Top 10 Modes of Communications for Teens



Teenagers today are highly tech savvy and this means that increasing numbers of teens are using technology as a means of communication. Numerous surveys across the world have shown that increasing numbers of teens are discarding the traditional modes of communications like, face to face and landline phones, and adopting new technology like, SMS and mobile phones, to communicate with their friends, family, and others.

10. Letters

This is another mode of communication that has all but vanished and thus makes it on the tenth spot on our list. There was a time when teens used to confess their love in letters, but that is no longer the case. In an age when messages can be sent in an instant, letters are only used in very poor areas or for communicating something official.There are very few places in this world where teens do not have access to modes of communications that are faster than letters; however, letters have not totally disappeared.Okay you might find writing letters obsolete, but writing one is an art, mastering of which might help you in the future.


9. Landline

Landline certainly has lost its charm and is no longer the main mode of communication for teens and this justifies its ninth rank. You might remember the time when landline phones were considered a luxury item and only the rich people had them. However, today landline phone has become an obsolete gadget that teens use only when absolutely necessary- like when the battery of their mobile phone is dead. Landline phone is not mobile and do not have mobile phone features such as internet connection, camera, and other apps, thus it is not a common mode of communication for teens and for that matter adults also.


8. Email

Only 6% of the teenagers surveyed in Pew research used emails daily for communication purpose, thus making it the eight most common mode of communication for teens. The falling popularity of email amongst teens can be attributed to the fact that it is not instantaneous like video chatting, texting, and voice calls. Another reason for the decline of this mode of communication amongst teens is the shift from computer based internet usage to mobile phone internet usage. You might find using email uncool and equate its usage with old people. However, remember that email has still not lost its importance. You still need it to submit your college report or communicate with your seniors. Moreover, many teens work after school and they still need to use email to communicate with their superiors.


7. Twitter

The seventh spot in this list is taken by Twitter, which has over the years become a popular mode of communication for teens. This rank is based on the findings of the GenY survey, according to which 38% of respondents used Twitter for communication purpose. You might have noticed that teens use Twitter less than Facebook for communication purposes; however, this is only because Facebook was the first one to arrive on the communication scene. Recent trends have shown that gradually but surely teens are migrating to Twitter. If you find you’re your Facebook account is crowded with people with whom you do not necessarily want to share everything, it is time to move to Twitter and enjoy communicating with a smaller circle of friends.


6. Video Chatting

Video chatting is the top sixth mode of communication for teens. And this position is justified by Pew research, which found that 37% of the respondents used video chatting platforms like iChat, Google+, and Skype for communication purpose. Video chatting is a unique mode of communication, as it allows both verbal and face to face interaction. It nullifies geographic distance and allows teens (and everyone) to befriend and chat with people anywhere across the world. If you have internet on your mobile phone, you must make use of this cool mode of communication.

Video Chatting.jpeg

5. Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are the fifth most common mode of communication for Indian teens. This ranking is justified by the fact that 88% of respondents from metropolitan cities in GenY survey had a Facebook account, while those from smaller cities preferred using social networking sites like, Orkut, Ibibo, Apna Circle, and Hi5 for communication purposes.Today if you are not on a social networking site, you are lagging far behind your peers. Since teens love sharing, they use social networking sites to share their hobbies, interests, messages, and ideas with their friends and the whole world. Just open an account with a social networking site and you will be amazed how many friends you can make; however, remember to follow the safety tips.

Social Networking Sites.jpeg

4. Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is the fourth top mode of communication amongst Indian teens and this is as per theGenY survey conducted by Tata Consultancy Services in 2011-2012, which concluded that 45% of the students (12-18 years old) surveyed used instant messaging for communication purposes. It seems like the growing popularity of smartphones amongst teens has made this mode (IM) of communication a popular choice amongst teens. Instant Messaging keeps communication short and simple and that is why teens prefer it so much. Moreover, you can IM while working on your school project or watching television.Since Instant Messaging does not involve extra charges, you can message anytime, anywhere, and any number of times.

Instant Messaging.jpeg

3. Face to Face Communication

Face to face conversation is the top third mode of communication favored by teens. The ranking supported by Pew survey (2011), which found that 35% of the teens surveyed still preferred face to face communication with their friends. It is no surprise that teens love to hang out with their friends after school and on weekends and they really cherish their face to face interaction with their friends. As a teen you must understand that face to face interaction is healthy for your social well being and you should keep it up.

Face to Face Communication.jpeg

2. Mobile Phone/ Voice Call

A Consumer Lab study, conducted by Ericsson in 2012, shows that around 30 million kids between the age of 9 and 18 years own a mobile phone in India. Therefore, it is no wonder that mobile phone is the second top mode of communication for teens. Mobile phones have become a must have gadget for teens today. They simply cannot eat, sleep, or work without their mobile phones. This handy device lets them be in touch with their family and friends while on the go. There are more than 200 brands available in India today and you can surely find a phone within your budget. Okay guys but remember not to answer you phone when driving.

Mobile Phone- Voice Call.jpeg

1. SMS

Recent surveys have shown that texting/SMS is the number one mode of communication for teens. According to a nationwide survey conducted by Assocham in 2011, nearly 70% teens in Delhi, which tops the list, send around 100 and 125 text messages daily. Everywhere you go you can see teens busy typing on their phones- what are they texting? They love sharing every idea, jokes, messages, and gossip via text. And why not? It is easy, affordable, and you can be talking with more than one friend via texting. However, parents should give strict instructions to their teens that they are not to text while driving (this is highly dangerous).



With technological innovations fueling communication revolution, one thing is very clear- the modes of communications are going to change in the near future. Another fact that is clear is that today teens have numerous modes of communication at their disposal. Overuse of some of these modes of communication like, texting and social networking, can have negative effects on teens. Thus it is important for parents to properly monitor the use of these communication tools by their kids.


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