Top 10 Lesser Known Facts about Matthew Hayden


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Not since Sir Vivian Richards was there a batsman who intimidated bowlers at the crease with his sheer physical presence as Mathew Hayden. In the course of a stellar he has broken many batting record and he formed one of the bedrocks of the staggering success of the Australian teams of the early 2000s. However, this article gives you a more intimate look into the life of Matthew Hayden by highlighting the top 10 little known facts from his life.

10. He Has Opened Up a Company after Retirement

It is indeed a great value for the society if great sportsmen channel their experiences and struggles in a constructive way and Matthey Hayden has done that by opening a company known as the ‘Hayden Way’. The firm helps in arranging motivational events for corporate as well as schools and is intimately attached to Hayden’s views on life. You can get a better view of the operations of the company by visiting the website


9. He Has an In House Farm

In at number 9 is Matthew Hayden’s preference for eating home grown vegetables and meat, which is intimately related to his zeal for eating well and eating healthy. That is the reason why Hayden maintains a farm in his house where he grows his own vegetables and also rears chicken and ducks which is consumed by him and his family. In addition to that, when you consider the fact that he is also a talented cook then you can realise why he is always in the lookout for the best vegetables and meats.


8. He Was Once Part of a Life Threatening Accident

One of the passions of Matthew Hayden’s life- as documented earlier- is fishing and this is what landed him in a lot of trouble once he went fishing in troubled waters back in the year 2000. He went fishing with Australian team mate Andrew Symonds to the North Stradbroke Islands and during that fishing trip his boat turned over causing a serious threat to the lives of all concerned. However, you would expect a cricketer to be a swimmer and as Hayden was one he swam to safety after swimming for a long stretch. He counts it as one of the most harrowing experiences of his life.



7. He Supports Cancer Research

One of the foremost responsibilities of a famous individual is to stand for something which stands for the greater good of humanity and in his own way he has supported the cause of cancer research. As you might know, Hayden’s team mate and Australian fast bowler Glenn McGrath’s first wife Jane succumbed to breast cancer and since then McGrath has been collecting money for cancer research. As a display of support Hayden used to use a pink coloured grip on his bat- the colour pink being the colour of the Jane McGrath Foundation.


6. He Loves to Go Fishing

At number 6 is one of the favourite pastimes of cricketer Matthew Hayden and it is not even remotely related to cricket. When he prefers to relax he switches completely from his life as a cricket professional (he is a coach these days) and takes his boat to the river for fishing. This has been his preferred idea of relaxation for many years and his wife and children are also known to accompany him on his fishing trips, when he spends the whole of the day fishing and having fun with the family.


5. He Is an Accomplished Cook

One of the passions of Matthew Hayden’s life other than cricket is cooking and even during his playing days he was known to rustle up a few dishes for his fellow cricketers and he has published a two part series of The Matthew Hayden Cookbook as well. After he retired, he hosted a cookery show on Australian television, which turned out to be a big hit. However the dish he loves to eat most is Sandcrab Lasagne cooked by his wife and in general he is known to be particularly fond of sea food.



4. He Eats a Pretty Frugal Breakfast

You must have watched Hayden muscling and bullying fast bowlers to all corners of the cricket ground and wondered what the guy eats for breakfast, haven’t you? So, at number 4 you are being presented with Mathew Hayden’s breakfast which he eats on most mornings. However, considering his frame you would think he eats a big breakfast but in reality it is quite frugal. It consists of a few pieces of Weetbix- a cereal biscuit manufactured in Australia and nowadays available in several parts of the world-, some milk and honey in place of sugar so that he does not consume any unwanted calories. In fact you can check out a 30 second clip in YouTube where he demonstrates the breakfast that he eats every day.



3. He is a Staunch Believer in Catholicism

If you have ever witnessed Matthew Hayden scoring a century then you would have noticed him making the sign of the cross with his hand after reaching a personal milestone like a century or a half century. The reason why he does that is because of his immense belief in Catholicism and in an age when most cricketers struggle to abide by the codes of whichever religion they belong to, Hayden is an exception. He makes it a point to go on the Sunday Mass irrespective of the part of the world he is in. In addition to that, he maintains that it was his belief in Christ that helped him believe in himself when he was left in the cold by the Australian selectors.


2. Greame Hick Was One of His Competitors

This is surely something that has flummoxed you a bit since Greame Hick was an English batsman but when you learn whole story you would agree that it deserves to be at number 2. When Hayden started of playing for Queensland the English cricketer was also contracted as an overseas player for the state side, which meant that the two were always fighting for a place in the side. However, Hayden’s good scores whenever he got the chances tilted the balance in his favour as he went on to debut for Australia.


1. The Only Ambition in His Life Was to Be an Australian Test Player

You might often have noticed that professional sportsmen might have had a liking for other sports and games other than the sports he played professionally, but in case of Matthew Hayden there was only one game in which he was ever interested and that was cricket. The reason why it is at number one is because his zeal for representing Australia was so pronounced that he never gave up even when the going was tough and he was not able to get a look in. It simply reflects the sort of obsession that he had for donning the famous Baggy Green.



So there ends some of the facts about Mathew Hayden, that have been uncovered especially for your reading. Hopefully you have enjoyed thoroughly.


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