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The 1980s belonged to him and even now he is regarded as one of the finest stroke players who ever lifted the bat. Along the way, Martin Crowe also became one of the most revolutionary captains of the modern age with tactics that often caught the opposition napping. However, in this article you will be presented with some of the lesser known facts from the life and times of this outstanding cricketer.

10. Bali is His Favourite Holiday Destination

Lat but certainly not the least in this list about some of the unknown trivia about the life of Martin Crowe is his favourite holiday destination and it is the Indonesian city of Bali. The city as you would know is a tourist hot spot and attracts thousands of tourists every year. However, Martin had first visited the city when it had not yet become the global phenomenon. As a matter of fact he threw a party for his 50th birthday at Bali for his family and friends.

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9. He Suffered From Fear of Failure

You might think that the 9th ranked item on this list is something that most successful people might suffer from but Martin Crowe’s fear of failure was not only restricted to his cricketing career. During his playing days he used to constantly worry about his career, his family and an acute fear of being a complete unknown. However, you would agree that all his fears were found to be unfounded as he went on to become one of the world’s leading sportsmen who also had a happy family life.

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8. He Made a Comeback to Cricket at the Age of 49

It is quite rare in the annals of cricketing history to see a cricketer make a comeback at the age of 49 after he has retired due to a chronic knee problem at the age of 33 in 1995. However, he is a self confessed ‘cricket addict’ and so decided to make a comeback in the year 2011. He played a game in second division cricket in New Zealand and harboured hopes of making a comeback to first class cricket. However, you would agree that it must have been heartbreaking for Martin Crowe when he was diagnosed with cancer and from then on he canned the idea of playing cricket again.

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7. He Formulated a Form of Cricket before the Advent of T20

Next in at number 7 is something that did not take off but shows the sort of innovative thinking that Martin Crowe can. Even before T20 became popular Crowe devised a form of cricket in New Zealand which laid a lot of emphasis on quick finishes and lots of runs. It was known as ‘Max Cricket’ and the rules of the game were different as well from normal cricket. There were particular zones in the field which could fetch the double runs. In fact, it was in ‘Max Cricket’ that the concept of the ‘free hit’ off a no ball first originated. However, although it did not take off you might as well agree that it was a step in the right direction.

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6. Russell Crowe Is His Cousin

Now, you would often have seen two celebrities sharing the same last name and instantly thought whether they were related or not only to find out later on that they were not. However, you would be pleasantly surprised to know that Martin Crowe and the Hollywood star from Australia Russell Crowe are cousins. As a matter of fact, when Martin was diagnosed with cancer the Gladiator rushed down from Los Angeles to be by the side of his ailing cousin.

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5. Some of the Innovations of Modern Day Cricket Were His Brainchild

At number 5 is the remarkable tactical nous that Martin Crowe displayed as a captain and his penchant for taking opponents by surprise with bizarre moves. Some of the most effective tactical manoeuvres in limited overs cricket like pinch hitting and opening the bowling with a spinner were introduced by him. He did this in the 1992 World Cup when he instructed Kiwi opener Mark Greatbatch to go after the bowling during the fielding restrictions and opened the bowling with off spinner Dipak Patel in some games to deny the batsmen the luxury of playing strokes against quick bowling.

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4. He Believes Cricket Tours Damaged His Immune System

Now you might be surprised at the fact that Martin Crowe blames touring as a whole as the reason why his immune system has broken down but the reason he says that is because he has recently been diagnosed with cancer. What many do not know is the fact that Crowe was not averse to touring but he contracted some very damaging diseases when on a cricket tour. Back in the 1980s he suffered from salmonella poisoning- a severe form of food poisoning- which he says affected his health so much that he could never recover completely.

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3. He is Married to a Former Miss Universe

He might have married late but you would surely agree that he had married well when you consider the fact that he is married to a former Miss Universe. Crowe did have a string of relationships in his youth but he settled down only in 2009 at the age of 46 when he married former Miss Universe Lorraine Downes, who won the global beauty pageant in 1983. This was her second marriage and it is said that she has been a pillar of strength for Martin Crowe since the time he was diagnosed with cancer.

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2. He Replaced Viv Richards in the Somerset Team

Before the advent of the IPL, the county championships in England gave cricketers the opportunity to earn handsomely. However, very early in his career Martin Crowe was picked up by one of the leading English county teams- Somerset, as a replacement for their star batsman Viv Richard who was supposed to be busy with his international commitments. The reason why this comes in at number 2 is because of the fact that it shows the level of talent Martin Crowe possessed at such an early to be even thought of as a replacement for peerless Viv Richards.

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1. He Belongs to a Cricketing Family

Among some of the little known facts about Martin Crowe the fact that he belongs to a cricketing family is perhaps a bit overlooked and hence it comes in at the top spot in these rankings. You might be aware that his brother Jeff was a former New Zealand cricket team captain but what remains hidden beneath the surface is the fact that the Crowe family had been in love with the game for generations. Martin’s father Dave William Crowe was a first class cricketer for Canterbury and Wellington, who was known to be an excellent left hand batsman and part time leg spinner.

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Those were some of the unknown facts about the life of one of the greatest batsmen to have ever played the game. Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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