Top 10 Latest Wedding Trends



Weddings are a big occasion and every bride and groom-to-be desire to have a memorable and beautiful wedding. The event is no longer ad hoc or loud or chaotic but captures beautiful moments for the couple, their families and their guests. Today’s big, fat Indian weddings are stylish and in sync with the latest wedding trends.

10. Exotic Honeymoon

We have saved the best for the last. Although not a part of the actual wedding event; no such ceremony seems to be complete without a visit to your favorite destination with the most important person of your life then. Honeymoons range from the most exotic destinations like Italy, Hawaii or Maldives to the more simple yet charming locales such as Sikkim, Ooty or Manali depending upon your mutual interests and the budget your pocket can allow. Few days to few weeks can be those moments that will never return when your bond in matrimony is still fresh and new.


9. International Cuisine

Food is not just the way to a man’s heart but it seems to be the way to that of your guests as well. Indian weddings today compete with each other in terms of the variety and quality of food and cocktails offered. It is no longer the era of only Indian cuisine at weddings. Couples and their families experiment with international cuisine to make the event a glorious affair. Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean and Japanese; name it and they’re all there.

International Cuisine

8. Invite Differently

Invitation cards were once a formality to send to near and dear ones. Today, they have assumed the role of a gateway to the actual event. The increasing interest towards the creation of the perfect card has contributed to the growing industry today complete with creativity and innovation. Beginning from the actual material to font to content to designs or colors; the modern invitation card has come a long way from its humble background. Vintage cards, themed cards, varied textures, innovative designs, variety in materials used, customized content and even the use of technology in the wedding invite are only some of the interesting elements that can be witnessed today.

Invite Differently

7. Charming Pre-wedding ceremonies

Modern day couples love to experience elaborate and charming wedding ceremonies. These are the times when one could let go of everyday stress and other problems to indulge and celebrate. Those moments of togetherness and the freshness in the relationship are specific to the event. Hence, adding two or more ceremonies like haldi, mehendi and sangeet to the actual wedding event will only serve to multiply your happiness. One of the latest wedding trends and the most sought after at that are pre-wedding ceremonies to triple your delight.

Charming Pre-wedding ceremonies

6. Capture your Best Moments

The ceremony may be a one day or few days affair but the memories are forever. Bringing them back to life is what photographs do best. Not only are they a medium of refreshing your memories but are also assets that last for generations to come. As much as you cherish certain important shots from your parents’ wedding album, you’ll want some that you and your children can cherish. Good shots come from great machines and greater artistes. Portraits and candid moments and even those behind-the-scene shots will instantly deliver a smile to your lips with a successful and experienced photographer who does his trick at spot 6.

Capture your Best Momentsasw 710x310

5. Unconventional Color Scheme

Having a fundamental color scheme simplifies the numerous processes and components of an Indian wedding. Choosing a color and sticking to it makes planning effective and renders a sense of order to the entire process and the event eventually. Not too long ago, themes were very much in vogue and couples tied the knot in Mughal or Hawaiian styles. Today, colors seem to empower this area and hence slip into spot 5 with ease. Colors do not stop with the conventional reds or yellows or pinks. Instead, you will be bowled over by the varieties and options that include peach, marigold, lavender, fuchsia pink or striking blue. Cocktails, bridal wear, event décor and several other wedding components are color coordinated.

Unconventional Color Scheme tyu 710x310

4. Personalized Jewelry

The contemporary couple is more sensible and mature in their choice of jewelry for their important day. Your treasure trove may be a repository of old and new ornaments but modern weddings are not the day to showcase them all. Beautiful designer bridal trousseau is complemented by single statement neck and ear pieces that do complete justice to the woman and her clothes. Customization is the order of the day even in the bridal jewelry market. Indian brides love to co-ordinate their wedding jewelry with what they wear or vice versa and steer clear of wearing too many pieces at the same time. Jewelry at rank four is considered a depiction of the individual’s personality and the contemporary bride is clear about her proposed look.

Personalized Jewelryerty 710x310

3. Designer Bridal Trousseau

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime occasion and the stars of the evenings are the bride and the groom. The modern couple wants to ensure that they steal the show and there is none who has married the way they have. The first step in the process begins with their outfits. With changing perceptions, the demand for wedding couture designers is also on the perennial rise. Indian fashion designers and the more specialized bridal wear creators like Ankur Batra, Tarun Tahiliani, Ritu Kumar or Sabyasachi Mukherjee are in high demand. This rapidly engulfing fashion trend occupies spot 3 in our listing of the top 10 latest wedding trends.

Designer Bridal Trousseau

2. Wedding Event Planner

Weddings are a time when immediate and extended families pitch in to contribute to plan the event(s). Today, couples are more interested in signing up successful wedding event planners to design their most important day in style and elegance minus the chaos and struggles. Wedding event planners take over from A to Z in a manner that is best left to them for expert handling. The modern families can relax and enjoy the ceremonies without experiencing stress of any kind. The flowers will be there on time and so will the food, cocktails, venue decorators and a whole host of other wedding elements. For their full-proof and impeccable services, wedding event planners usurp spot 2.

Wedding Event Plannertyui 710x310

1. Keep it Traditional

Back to basics seems to be the mantra in most Indian weddings. However contemporary and modern the couple or their family is, they still prefer to keep their weddings traditional. The ultra modern and unconventional couple desires to plan the entire function keeping in mind the yesteryear nuptials. Victorian styled weddings are no longer in vogue. The bride and groom love their Indian ethnic attire and also like to do up the place or venue in a manner that represents culture and Indian grandeur. This wedding trend is an indisputable number one on our top 10 listing and intentionally covets the spot as a way of applauding the beautiful thought.

Keep it Traditionaltyu 710x310


The Indian mentality towards weddings is undergoing rapid transformation. Although the base is still Indian; a lot of innovative elements are embraced by different cultures to make the event the most memorable and happiest time of the couple’s life together.


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