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Do you need someone to score a century in a single session of a Test match or take 5 wickets with the ball with his 90 miles per hour thunderbolts? The only cricketer who could accomplish that in modern day cricket is maverick English all rounder Andrew Flintoff. You might have been entertained a lot by his heroics in the cricket field but this article takes a closer look at the man and presents to you some of the least known facts about his illustrious life.

10. He Is a Regular Golfer

Finally the rankings meander towards one of the post retirement passions that Andrew Flintoff has developed other than boxing and adventure sports for TV. The game that he has been most hooked to these days is Golf simply because of the reason that he does not have to exert his body much and also because he has developed a natural aptitude for the sport since he first held a golf club in his hands. Former England fast bowler Darren Gough introduced him to the game many years back but it is only after his retirement that he has started playing it more regularly.


9. He Drives a Range Rover

A deserved mention at number 9 is the car that he drives and it should come as no surprise that he drives one of the best Sports Utility Vehicles in the world, considering his stature as a sportsman. At the time when Flintoff first started playing for Lancashire, Range Rover used to be a sponsor and so all players were given a car to drive but the former English all rounder has been hooked to the car and has bought the later versions of the car as he went along. Although he has other cars in his garage, he drives the Range Rover most of the time.


8. Peter Crouch Has Rented His Magnificent Villa in Cheshire

During his time as one of the leading cricketers in the world Andrew Flintoff earned bucket loads of money and in 2009 he built a dream home in Cheshire that cost him £2 million. However, possible financial constraints after he retired forced him to place the house in the property market. Luckily for him he did not have to sell it as it was snapped up as a rental by English footballer Peter Crouch who now plays for Stoke City. Stoke is a town which is not far from Cheshire and so the arrangement has worked out admirable for both parties.


7. His Favourite Food Is an All Time British Favourite

If you ever ask an Englishman what his favourite food is he will probably tell you it is Yorkshire Pudding and Roast Beef but if you ask him what his favourite everyday meal it will invariably be fish and chips at the local ‘Chippy’. It is the latter which is Andrew Flintoff’s favourite food and he can eat the combination of fried fish, potato chips, peas and bread at any time of the day. Although he has developed a liking for Indian curries especially lamb curry and chicken tikka Masala in recent years, the good old fish and chips remains his all time favourite.


6. Elvis is His Favourite Musician

Next in is his favourite singer and musician and considering the fact that Andrew Flintoff was born in the late 1970s it is a bit surprising that his favourite singer is the man who rocked the universe in the 1960s- Elvis Presley. It might have been someone in the family who introduced him to the joys of listening to ‘the King’. If you ever stumble across Flintoff’s IPod you will probably find that the maximum amount of memory space has been devoted to Rock n Roll songs by Elvis.


5. Vodka Martini is His Favourite Drink

During his time as one of the leading cricketers in the world Andrew Flintoff was especially noted for his penchant for binge drinking, which often got him into trouble. As a matter of fact, his captain Michael Vaughan once said that Flintoff can drown 6pints of beer by holding the six bottles on his mouth simultaneously! However, his favourite drink used to be the much classier Vodka Martini which he could toss back at any time of the day. A medium steak and few Vodka Martinis is Flintoff’s idea of an ideal night out with his mates.


4. He Has Become a Professional Boxer Now

At number 4 is the rather remarkable career that Andrew Flintoff tried to carve for himself and it’s not even remotely related to cricket. Being a big, strong man Flintoff became a professional heavyweight boxer in 2012 and participated in a few bouts. In his very first professional heavyweight fight he won against the American boxer Richard Dawson in a televised fight. Although Flintoff did not deliver a knockout, he gave a good account of himself in that bout. You can check out the video of that fight on YouTube and marvel at how versatile an athlete Andrew Flintoff is.


3. He Worked For Sometime at Woolworths

Although he is a millionaire now Andrew Flintoff had humble beginnings when he first started out playing club cricket in the local leagues in his native Lancashire. The pat structure in those local leagues is not as handsome as the one in County cricket as a result most cricketers in those leagues held down a part time job. Andrew Flintoff worked as a shop assistant in one of the stores of British retail giants Woolworths and that allowed him to have a bit of freedom as far as expenses are concerned. However, at this point of time you can expect Flintoff to buy a stake in Woolworths if he so wishes.


2. His Father and Elder Brother Coached Him

You would expect that all world beating cricketers are formally coached in the game from an early age but that was not the case with Andrew Flintoff- a fact that deservedly comes in at number 2 in this list. Instead Flintoff was coached by his father Colin who used to play for the local club Dutton Forshaw. That is perhaps the reason why Flintoff always looked such a natural cricketer whenever he took to the field devoid of all the pretensions of technique but he was brought up on a regular diet of cricket from an early age which served him well and gave him an edge over his peers.


1. He Played His First Competitive Match at the Age of 6

Probably you will not find another cricketer who has played a competitive game of cricket with a proper cricket ball at the age of 6, which quite logically makes this the top ranked fact about the life of Andrew Flintoff. He played for the Dutton Forshaw club, for which his father had also played and he was drafted into an under 14 side when one of the players in the team was indisposed. Although he was dismissed off the first ball, he made quite an impression with his enthusiasm in the field and physical strength that was uncommon in a 6 year old.



There ends a nice collection of trivia on one of the most enigmatic cricketers to have ever played the game. Hopefully you have enjoyed it and please do not forget to post your thoughts in the comments section below.


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