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In his prime he captivated audiences all over the world with his express fast deliveries and good looks. On the other hand he tormented batsmen from all over the world throughout his career that spanned 13 years. The bowler under discussion is none other than the former Australian speedster Brett Lee and this article will reveal 10 pieces of information about him which you might not have been aware of.

10. His Favourite Author is Stephen King

The final spot in the rankings goes to Brett Lee’s favourite author Stephen King. Although most cricketers these days are wired in to their gaming consoles when on a tour; Lee belongs to the olds school who like to play is guitar or read a book before retiring for the night. He loves science fiction and he has been an avid reader of novels written Stephen King for many years now. As a matter of fact, he even encouraged a lot of his Aussie team mates to read his books to while away the time if they were getting bored.


9. He Owns a Volkswagen Touareg

Next in at number 9 is Brett Lee’s choice of cars and being a sportsman who revelled in bowling fast and running hard to the boundary rope he loves fast cars. The car that he drives these days is the super luxurious SUV Volkswagen Touareg. He bought the car a few years back and it is the car that he drives the most these days. In addition to that, it is his favoured car when he goes fishing with his son. You might find it interesting that Lee is one of the famous citizens of Australia who endorses the car makers in the country.


8. His Favourite Food is Lasagne

Although you might have heard about Brett Lee’s fondness for the ham and pineapple pizza it is not actually his favourite food. The food item he says he can eat at any time of the day is lasagne. However, there is a catch to it. He does not go to a restaurant and order lasagne because the lasagne that he loves is the one cooked by his mother Helen. He is known to go to his parents house once pretty regularly not only to meet them but also to have the lasagne that he loves so much.


7. His Divorce Was a Painful Blow to Him

At number 7 is one of the most painful incidents from the life of Brett Lee when his marriage broke down in 2008. His wife Elizabeth Kemp initiated divorce proceedings after merely two years of marriage and the whole thing came as a crushing blow to him. Unlike many celebrities the divorce was not related any adulterous misdeeds on the part of Lee but the fact that his wife suffered from loneliness since the cricketer used to be away from home half the time. He has a son from that marriage and has not remarried so far.


6. He Was Nicknamed ‘Oswald’ by Steve Waugh

You must be aware of the fact that Lee is nicknamed Binga since the time he was a child but his captain Steve Waugh gave him a name which would not do him proud although it was all in zest. In a cricket match Ian Harvey, Brett Lee and his brother Shane Lee were all playing and the power middle order of the batting line up consisted of Shane Lee, Ian Harvey and Brett Lee- in that order. During one of the team meetings Waugh erroneously referred to the line up as Lee Harvey Oswald- the infamous assassin who killed the US President John F. Kennedy. From then on the name stuck and Waugh still calls him ‘Oswald’ during private conversations.


5. He Has Been a Part of an Animated Series

One of the most important parts of being a champion sportsman and a celebrity is to be responsible so that the person is looked upon as a role model by the younger generation and Brett Lee fits the bill perfectly. So at number 5 is the fact that Lee was a part of a cartoon series in Australia because one of the characters was named after him. The name of the show was Flash Force and in that series Brett Lee’s animated image played a superhero that helps the children to fight against bullies. Needless to say, the show was a hit.


4. The Cricket Ground at His School is named after Him

Great sportsmen are always bestowed with great honours but something that they most cherish is an honour from their school or university. Lee never went to University due to his cricketing commitments but the school he went to – Oak Flats High School in his hometown of Oak Flats- gave him an honour that will forever remain entrenched in his memory. Since Brett Lee is one of their most famous alumnus, they have named the cricket ground in the school after him and in their own way they have immortalised one of the greatest Australian fast bowlers.


3. He Has a Rock Band of His Own

One of the best things about Lee as a human being is that he is a multi talented individual and in addition to sports in general music is one of the passions of his life. He is one of those cricketers who always takes his guitar along with him when is on a tour and after he has mastered the guitar he established a band called Six and Out with his brother Shane and fellow cricketer Gavin Robertson among others. You can check out some of the songs by the band on YouTube; surely you would not regret it.


2. He Worked as a Suit Salesman

The pay for cricketers who play league cricket is quite low compared to the ones who play in their state sides and it is often the case that the cricketers have to supplement their incomes with part jobs. You might see Brett Lee as a millionaire cricketer now but when he was earning his stars in the league circuit in Sydney he worked at the Barclay’s store which specialised in making men’s suits. Surely this was a fact that has stayed unknown for many years but since it is not related to his career as a cricketer it comes in at number 2.


1. His Dream was to be a ‘Wallaby’

Cricket might be the national game of Australia but perhaps the most popular sports in the country is Rugby and Brett Lee’s fascination with rugby in his childhood is the subject of the very first entry in these rankings. The members of the national rugby team of Australia are known as the Wallabies and Brett Lee wanted to be one of them. With his natural athleticism you never know where he could have ended up but it is really the good fortune o the cricketing world that he stuck to cricket. The fact that he could have ended up playing another sport altogether makes this the top ranked fact in these rankings.



Surely you would have found the reading interesting and hopefully you have come to know something new about Brett Lee from this article. Please do remember to make your views about this article known in the comments section below.


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