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After the ‘Musically Marvelous’ 60’s, which is also termed as the ‘Golden Era of the Bollywood’, the 70’s began on a good note but by the mid-70’s its shine began to fade. Probably the reason was the end of romantic era and the beginning of action age, thanks to the ‘Angry Young Man’ Amitabh Bachchan taking over the reins of ‘Stardom’ from the ‘Romance Monarch’ Rajesh Khanna. Nevertheless few great filmmakers like Yash Chopra, Raj Kapoor, Tarachand Barjatya of Rajshri Productions stuck to good music and gave musical masterpieces.Here is a list of ‘Top 10 Musical Blockbusters of 70s’, though selection was a difficult task but care is taken to consider all the aspects like popular appeal in hit parade list and musical strength from critics point of view.

10. Noorie (1979)

After the unbeatable Khabhi Khabi, Music maestro Khayyam made a comeback with Yash Chopra’s musical love story Noorie. The movie was directed by the great character actor Manmohan Krishna, who was a regular in B.R.Chopra’s movies. Poonam Dillion, who won the ‘Miss Young India’ crown, played the role of poor Kashmiri village lass while Faroooq Shaikh played her lover. The dog ‘Khairoo’ was another highpoint of the movie.The movie’s super hit song ‘Aaja re o mere dilbar aa ja…’ ranked third in the annual hit parade of Binaca Geetmala. Also the movie fetched Khayyam a Filmfare nomination. The movie’s other songs too were hit like ‘Chori Chori Koi Aaye…’, ‘Qadar Toone Na Jani…’If you have not seen the movie, then watch the movie for its great music and the sheer beautiful Poonam Dillion.


9. Ghar ( 1978)

The year 1978 was a good year for music as this year witnessed some of the best music of the decade in movies like ‘Hum Kisise Kum Naheen’, ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ , ‘Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se’, ‘Don’ and of course the small budget ‘Ghar’ starring Rekha and Vinod Mehra.While the title tracks of ‘Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se….’ topped the annual hit parade of Binaca Geetmala, Don’s ‘Khakeke Paan Banaraswala…’ became national anthem. Also Rafi Sahab’s Kya hua tera waada wo… from ‘Hum Kisise Kum Naheen’ fetched him a Filmfare award and finally ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ ended up winning the Filmfare Award.You would be dejected to know that the movie, Ghar that had really mind-blowing music by R.D. Burman was left far behind!  R.D. Burman composed some of the best compositions based on Indian classical music… Remember – ‘Tere bina jiya jaaye na tere bina jiya jaaye na  …’, ‘Aap Ki Aankhon Mein kuch…’ Aaj Kal Paon Zameen Par nahin padte mere… ‘Phir Wohi Raat Hai…’  It is paradoxical that today these songs are very popular in Hit parade chartbusters like Purni Jeans on FM radio and FM Gold.


8. Chitchor ( 1977)

The movie ‘Chitchor’ set amidst country side backdrop was a slow start at the box-office. The movie gained momentum after its songs became national craze. Filmmaker Basu Chatterjee employed Hindustani popular music for this movie and that hit the bull’s eye!Ravindra Jain gave an excellent music using South’s great classical playback singer Yesudas and an upcoming singer Hemlata. Movie’s super hit song ‘Jab deep jale aana jab shaam dhhale aana..’ won seventh position in the annual hit parade of Binaca Geetmala while the other hit song ‘Tu Jo Mere Sur….’ won Filmfare’s  Best Female Playback Singer Award to Hemalata. Yesudas won the National Award for Best Male Playback singer for the song ‘Gori Tera Gaon Bada Pyara…’ . Yesudas also won a Filmfare nomination for the same song. Music director Ravindra Jain too won nomination for Filmfare Best Music Director.If you love melodious classical songs then, do listen to songs of ‘Chitchor’ and marvel at the music composers magic.


7. Kora Kagaz ( 1974)

Film maker Anil Ganguly, after the success of Kora Kagaz, became associated with thought provoking movies and lived up to the reputation by making some memorable movies like Rakhee’s ‘Tapasya’ and Anil Kapoor’s ‘Saaheb’.A remake of Bengali super hit movie Saat Pake Bandha(1963) starring Suchitra Sen, the movie focused on the delicate issue of husband and wife’s ego leading to divorce. Kalyanji-Anandji’s music added new height to the movie. The movie’s title song ‘Mera jeevan kora kaaghaz kora hi reh gaya…’ not only topped in the annual hit parade of Binaca Geetmala but also fetched Kalyanji-Anandji, their career’s only Filmfare award for this film. In addition the movie’s other song ‘Roothe Roothe Piya….’ fetched Lata Mangeshkar the Best Female Playback Singer National Award.You would be surprised to know that the movie had had just three songs, the third being the super hit ‘Mera Padhne Mein Nahin Lage Dil…’ Yet the movie beat musical blockbusters like Aap Ki Kasam, Prem Nagar, Resham Ki Dori and Roti Kapda Aur Makaan at the Filmfare awards.


6. Mera Naam Joker (1970)

Raj Kapoor’s Magnum opus ‘Mera Naam Joker’ proved a major musical hit but failed miserably at the box office. However the irony is that the movie when released in the 80’s was a super success. Made on a huge scale Raj Kapoor philosophically depicted the three stages of life through the eyes of a joker. Shanker Jaikishen’s music won them the best Music Filmfare award scoring over Laxmikant Pyerelal’s ‘Do Raste’ and S.D.Burma’s musical blockbuster ‘Taalash’.‘Ae Bhai, Zara Dekhke Chalo, Aage Hi Nahi Pichhe Bhi….’ got a place in the annual hit parade of Binaca Geetmala though it was Laxmikant Payrelal’s ‘Bindiya Chamke Choori Khanke…..’ from ‘Do Raste’ that topped the list. The other hits songs of the movie were ‘Jane Kahan Gaye Woh Din… ‘, ‘Kehta Hai Joker Sara Zamana….’, ‘Jeena Yahan Marna Yahan…..’ and others.If you have a penchant for poignant and thoughtful songs, then do listen to the songs of ‘Mera Naam Joker’.


5. Kati Patang (1971)

This poignant saga of a lady who abandons her marriage to run away with her boy friend but repents after watching her boyfriend in the arms of another woman was powerfully directed by Shakti Samanta. In addition to the movie’s amazing script which was based on an English novel ‘I Married a Dead Man’, the movie’s highpoint was its music. R.D. Burman’s music was on the lips of the nation. The song ‘Yeh jo mohabbat hai…’ topped the Binaca Geetmala hit parade at third position. The other hit number ‘Yeh shyam mastaani…’ was played uninterrupted for 14 weeks in the hit parade. Also who can forget the Asha Bhosle sexy number ‘Mera Naam Hai Shabna…’ pictured on the sexy Bindu that went on to become a national anthem. Besides the movie had all hit numbers like ‘Na Koi Umang Hai….’, ‘Jis Gali Mein Tera Ghar…’ and ‘Pyar Deewana Hota Hai…’However despite such fantastic music you would be stunned to know that R.D. Burman was not even nominated for Filmfare awards!


4. Kabhi Kabhie (1976)

Yash Chopra’s ‘Kabhi Kabhi’ was based on a poet’s wrecked love story which, in fact, was inspired by film lyrist Sahir Ludhianvi’s life. The movie demanded a different kind of music that had the magic of yesteryear and the shine of modern era as the movie was divided into two generations. Hence Yash Chopra opted for the music wizard Khayyam and Khayyam gave the music of his life time. All the songs became super hit and gave a new lease of life to Khayyam. Remember Kabhi Kabhie Mere Dil Mein.., ‘Main Pal Do Pal Ka Shayar Hoon…’Pyar Kar Liya To Kya…’The song ‘Kabhi Kabhie Mere Dil Mein…’ won the top position in the in the hit parade of the Binaca Geetmala and Khayyam also won the Best Music Filmfare Award beating Kalyanji Anandji (Bairaag) , Ravindra Jain (Chitchor) and  Madan Mohan ( Mausam).If you love good poetry, then listen to ‘Kabhi Kabhi’, you will be bowled over by the sheer words of Sahir Ludhianvi and Khayyam’s music.


3. Julie (1975)

The movie to acquire third rank in this list is ‘Julie’. Music director Rajesh Roshan, son of great music legend Roshan and brother of filmmaker Rakesh Roshan hit gold with this movie. Though this was just his second movie yet Rajesh Roshan’s music looked as if it was composed by a professional music composer. All the songs of the movie were super hit ‘Dil Kya Kare jab kissi se…’, ‘Bhool Gaya Sab Kuch yaad nahin ab kuch …’ and of course the English number ‘My Heart Is Beating…’ In fact the song ‘Bhool Gaya Sab Kuch yaad nahin ab kuch..’ ranked third in the hit parade of the Binaca Geetmala. And that’s not all Rajesh Roshan won the Best Music Filmfare Award too for the year 1975. Though Rajesh Roshan had tough competition from R.D.Rurman in ‘Aandhi’ and Laxmikant Pyarelal in ‘Roti Kapada Aur Makaan’ but fortunately they were not nominated.If you have not heard the music of ‘Juile’ then, do listen, for its mesmerizing effect.


2. Abhimaan (1973)

S.D.Burman’s music in this movie occupies second rank in this list, simply because the subject of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s movie was music hence music played a pivotal role and S.D.Burman lived up to Hrishikeshda’s expectation giving some of the best songs like ‘Tere Mere Milan Ki Yeh Raina….’, ‘Teri Bindiya Re…’ , ‘Piya Bina Piya Bina…’The movie dwelt on the sensitive subject of egoism and how it rifts apart husband and wife, both singers, when the wife over shadows his husband in popularity. S.D.Burman had a tough fight at the Filmfare Awards, as he had stiff competition from Laxmikant-Pyarelal who were nominated for ‘Bobby’ and ‘Daag’ while Burmanda had a good competition from his own son, R.D.Burman, who was nominated for ‘Yaadon Ki Baarat’ but to finish Burmanda won the much deserved award.If you are looking for some soothing music that can give you solace then, do listen to Abhimaan’s music.


1. Pakeezah (1972)

Kamal Amrohi’s Meena Kumari starrer unanimously deserves the top position in the list and is perhaps the top musical movie of the decade.  You would be surprised to know that movie’s two songs ‘Inhi logon ne ….’ and ‘Chalte chalte yunhi koi…’ topped second and third position in the annual list of the hit parade of the famous Radio programme Binaca Geetmala. The movie’s other songs like ‘Thare Rahiyo o bake yaar re…’, ‘Mausam Hai Aashiqana…..’, ‘Chalo Dildar Chalo chande ke paar cahlo…’ etc. too were chartbusters.However you will be grieved  to know that despite such mind blowing music its music director Gulam Mohammad, was out played in the award games, when his master piece songs in ‘Pakeezah’ lost to the lesser known songs of ‘Shankar-Jaikishen’ in the movie ‘Be-imaan’ during the Filmfare Awards of 1972. Angered upon by the juries ‘indifferent’ decisions in the music categories, actor Pran in a ‘loud’ protest’ declined to accept his trophy awarded to him for his ‘Best supporting performance’ in the movie Be-Imaan’.If you are a true fan of ‘Hindustani classical’ music that has mixture of popular beats, then do listen to the songs of this movie.



Though with 70’s music started to decline in quality but with time elapse, the same music has today become memorable!  Hence you will find the music of 70 ruling the hit parade on FM radio, at disco parties and even Bollywood is reverting back to the 70’s music in their movies!!



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