Top 10 Places for Teens To Hangout in Hyderabad

Top 10 Places for Teens To Hangout in Hyderabad


The word Hyderabad when mentioned, the first thing that flashes through your mind would be Hyderabadi culture, the fabulous Biryaani and the famous jewellery! It’s a one stop city to savor some sumptuous food, history and the cosmopolitan life. It offers it’s multitude of teenage population a variety of choices when it comes to places they need to hang out at. Read on for our pick of the top ten hangout zones in this city!

10. Abids

Rounding of our list of the most preferred teenage hangout destinations in Hyderabad is Abids. This is a cheap shopping destination for all teens, who are forever operating on a limited budget and pocket-money. This street is a one-stop destination for the teenage gals – you can shop here for fashionable jewellery, accessories, clothes both western and traditional and cosmetic goods. It also caters to the teenage guys and allows them to indulge in their love for the latest electronic gizmos and gadgets at budget prices! The street is also famous for its local street food as well as for the Hyderabadi paan. An ideal place to spend a day shopping to your heart’s delight with your pals while not burning a hole in your pocket!


9. Runway 9

If you are looking for a hangout spot to spend some adrenalin-filled moments or an evening with your friends then Runway 9 should be the most favored spot on your list. Not many cities in India boast of a state of the art karting stretches and which is why this place wins the ninth spot on our list! If you are the kind of teen who loves speeding then head to this spot for indulging in the over 17km go-karting stretch this place offers. Apart from speeding you can indulge in some old fashioned indoor games here or skate in their skating rink, play some foose ball or even try your hand at archery! The place also boasts of a pub which plays some great music and serves great mocktails as well. For all those teenagers who love their sports this is place is an absolute haven!

Runway 9

8. Charminar

This famous historical landmark firmly secures this spot on our list for one of the most famous teenage destinations in Hyderabad. Never mind the more cosmopolitan areas which the city now boasts of this is the place you have to be at; if history and the by-gone era appeals to you. You can easily spend a complete day here with your pals or by yourself, indulging in looking at this monument, or visit the Bangle bazaar nearby to indulge in some unique bangle and pearl shopping experience at affordable prices. Just around Charminar is the famous “Itar” market where you can shop for some sweet fragrances at humble prices suited to a teenage pocket. Wind up your day by treating yourself to some Hyderabadi food like the famous Biryaani, Mirchi ka Salan and the Paaya!


7. Mocha Coffee Lounge, Banjara Hills

Mocha coffee lounge deserves a mention in our list for being the perfect hangout zone for the average teenager. The lounge not only boasts of providing a chilled out ambience to its teenage patrons, but provides lip-smacking variety of food options! If you can ignore the sometimes painfully slow service that you encounter here get ready to have some real lazy time listening to perfect music, having your favorite flavored hookah, savoring a wide variety of sumptuous beverages, arrays of dessert and great finger food! If all that isn’t enough to get you here throw in some free cyber facilities and the presence of the most amazingly chic teen crowd and you shall yearn to return back every time! Just the perfect place to hang out with your pals over coffee, food, music and endless conversations!

Mocha Coffee Lounge Banjara Hills

6. Prasad’s Multiplex Complex

An absolute haven for entertainment hangouts spot for the teenagers this complex easily grabs the sixth spot on our list. Amongst the multitude of malls which have many attractions to give you a great spot to spend some time with your friends Prasad multiplex wins extra brownie points for offering a world class cinematic experience to cater to the movie loving teenagers. The IMAX theatre offers stunning picture and sound quality in every movie they showcase here apart from offering 3-D cinematic options as well. Add to this the many options it offers the shopaholic teenage with a multitude of shopping brands and an absolute perfect food court – you end up with the perfect recipe to enjoy a great outing with your friends!

Prasads Multiplex Complex

5. Sunday Book Bazaar

There are not many places that cater to the teenagers who are ardent book lovers and cannot do without a good read. This is where the Sunday book bazaar cements its place on our list for a teenage popular joint. This one and a half kilometer stretch in Hyderabad is a dream come true for the Hyderabadi teen in love with his/her literature! This street absolutely transforms itself on Sunday and brims up; overflowing with the usual literary stuff, teenage fiction, comics, as well as some hidden literary gems as well! All you need is your bag, a list of the books in your must-have list, good bargaining skills and you are all but set to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon indulging in your love for reading! So go out and discover this place- we guarantee; it will bring you immense joy.

Sunday Book Bazaar

4. Treasure Island

Adventure parks are no stranger to any city and this one rightfully earns this spot on our list for the most favored teenage hangout destinations in Hyderabad! One of the most picturesque holiday spots you can hang-out here with your friends for a day or even indulge in a weekend getaway with your pals! The place offers a variety of activities ranging from horse-riding to billiards to water-sports to even a disco catering to all the likings that an average teenager has! All this and more in a lush green environment – and even offers a wide variety of culinary delights to satiate those taste buds. An absolute must try place to rewind and have some carefree fun!

Treasure Island

3. Snow-World

This hang-out spot secures an undisputable entry into our list for being one of its kinds of an amusement park in Hyderabad. An absolute perfect place to literally “Chill-out” with your friends – you are guaranteed to enjoy a different experience and escape the heat around you albeit for an hour! This amusement park spread over 17000 sq-ft area gives you the opportunity to enjoy some time in sub-zero temperature, go crazy with the snow games, dance away to funky beats with your pals amidst a snow dance, indulge in some serious rock-climbing, and get a chance to enjoy some time in Igloos! Need we say any more – if the above is not enough throw in the fact that this experience can be yours at some real affordable rates and you shall be sold to the idea of spending some quality time here.

Snow World

2. Eat Street

One of the most favorite hang-out zones for every soul in Hyderabad- it also offers multitudes of options to freeze the second place on our list for teen hangout spots! As the name suggests it is a haven for all the teens who love their gastronomical delights. Not only does it offer the usual multinational food outlets which are a craze amongst the youth today but also offers a variety of street – food options; bonus being that you get to savor great food at affordable rates. Along with that throw in an incredible view of the Hussainsagar lake. Cool breeze, open air ambience and incredible food options – what else is needed to spend some quality time hanging out with your friends!

Eat Street

1. Wonderla

This spot easily picks up the number one place on our list. It caters to the adventure loving teenager. Just the kind of place where you can go to unwind, take a break from your usual life and indulge in a wide range of options that are guaranteed to give you an entire day of fun-filled activities. Indulge in the wide range of rides including high thrill rides, water rides, family rides. Once you are done having a great time with your friends over the fun-filled rides head over to their cafeteria which offers an array of mouth watering food options! This place is a fool proof option to have some wonderful time with our pals.


We hope the list above leaves you with a stunning array of unlimited choices to spend some fun-filled moments with your pals. Go on enjoy the various avenues of entertainment the city offers whether it’s the food, the books, the snow, the sports or the shopping it offers! We guarantee that all these places will leave you wanting more!

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