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Whether it is on the cricket field or off it, Kevin Pietersen is pure box office material and coupled with his prodigal cricketing talents it is his tough talking, blunt persona which makes him such an interesting sportsman. This article does not only give you a look at the larger than life character of Kevin Pietersen but also presents to you 10 little known facts from his life.

10. Gladiator is His Favourite Movie

The final slot goes to Kevin Pietersen’s favourite movie and when you consider his own gladiatorial performances on the cricket field you would not be surprised to learn that his favourite movie is the Russell Crowe- Nicole Kidman blockbuster the ‘Gladiator’. He has watched the movie numerous times and you would find it interesting to know that he once said in an interview that if he was ever given a choice of roles for a movie then the first one that he would pick would be Russell Crowe’s role in the ‘Gladiator’.

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9. Brinkley’s Is His Favourite Restaurant

Most celebrities and sports stars in London have to be wary of the roving eyes of the media and the paparazzi whenever they go for a meal at any restaurant. So, you would imagine that a superstar sportsman like Kevin Pietersen would also prefer a restaurant that not only serves brilliant food but also provides a level of security and privacy that he would crave during a meal. According to him the restaurant that ticks all the boxes for him is Brinkley’s in South London which serves brilliant continental stuff and also boasts of an excellent wine menu. In addition to that, the place is frequented by the who’s who of London society making it a perfect place for the rich and the famous.

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8. He Supports Chelsea Football Club

A deserving entry at number 8 is the fact that Kevin Pietersen is a diehard supporter of Chelsea Football Club, who are based in West London- not far from his house which is situated on the River Thames. Pietersen has been a Chelsea supporter for as long as he can remember from his childhood in South Africa and after moving to London he has followed the club even more closely. Last season he was so upset with the manager of the club at the time- Andres Vilas Boas- that he took to twitter and called him a ‘muppet’.

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7. Darren Gough Was His Best Man

You would agree that it would have been a bit awkward for Kevin Pietersen when he first started playing for England because he was a South African by birth but the very first friend that he made among the English cricket fraternity was the former English fast bowler Darren Gough. They played a lot against each other in the county circuit and a friendship developed over the years. As a mark of respect for the friendship that he shared with Gough, Pietersen requested him to be the best man at his wedding- a request Gough accepted.

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6. Biltong Is His Favourite Food

At number 6 is Kevin Pietersen’s favourite food and it is no wonder that although he is an English cricketer his favourite still remains the South African meat dish biltong. The food is actually a type of meat product which is sliced into strips and then cured giving it a unique colour and texture. It is one of the most popular meat based foods in South Africa and considering the fact that Pietersen is a South African by birth who spent most of his life there it would come as no surprise to you that biltong is his favourite food.

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5. He Loves His Cars

One of the things that Kevin Pietersen is passionate about other than the game of cricket of course is cars. However, it must be said that the millions that he earns every year through central contracts, IPL contract and endorsements allow him to fuel his passion and go for the cars that catch his fancy. Currently he drives a Range Rover in addition to a Lamborghini. However, by Pietersen’s own admission the Range Rover is the one he prefers and as a matter of fact he drove his Range Rover to the stadiums in 2011 even though the whole English team were supposed to drive Jaguar cars as a part of an endorsement deal which led to a lot of bad press for the batsman.

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4. He Has Called the Quota System in South Africa as ‘Reverse Apartheid’

You would surely be aware of the fact that Kevin Pietersen went on to play for England rather than South Africa because he was not able to get into the first team due to the presence of the much maligned quota system. For your information the quota system makes it mandatory for the South African cricket team to play at least 4 ‘coloured’ or non white players. However, the entry at number 4 is Kevin Pietersen’s comments about the infamous system after he started playing for England- calling it as a form of ‘reverse apartheid’ which did not allow someone to play for his country because the colour of his skin is white. He has refuted the allegations of racism levelled against him but he maintains that anyone good enough to play should play irrespective of the colour of his skin.

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3. He Is Married to a Pop Star

Up next is the England superstar’s high profile marriage to Liberty X singer Jessica Taylor, whom he married after a whirlwind romance after the Ashes of 2005. At the time, Kevin Pietersen was possibly the hottest thing in English cricket not only because of his brilliant performances on the field but also because of his good looks which made him one of the most sought after bachelors in London. He met Jessica Taylor at a party in West London and he has confessed that he had made up his mind in the very first meeting that he would marry her.

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2. His Mother is British

You might have wondered quite often as to how in earth could Kevin Pietersen become a British citizen and start playing for England at such an advanced age however the entry at number 2 will explain it. The reason why Pietersen was eligible for British citizenship was because of the fact that his mother Penny is British and so that gave him an opportunity of becoming a British citizen at any point of his life. In addition to that, he had played in the county circuit for quite a while before he took a giant leap of conviction and switched nationalities.

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1. He Was an Off Spinner to Start With

Right at the top of the rankings is Kevin Pietersen’s initial inclination to be a bowler rather than a batsman. When he first started off playing competitive cricket he used to be an off spin bowler who could bat in the lower order and in fact was known as someone who could use the long handle to good effect. However, it was in 1999 that he finally discovered his flair as a batsman of rare merit after he scored a brilliant half century against the visiting English team in a first class game. Since that day he has never looked back and went from strength to strength to become the champion batsman that he is.

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Hopefully you have enjoyed these hitherto obscure facts about the life of one of the biggest cricket stars of the modern generation and your comments as well as discussions will be much appreciated in the comments section below.


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