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Anyone who has watched cricket during the late 90s and the first decade of this millennium must be lucky because he has been able to watch Adam Gilchrist in his pomp with both the bat as well as with the wicketkeeping gloves. He is quite simply one of the most exciting cricketers to have ever played the game, who could change the course of the game in any capacity but used to do it more tellingly with the bat in both ODIs and Test matches. This article presents to you certain facets of his life both as a man and a cricketer which might not be the first things that would spring to your mind when it comes to Adam Gilchrist.

10. He Says His Worst Habit is Biting His Finger Nails

Grabbing the final spot is Adam Gilchrist’s own admission that he considers his habit of biting his finger nails as the worst habit that he has. According to him, he has had this habit for as long as he can remember and it gets accentuated when he is excited or tensed, which has happened often when Australia were in for a close finish and he sat in the dressing room. However, when Australia were fielding he did not have the chance of feeding the habit since he had the huge wicket keeping gloves on.

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9. He Has a Poor Relationship with Shane Warne

Next up is something that will surely surprise you given that the two legends played with each other for so many years but all was never well in their personal equation irrespective of their complete dedication towards performing to the best of their abilities for Australia. The feud goes back to the time when Gilchrist had not yet made his debut for Australia although he was being considered favourably as a replacement for Ian Healy. However, according to Gilchrist, Warne wanted his best friend Darren berry of Victoria to be selected which made the legendary spinner abuse Gilchrist during a domestic cricket match. Gilchrist says Warne called him an ‘a** licker’.

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8. He Once Scored a Century as a Gift for a Friend

Whenever you watch Australians on the cricket field they look like hard as nails professionals without an ounce of emotion but in a little known development in 2004 Adam Gilchrist promised one of his best mates- who was dying of cancer- that he would score a century for him in a Test match. The Test match was in India, where visiting teams usually find the going tough but Gilchrist dug in and quite remarkably scored a century (104 to be exact) in Bangalore which he later dedicated to his friend.

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7. He Loves Chinese Food

The entry at number 7 is related to the gastronomic preferences of Adam Gilchrist and contrary to popular belief that his favourite food is steak, it is in fact Chinese food that he can have at anytime of the day. Although it is true that it is not possible for him to have Chinese everyday due to the fact that he has to maintain a level of fitness he would surely order Chinese food everyday if he had the choice.

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6. His Favourite Holiday Spot is Noosa

You would usually expect a globetrotting cricketer to have his favourite holiday spot at some of the more exotic places in Europe or South America but that is not the case with Adam Gilchrist, whose favourite destination remains the famous Australian beach side town of Noosa. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in Australia and coupled with the beautiful resorts in place it is surely a great place to unwind and relax. Adam Gilchrist used to go there every winter (Australian winter is from June to September) during the off season to have a great time with his family.

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5. He Switched States For Lack of Playing Opportunities

At number 5 is the rather tough decision that Gilchrist had to take quite early in his life so that he could have a fair shot at realising his dream of becoming an international cricketer. Now, in order to be considered for the coveted Baggy Green cap one must put in consistent performances over a period of time. However, Gilchrist was not getting enough opportunities at his home state of New South Wales (which is in fact one of the strongest domestic sides in Australian cricket) and in order to further his cause he decided to switch to the Western Australia side. He played brilliantly for Western Australia for many years before he got in to the Australian Cricket Team.

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4. Pele Was His Non Cricketing Idol

Australia is perhaps one of the biggest sporting nations in the world and most of its citizens are active in more than one game and so it was with a young Adam Gilchrist who was keen on both cricket and football (soccer). When he was growing up, Pele was the best footballer in the world and the young Adam Gilchrist adored him as a sportsman. In fact, he used to play as a striker as well which made the kinship he felt with Pele even stronger and he has often stated that when he was growing his ambition in life was to become a footballer like Pele.

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3. He Has another Nickname Other Than ‘Gilly’

At number 3 is the other nickname that Gilchrist has got other than the one all of you would know. You might even have commentators calling him ‘Gilly’ once or twice but there is another nickname that he has got because of an honest mistake by a child spectator at a cricketing venue. The child possibly got confused with a the comparatively long name that Gilchrist had and ended up calling him ‘Gilchurch’, which promptly inspired his team mates to call him ‘Churchy’. Although ‘Gilly’ has been the more popular nickname ‘Churchy’ has also become popular among his friends and fellow cricketers.

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2. The Story behind His Inclination towards Wicketkeeping

You might often have thought to yourself that if Adam Gilchrist stopped wicket keeping, even then he would get into any cricket team but as a matter of fact he loves wicket keeping and considers himself a wicketkeeper first and batsman second. At number 2 is the real story behind his inclination towards wicketkeeping; when Gilchrist was still a schoolboy he wanted to be a fast bowler but one day he saw a set of wicketkeeping gloves at a sports equipment shop and was fascinated by its shape and size. Sensing his obvious liking for the wicketkeeping gloves his father bought them for him and since that day he always dreamt of being a wicket keeper rather than a fast bowler.

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1. He Got His First Big Break at the Age of 17

You might be thinking that 17 is not an exactly young age for a sportsman to get a big break but when Gilchrist was of that age he impressed the representatives of the Richmond Cricket Club from London who were offering scholarships to promising schoolboy cricketers from Australia. It is one of the most prestigious scholarships that one can earn and the reason why it comes in at number one is because once he played in England and got the much needed exposure he never ever looked back as he established himself as a top level professional in the years to come.

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So those were some of the little known facts about the life of one of the greatest cricketers of the modern era; hopefully you have enjoyed it and do not forget to share your views in the comments section.



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