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Over the last 70 years or so Brazil has always produced footballer who can capture the imagination of the entire football world and the latest in that pantheon of talented footballers is Neymar Jr., who is well on his way to becoming another great of the beautiful game. These are the top 10 facts then about a legend in the making that you might not be aware of.

10. His Real Name is Really Long

Most Brazilian footballer incuding former legends go by only one name like Pele, Garrincha, Falcao, Romario, Rivaldo, Ronaldo and others, however all these players actually have a different name which might be quite long as opposed to their more popular name. In the same way, Neymar’s actual name is also not what you see on his jersey. His full name is actually one of the longest that you will ever see since he is named Neymar da Silva Santos Junior and it is indeed a good thing that he only goes by the name Neymar, otherwise his fans would have had a nightmare remembering his full name.


9. His Father Has Been his Guide throughout his Career So Far

Merely the presence of precocious talent is not enough for a footballer to grow into a professional footballer in the modern ultra competitive world of football and hence all young prodigies need a guiding hand that would take care of everything else other than footballing side of things. In case of Neymar, it was his father Neymar da Silva Sr., who took care of his son’s development as a footballer as well as a human being from an early age. The fact that Neymar Sr was also a former footballer, made him the perfect guide for the footballer and has allowed Neymar to solely concentrate on his career.


8. He Helped His Family Buy a House as a Teenager

Footballer with prodigious talent often become rich at an early age, however it is often noticed that they end up spending most of their money on women, alcohol and other expensive things that is of little long term value. In case of Neymar, it was different and as soon as he signed a professional contract with Brazilian club Santos he decided to invest his income into a new home for his family. There are very few footballers who have managed to do such a thing at such an early age and that is an act that speaks volumes about the sort of person Neymar really is.


7. He Was on the Verge of Being a Real Madrid Player

It is a given that if a hugely talented player comes along in South America then it is quite likely they would eventually end up in either of Real Madrid or Barcelona and Neymar did join Barcelona last summer, he could easily have been a Real Madrid player. When he was 14 years old, the global scouting team at Real Madrid had signed him up but Santos, for whom he used to play, wanted him to be with them. Eventually Real were paid a substantial compensation in order to bring Neymar back to Brazil and in hindsight it must have been proven to be an excellent investment for Neymar since he was sold for an astronomical sum of money to Barcelona.


6. He is a Marketer’s Dream

Considering Brazil’s huge population, a footballer is always a safe bet for major corporations as far as marketing duties are concerned and hence it is not really surprise that Neymar is nowadays considered the biggest deal as far as endorsements are concerned. Additionally, he is nowadays considered a huge draw across the world and since is a global game people recognise him quite easily. So, even if Ronaldo comes across as perhaps a better looking man; it is Neymar, all of 22 years old who is regarded as the ‘most marketable footballer’.


5. Neymar Was Owned by 3 Different Entities

Football is now a big business in which players get transferred from one club to the other huge amounts of money and that is the reason why shrewd investors bet their money on young talents so that they can earn handsome profit n the future. It was the same with Neymar, who was actually owned by 3 different entities including his club Santos. Other than Santos, two companies, TIESA and DIS Esporte, had invested in Neymar. The amount of money they invested in Neymar is unknown but considering the sort of money Barcelona paid for him, you can be sure that they got an excellent return.


4. He Became a Father at the Age of 19

At an age when most people are busy going through college, Neymar became a proud parent but then again footballers with that sort of talent can always afford to do things that a person with a far more traditional view towards life won’t be able to. The baby was born 3 years back in the month of August to Neymar and his then girlfriend Carolina Dantes. The boy lives with Neymar and it must be said that the added responsibility at such an early age has certainly pushed him to newer heights as far as football is concerned.


3. Neymar Has an Astronomical Release Clause

The complications of the football transfer market in which any club with pots of money can start making bids for a player has forced some of the clubs to insert release clauses in the contracts of the top players in order to avoid such unpleasant interactions. The release clause indicates the minimum amount of money that a club should bid in order to even start talking about a transfer and in case of Neymar, Barcelona have set the release clause at a jaw dropping £160 million. Don’t expect a club to stump of that sort of money on a transfer anytime soon.


2. He was once sent off for Wearing a Mask

Over the years, you might have seen players getting sent off for a variety of reasons, some of which must have come across as bizarre, however Neymar was sent off for a reason that you might never come across again. Playing for Santos in a game against Colo Colo, Neymar celebrated an outstanding goal by wearing a mask and the mask was actually his own face. However, the referee deemed it offensive and sent him off. You can watch the bizarre incident here. ( )


1. He is the first Brazil Sportsman to be On the Cover of TIME Magazine

At number 1 is his achievement of being on the cover of the renowned TIME magazine as a 21 year old and the fact that he is the first Brazil sportsman to be on the cover makes it an even more colossal achievement. The cover story on him was done by TIME Magazine world editor Bobby Ghosh and is regarded as one of the best pieces ever written on the Brazilian footballer. When you consider the number of world class sportsman that Brazil has produced this is surely an achievement that no one would ever be able to take away from him.



Hopefully you have enjoyed the top 10 little known facts about Neymar. Feel free to share the article with your friends.



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