Top 10 Nerve Wracking Moments from the Brazil vs Chile Game in 2014 FIFA World Cup



The knockout stages of the World Cup in Brazil got off to a rip roaring start as the hosts Brazil won their round of 16 match against a hugely talented Chile side in a pulsating game of football. Brazil booked their place in the quarter finals but for long periods it was impossible to predict which of the two teams would eventually come out on top and hence it is not a surprise that the game produced plenty of heart stopping moments for football fans who watched the game. This article takes you through 10 of those nerve wracking moments from this extraordinary game of football.

10. When Neymar Needed Medical Attention

Big World Cup games are almost always feisty affairs and especially so when it comes to an all South American affair and this was no different. The Chileans were well aware of the fact that Brazilian superstar Neymar was going to be the player to watch out for and hence he was in for some special treatment. As soon as the game started they were all over him and in the 3rd minute Neymar was hauled down in the Chile galf by Aranguez with a vicious tackle. However, everyone must have missed a beat or two when Neymar needed medical attention from the physio and it looked as is he might not be able to continue. Thankfully for Brazil and their fans Neymar recovered and played the entire game without any trouble.


9. Chile’s Possession Based Play Ahead of the First

Sometimes even mundane passages of play can lead to nerves among the fans and that is exactly what Chile inflicted on their own fans as well as the neutrals watching the game by keeping hold of the ball without threatening. It seemed they could break any moment into a rasping attack but nothing really happened for long periods and in such a situation it often seems that although there is a lull something would eventually have to give, which often leads to nerves among the ones watching it.


8. Jo’s Incredible Miss

The game was tantalisingly poised at 1-1 in the second half when it seemed the game could swing either way with one moment of brilliance from either team and when it did arrive in the 74th minute Brazil’s substitute Jo fluffed the chance. Brazilian forward Hulk laid in a perfect pass for Jo across the face of the goal and he merely had to direct the ball towards the goal to put his team into the lead, but the former Manchester City striker sent it wide. It was a moment that must have been nerve wracking for both sets of fans but for completely different reasons of course.


7. Howard Webb as the Referee

English referee might be one of the senior most officials in world football; however he is infamous for ruining games with dodgy decisions. In fact he was the referee in the last World Cup’s final game between Spain and Netherlands in which he refused to show the red card to Dutch players who committed one blatant foul after another. As a result, seeing him tossing the coin at the beginning of the game was not something about which football fans would have been easy on the mind and his presence on the field was a constant source of nervous energy for every viewer who was aware fo his reputation.


6. Fred’s Miss in the First Half

As far as nerve wracking moments are concerned, nothing can really beat the sight of a player missing the chance to bury it into the net when he is presented with a golden opportunity and not for the first time in this World Cup, Brazilian striker Fred wasted an opportunity. In the 40th minute, Neymar went on one of his mazy runs in the Chielan half and after attracting the attention of all the Chilean defenders, however aid the confusion the ball somehow went towards Fred who was standing at the middle of the penalty box. The moment could have been frozen in time as everyone waited for Fred to shoot Brazil into the lead but the forward smashed it over the bar.


5. Chile’s Corner Kick in Stoppage Time

Whenever a big World Cup game is on a knife’s edge, you would expect that the game would eventually be decided by fine margins and so when the game petered out towards a draw Chile got a dangerous corner in stoppage time at the end of the 90. As Alexis Sanchez line up the corner kick, everyone who watched the game must have held his breath till the corner was taken since a Chilean goal at that point would have been the end of the game. Irrespective of the loyalties, those few moments must have been one of the most nerve wracking of the game. However, as everyone knows nothing came of it and the game went into extra time.


4. Moments after Willian’s Horrible Penalty Kick in the Shoot Out

Penalties shoot outs in themselves are a nerve wracking spectacle for anyone, however when the pressure is compounded by horrible penalty kicks from established stars it becomes even more so. Brazilian defender David Luiz had slotted them 1-0 up and their keeper Julio Cesar saved the spot kick from Chilean star Alexis Sanchez to make sure that the next penalty taker could drive home the advantage. However, Willian had other ideas as he blasted his penalty kick past the post and for a few moments Brazilian fans must have felt that their chances of winning the game were over.


3. Chile’s Last Penalty Kick

Penalty shout outs are one things but if the scores remain tied after 5 penalty kicks each then the whole thing  moves into sudden death then it becomes an extremely cagey affair for fans since any team which misses a penalty ends up losing the game and hence Chile’s last penalty kick taken by Gonzalo Jara was such a nervous moment for many viewers. As he ran up to the spot, people must have felt the nervous sensation of going through the emotional grind of a sudden death and hence when Jara’s penalty hit the post it must have come as a huge relief for many. Needless to say, Chile fans were gutted.


2. Hulk’s Disallowed Goal

For a moment it looked that the entire stadium would erupt when Brazil’s forward Hulk found the back of the net after having controlled a long ball from midfield. The Brazilians thought that they had gone up 2-1 and sealed the game with the sublime finish from Hulk, however the referee had been alerted to the fact that Hulk had actually touched the ball with his hands in the process of controlling it. The spectators all over the world must have gone through different emotions ranging from anything between euphoria and despair in those crucial few moments.


1. Pinila’s Bullet That Almost Shot down Brazil

At number 1 is the single biggest nerve jangling moment from the game and it came right at the end of extra time, when a goal for either team would have surely settled the game. Chilean player Mauricio Pinala got the ball at the middle at the park and found himself in space, however instead of trying anything fancy he simply glided past Brazil captain Thiago Silva and rammed in a shot with fearsome power. For those few moments, time stood still as the ball ricocheted off the cross bar and Pinala held his head in disbelief as he was inches away from pulling off one of the most famous wins in his country’s history.



Those were some of the moments from today’s game that must have tested the resolve of plenty of football fans, however it needs to be mentioned that there would be many more games of this sort and so one should be prepared to go through extreme emotions throughout this wonderful tournament.


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