Top 10 Must Haves for Teenagers

Top 10 Must Haves for Teenagers

Teenage is probably the most materialistic time of a person’s life. Everything that you experience at this age can go a long way in shaping your life and perspective as an adult. Technology has spoilt our teenagers more than prior times. Teenagers are these days more aware of technology and its applications than the older generation. With the advent of television commercials, teenagers have abundant choices when it comes to what they need and want. It is important to be able to differentiate between necessity and luxury. Regardless, here is a list of top 10 must haves for today’s teenagers.

10. Piggy Bank

Number 10 on our list of teenage must have is to own a piggy bank. Unless your parents are extremely generous, it is always good to have a piggy bank to help you spend money when you really want to but can’t ask anyone else. This not only cultivates the habit of saving but also comes in handy for that special date, that new perfume, the new video game that your parents refuse to buy or just about any expenditure that you might incur suddenly. Piggy Bank

9. Fragrances

A very important must have are fragrances. Of course it is important to look good but is there any reason you shouldn’t smell the same? A good first impression can be made on anybody if you are wearing a pleasant perfume. Fragrances are available at all kinds of stores and are available at all price ranges. Options include woody, fruity, musky and even chocolate among other varieties.

8. Styling Accessories

Another add-on to the must have list! Teenage is that time of life when you start getting conscious about your appearance. Well don’t fall back on style, styling accessories are available in all sizes, budgets, colors and for guys and girls. Girls can go for bags and belts and shoes, apart from jewelry and makeup. Guys too can equip themselves with piercings, hair gels, wrist bands, bandannas, sunglasses and so much more. The list goes on and on. Don’t forget to mix and match.

Styling Accessories

7. Backpack

Our next must have in the list is a backpack. They are no longer used solely for carrying around schoolbooks. Today’s backpack is a definite add-on to your wardrobe. Make sure there are compartments for everything that you need to keep in it. A laptop sleeve is a must. Also, it’s important that it is comfortable to carry around and that it looks good.


6. Camera

The next teenage must-have is a camera. Teenage is the time that you want to remember throughout your life. What better way to preserve memories than a digital camera. Digital cameras are not only cheap to buy but have no running costs like traditional film cameras. You can preview your pictures in the camera itself and transfer them to your other devices to watch later.


5. Portable Music Player

Portable music players have been around since the 80s when Sony introduced its Walkman portable cassette player. Well those days are behind, iPods allow us to store the equivalent of about 1000 cassettes on a device less than half the size. These are pretty much essential if you’re traveling every day or working out at a gym or just sitting at home.

Portable Music Player

4. Gaming Console

Well, this one is probably more of a ‘MUST’ for boys but it cannot be ignored. Instead of blowing up your parent’s computer that has your Dad’s office work or frying your Mom’s laptop, why not spend less than half the amount and play games on a Big Screen coupled with your Home Theater. If that sounds too serious, portable gaming is matching up with traditional TV based consoles every day. Portable consoles such as Sony’s PSP and Nintendo’s DS will let you mash those buttons at home, bus, trains and maybe even your bathroom. Consoles such as Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Kinnect (XBOX add-on) allow users to interface with the games in ways that were unimaginable a decade ago. Games are available for boys and girls at all ages.

Gaming Console

3. Tablet

The third most important must have is a Tablet. Tablets such as the iPad have revolutionized the way we interact with media. The ability to be able to combine a computer, music player, social media manager and gaming console into one touch enabled device is a dream come true to many teenagers, Watching movies while traveling has never been easier. A massive app store for IOS and android devices is only the icing on the cake.

2. Laptop/Computer

Well this one is pretty obvious and a very important necessity on our must have list. Apart from your daily dose of entertainment and social media chatter, computers greatly benefit students with school and college work. Assignments and research can be done in depth with the help of the internet; and obviously you need it to sync up all your other gadgets with data, music and movies. There are numerous options such as full-fledged desktops, laptops, netbooks and even touch-based hybrid devices that combine a tablet and a laptop.


1. Smart Phone

Undoubtedly the single most important thing for any teenager! Studies have found that 47% of teens can text blindfolded. Phones are no longer used just to make and receive phone calls. “Smart Phones” now enable users to interact with each other on various platforms like texting, chatting, video conferencing and social media such as Facebook, orkut etc. The ability to take photographs and share it with friends and loved ones is not an idea but is a reality. it is essential to be regarded as a “tech savvy” person amongst peers. Phones also feature graphic rich games and other useful downloadable “apps” that enrich almost every aspect of life. With the introduction of high speed data transfer through 3G and WIFI, phones are only getting better.


Of course it is important to note that some of the things on this list might be a necessity for few and a luxury for others. Regardless, these ‘must haves’ are available in a wide variety of price ranges and it shouldn’t be too hard for you to be able to find something that fits your budget.


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