Top 10 Remarkable Facts About the German National Team



German is one of the most successful footballing nations in the world with an enviable record in the World Cup and over the years they have enthralled the football world with their very own brand of football. This article looks at some of the remarkable facts about the German national team that might not be known to too many.

10. Germany Were the First Team to be Ranked Number 1 in the FIFA Rankings

For many years, the international football authorities at FIFA did not have a ranking system in place; however they did introduce a system in 1993 and the system was based on the wins or draws recorded by the different teams. At that point in time Germany was one of the most successful teams in the world, having won the World Cup in 1990 that was held in Italy and so it emerged as the first team to be crowned with the number 1 spot in the FIFA global rankings. However, they were knocked off their perch after Brazil won the World Cup in 1994.


9. Highest Numbers of Final Losses

Although Germany have so far won three World Cups, it is important to point out that they could easily have won more if they had been able to win a few of the finals they lost and in that regard it can be said that their final tally of only 3 World Cup titles is a bit of a disappointment. Germany have been unfortunate enough to have lost in 4 World Cup finals so with the most recent being the loss to Brazil in the 2002 World Cup and the earlier ones were in 1985 to Argentina, 1982 to Italy and 1966 to England.


8. Penalty Specialists

One of the most important features of a good team in any sports is that all the players are good in their basics and so it is not a surprise that throughout generations German players are regarded as penalty specialists. If you watch a video of the numerous penalties and penalty shootouts that their players have been involved in, you would notice that they approach with military precision and never try to do anything fancy that might jeopardise the whole thing. It is not really a surprise that they have never lost a penalty shootout in World Cups.


7. Traditionally Packed with Bayern Munich Players

Just like it is the case with Juventus in Italy or with either of Real Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, German teams have traditionally been packed with players from their pre eminent domestic club Bayern Munich. In the past players such as Gerd Muller, Franz Beckenbauer and Rummenigge  had played a crucial part in their success and even to this day that particular tradition is maintained since Bayern are still the best team in Germany. The present team of 23 members has 7 players from Bayern Munich making it the club that has supplied the national team with the highest number of players.


6. Most Finals

You might have come across the report that Germany has now created a record of sorts by successfully reaching the last four stage of the tournament for 4 World Cups at a stretch; however what is even more impressive that they now hold the record of the most number of finals as well for a particular team. Prior to the World Cup they held the record jointly with Brazil, who had also reached the finals 7 times but after the Germans destroyed Brazil 7-1 in the semi final, they reached the finals for the 8th time in their history, which is a record.


5. Famous for Late Comebacks

As a team of footballers, the members of the German national team are famous for their resilience and the never say die spirit. Over the years they have won plenty of games after trailing for long periods with a late dash that saw them scoring the winner and that is one of the reasons why it is often said that a game against the Germans is literally not over till the referee blows the final whistle. One of their most famous comebacks was in the World Cup final in 1986 when they came back from 0-2 down to equalise in the second half and although they lost it showed everyone that Germany is a team which never gives up.


4. Their Famous New Approach Post 2004

After Germany were knocked out of the European Championships in the first round, it was one of the lowest points in the history of a proud football nation but the German authorities decided to tackle the problem and hence introduced the academy which nurtured a new breed of young footballer who could take on the world. The football federations worked closely with all the football clubs in order to nurture talent in a methodical way and the results are there for all to see.


3. Miracle Win in 1954

It is often said that the task of winning the very first trophy is often the toughest for most teams but Germany were able to win their first World Cup the very first time they reached the final in 1954 and their win in that final against Hungary is still regarded as a miracle to this day. The Hungarians had beaten Germany 8-3 in the group stages and it looked like it would be the same in the final when they went up by 2 goals early in the final but German forward Helmut Rahn had other ideas as he helped his team in their effort to claw back into the game. It was Rahn who hit the winning goal in the historic 3-2 win.


2. They Have Qualified in Every World Cup They Could

Other than Brazil, it is only Germany who can boast of such a record but unlike Brazil they cannot claim that they participated in every World Cup tournament. However, it is indeed a reflection of their strength as a footballing nation that they were able to go through the qualifying stages of every World Cup in which they were allowed. The only World Cup in which Germany did not participate was in 1950 and it was not because they could not qualify but because of the fact that FIFA did not allow them in due to the events of the Second World War.


1. Germany is the Most Prolific Goal Scorers in the World Cup

It is an age old maxim in football that the most successful teams in a tournament are usually prolific when it comes to scoring goals and that ability was in display in Germany’s semi final win against Brazil in which they thumped the hosts 7-1. However, after that victory they also became the highest aggregate goal scorers in World Cup history with 221 goals in the tournament and that too by playing in one less World Cup (in 1950 when Germany were banned due to their involvement in the Second World War). It is a truly remarkable record and one that they should hope to hold for a long time.



So these were some of the facts about the German team that might not have been as widely discussed as one would have hoped and throws a new light on the achievements of the team. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the article in the comments section below.


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