), adjusts her scarf at a public rally to boost her husband's election campaign for the October 10 polls in Islamabad, 16 September 2002.  Jemima, daughter of late British tycoon Sir Gold Smith, made her first public appearence for the campign. Imran heads Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (Justice movement). AFP PHOTO/Saeed KHAN


That ends the discussion on the love life of some of the most deserving and famous ladies men in cricket, whose affairs have kept everyone turning the tabloid pages over for many years. Do share your views in the comments section below.


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