Top 10 Lesser Known Facts about Harbhajan Singh’s Life


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He is regarded as one of the best spinners ever to play for India and in addition to that he has been one of the most colourful characters the game has ever seen with his ready wit and his tendency to attract controversies out of nowhere. However, even though Harbhajan Singh has been under the media spotlight for the major part of his career there are a few tit bits about his life that have not found its way into print and this article looks at the top 10 of those bits.

10. Nayan Mongia Gave him The Famous Nickname

The story about his nickname is surely a nice way to sign off, isn’t it? You must surely have heard Harbhajan being called Bhajji by almost everyone but what has remained vague is the origin of the nickname. The credit of the nickname Bhajji actually goes to former Indian wicket keeper Nayan Mongia, who first coined it since he found it hard to encourage him from behind the wickets using his actual name- which admittedly is a long one. So, the name Bhajji was born and it has stuck ever since.



9. He is a DGP in Punjab Police

Punjab Police has been a great supporter of sports since time immemorial and if you cast an eye across different sports- football, hockey, kabaddi- you will find a team that represents this elite police force from Punjab and so as a token of appreciation for his contributions towards cricket in the state Punjab Police appointed Harbhajan Singh as the Director General of Police. Of course, Harbhajan would not have to do any policing as it is an honorary post but the gesture is surely a touching one.


8. M S Dhoni is His Best Friend in the Indian Team

At number 8 is the friendship that Harbhajan Singh shares with the captain of the Indian cricket team- M S Dhoni.  However, it is a friendship that has not been forged after M S Dhoni became the captain but right from the time when he made his debut and Harbhajan was a senior member of the Indian team. The basis of the friendship lies in both men’s passion for bikes and cars and without doubt the similarity in ages. You might have not have known but it is true that it was only after Dhoni bought a Hummer that Harbhajan also decided to buy one.


7. He is in Love with His Cars

Like most men who have made a fortune, Harbhajan Singh is also a car enthusiast and takes a keen interest in the cars that he owns.  Harbhajan’s first car was a Ford Endeavour, which he bought many years back and over the years he has added some of the choicest cars in to his stable but the most extravagant car purchase that he has made so far has been that of a Hummer back in 2011. He had bought it for a cool Rs 1 crore and quite naturally it is the king of his stable at the moment.


6. Aloo Parantha is His Favourite Food

The entry at number 6 relates to the Sardar from Jalandhar’s favourite food item and not surprisingly it is the aloo parantha, which is a fabled dish in the state from where he comes from- Punjab. Harbhajan can eat endless aloo paranthas made by his mother and his favourite accompaniments are yoghurt and onions. It is true that he does not get much of it when he is out on tours but whenever he is home you will most probably catch him gorging on a plate of aloo paranthas.



5. His Biggest Responsibility is The Marriage of His Younger Sisters

As you have seen earlier in the article, Harbhajan’s father dies when he was just 20 years old and since then he has been a pillar of strength for his family. According to his own admission, he considers the marriage of his sisters as his biggest responsibility in the absence of his father and he has performed the role admirably. Ever the family man, Harbhajan has not got married so far because he has decided to first complete the nuptials of his sisters before he would even consider his own marriage.


4. He Has Licensed his Name as a Brand

In at number 4 is Harbhajan Singh’s innovative and rather long term commercial decision to get a brand license on his name, which he perhaps intends to use in commercial ventures in the future. He believes that the name ‘Harbhajan Singh’ is a pretty common one and in order to distinguish his name and make sure that it is recognisable for everyone he has decided to license it as a brand. You might say that it is unprecedented in the annals of Indian sports but that is Harbhajan for you.


3. He Considers His Lucky Number to Be 3

As you might well be aware, most sportsmen have a thing for numbers when it comes to their fortunes on the field or off it and Harbhajan Singh is no different. Harbhajan considers 3 as his lucky number because he was born on the 3rd of July 1980. If you have noticed his jersey number when he plays for India or Mumbai Indians then you would see that the number on his back is 3 which clearly shows his liking for the number 3.


2. Harbhajan Wanted to Be a Batsman and Not a Bowler

At number 2 is something that you might not entirely find unfathomable after watching Harbhajan score two Test centuries in the not too distant past but what is a bit surprising is that he initially wanted to be a batsman. In fact, when he first started going to a cricket club he was treated as a batsman but after the death of his coach he switched to another club, where the coach spotted Harbhajan’s talent as an off spinner and immediately started grooming him as one.


1. His Father Was a Businessman and Not a Police Officer

This one makes it to the top of the list because ever since he made his debut it has been a belief among many that Harbhajan’s father was a policeman. However, the truth is completely different because his father was not a policeman but actually a businessman. His family’s interests lied in a ball bearing factory which they owned and although Harbhajan’s family was not rich they were comfortably off. However, the sad demise of his father meant that the business could no longer thrive because Harbhajan was the only male in the family and he had already made his India debut by then.



Hopefully you have found these little trivia about Harbhajan Singh an interesting and fun read. Do not forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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