Top 10 Most Stylist Female Politicians (India)



The tradition of donning the archetypal crisp white saris among the Indian female politicians is a passé. If the men in the Indian political realm can shift to suits and band gala jackets, why can’t their female counterparts experiment in their looks and attire and look stylish? While some tend to stick to the traditional protocol of female dressing, there are a few who have broken the barriers and have today become fashion icons of the world of politics. Here is a list of top ten most stylish female politicians in India who have left an indelible mark in our heart owing to their sophisticated style!

10. Supriya Sule

This young Indian politician from the Indian National Congress Party stands last on this list of the most fashionable female politicians of India. Daughter of the nation’s most sought-after politician Sharad Pawar, she has certainly created a niche for herself with her developmental initiatives in the state of Pune, Maharashtra. She is mostly seen dressed in simple yet colourful, well-pinned suits and beautiful crisp saris. Her choice of vibrant colours and subtle designs topped with a beautiful, humble smile makes her yet another charismatic personality in the Indian world of politics.


9. Sushma Swaraj

Former Union Cabinet Minister of India, ex-Minister of Education and the youngest to achieve the prestigious post of the Cabinet Minister at the age of 25, this strong woman has already won innumerable laurels to her credit. A graduate in L.L.B. from the Punjab University, Ma’am Sushma Swaraj is the strongest orator and the most influential personality in our Indian political world. Known for her elegant dressing, you wouldn’t find even a single fold of her well-draped sari going haywire. Her typical long smear of sindoor and a huge round shaped bindi are prominent aspect of her personality.


8. Jayalalitha Jayaram

Jayalalitha, a former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and the secretary of South’s popular political party, All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, is a gracious personality indeed. This actress turned politician well knows the secret behind elegant dressing. Her beautiful bordered and colourful saris indeed add a dab of colour and vividness in the world of politics. Her flawless skin can give a reality check even to the young cadre of contemporary actresses in Tollywood. She is mostly seen in fine silk saris or elegantly bordered chiffons covered with a jacket of the same colour.


7. Priya Dutt

A member of the Indian National Congress party and the representative of the North West constituency, Maharashtra, Priya Dutt is the daughter of the late actor Sunil Dutt and sister of Bollywood’s munna bhai, Sanjay Dutt. Her typical silk suits and well draped saris show her unmatched designer sensibilities. Like her mother, Nargis Dutt, she too carries herself with poise and elegance every time she makes public appearances. She is today actively involved in organizing many charity shows and campaigns that promote and help the society fight against breast cancer and other social issues.


6. Brinda Karat

This Bengali tigress created history by becoming the first Indian woman to gain an active membership in the communist party of India. True to her character, she is a prominent communist politician and has held the office of the general secretary of the All India Democratic Women’s Association for whopping eleven years. Her ethnic Bengali saris have indeed taken the traditional craftsmanship of this humble state to the mainstream. Mostly seen in haphazardly tied Bengali saris, she truly epitomizes the perfect combination of beauty and brain. Another prominent aspect of her personality is the huge sized bindi that she loves putting in all her public appearances.


5. Agatha Sangma

The youngest Minister of Rural Development for the state of Meghalaya, Agatha is young, charismatic and by all fair means a style icon. This thirty year old Minister is also serving the nation as the representative of the Tura constituency, Meghalaya. It is well acknowledged that the fashion statement of this young lady is representative of the dressing style of the contemporary youth. She is mostly seen making public appearances in casual tees, ethnic kurtis, formal shirts and trousers. Even though she gives preference to the casual dressing, she beautifully carries her traditional Meghalayan dresses!


4. Hema Malini

This Basanti of the tinsel town has shown it to the world that there is more to her personality than being just a beautiful doll by her active participation in the Indian politics as the member of BJP. She has added colour and vibrance to the otherwise dull and drab walls of the parliament. Her colourful chiffon saris, suits, beautiful accessories and elegantly done hair have truly given a fashion check to all her contemporaries who have literally bored us to death with their unrelenting affinity to whites and creams.



3. Renuka Chowdhury

Standing third on this list of most fashionable female politicians of India is Ms. Renuka Chowdhury. Powerful, enigmatic and a woman of substance, that she is, has served her tenure as the official spokesperson of Indian National Congress. The Nation salutes her as one of the most influential Minister of Women and Child Development. Her choice of saris speaks enough about her fashionable sensibilities and designer instincts. In her innumerable public appearances, one would never catch her with undone or bushy eye-brows or with plain eyes without an evident stroke of kohl.


2. Vasundhara Raje Scindia

Hailing from the family of royalty in Gwalior, she is one of the most sought-after and influential politicians in Rajasthan. She served the state as its Chief Minister for good five years, starting from 2003-2008. Looking at her choice of wardrobe, we must say that she is one of the most colourful personalities in the world of politics. Her designer saris, precious jewelry and sophisticated glasses indeed reflect her close association with the royalty. In fact, not many know that she has walked the red carpet several times to promote Khadi as well.


1. Sonia Gandhi

The most powerful woman of the Indian politics, Sonia Gandhi, has literally re-shifted the world’s focus on the Indian handloom industry with her choice of steam pressed and crisp cotton saris and khaki suits. It is indeed credible to say that this lady hailing from the foreign shores has gracefully adopted the Indian culture and definitely, its clothing. Her commendable transition from the skirts to khaki saris makes her stand on the position number one on this list of best dressed female politicians of India. She is today serving the nation as the President of Indian National Congress.



This was the list of top ten most stylish female politicians of India. They are blessed with wisdom to make decisions for our country and a commendable style statement.


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